4 Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone Production Naturally

Boost Testosterone Production Naturally

The testosterone is arguably the king of all the hormones. The alpha hormone exerts influence on almost every aspect of man’s body. So, when they say, without the testosterone hormones man is no longer a man, they don’t mean it in only figuratively, but literally as well. The role of testosterone hormones in male body extends farther than just repairing the body itself and making you manly enough.

The testosterone assists body in building the various proteins that play key roles in virtually every body function. This hormone invigorates your body, makes you stronger and better. Also, reduces risk of heart diseases, helps you get adequate sleep and deals with general aches and pains. And, don’t forget that the presence of this hormone gives you your super powers between the sheets, without it, you would be limp in all ways possible.

According to researchers, the testosterone can also be helpful in fighting the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. In one research, it was found that there is a direct link between the testosterone and the cognitive ability. It can play a key role in preventing brain tissue decay in elderly men. Also, it can assist in prevention of memory loss, poor concentration, and “fogginess.”

So, keeping in mind all the above mentioned benefits and those which we couldn’t discuss in this article, to say that testosterone is important for men would be a massive understatement. So, here are four effective ways to boost your testosterone production naturally.

  • Lift Heavier Weights

Lift Heavier Weights

Huge compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses have an awesome effect on your body. Such exercise movements when done with heavier weights tend to recruit a high number of muscle fibers, which in turn makes them much stronger than the isolation exercises would. These compound movements when done with heavier weights puts your body under serious amount of stress. And, we all know that testosterone secretion multiplies when the body is made to work beyond the comfort level. If you are lifting light weights, then your muscles won’t need any additional support from your body. However, if you place your muscles in a situation, where the body realizes that the muscles can’t perform the task assigned, then it will try to rally your muscles with extra doses of testosterone.

The experts have also endorsed the fact that weight lifting boosts testosterone production and it has been backed by the scientific studies as well. Along with the amount of weight lifted, muscles employed for the movement, the rest intervals between the sets also influences the testosterone production. The shorter the rest period, the more will be production of the magic hormone. However, the testosterone production is not uniform across all age groups, it is high for young and as expected, low for elderly. However, it is better than acutely low T hormone production.

  • Eat More Red Meat

Steak: Eat More Red Meat

There is no denying that red meat is best food item to feed your broken and tired muscles. The muscle gain and quick recovery induced by the red meat is virtually unparalleled. However, now you have one more reason to devour steak after your heavy duty and high intensity workout. The studies have proved that it can drastically enhance the testosterone production in your body. One study, which compared the testosterone production in large cross section of meat eaters and vegetarians, found that the meat-eaters actually had 36 percent more T than those who stuck to plant based food.

Another study conducted by a group of Dutch researchers also concluded the same thing. To ensure highest possible accuracy, the researchers chose a group of young male endurance athletes and trained each on a diet for 6 weeks. It was found that the total testosterone production declined by 35 percent when the athletes used the vegetarian diet.

Also, steak is a good source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and saturated fat. And, these two types of fats are the building blocks of hormone production. Without these fats, the production of hormones is near to nil. Steak is also a good source of cholesterol, which is a key participant in the chemical reaction that produces testosterone hormones.

  • Cut The Flab

Fat: Cut The Flab

The studies have found that high fat presence in your body is directly linked with the low testosterone levels. And, the low testosterone production leads to the high fat production and can hamper your body’s mechanism to burn the accumulated fat. The equation of fats and testosterone is similar to the chicken and egg situation. Some believe that the low T levels cause obesity, while others claim it is the other way round.

The link between obesity and low T level has been proved by another study conducted by the New England Research Centre, which undertook study of 1822 men. The study found that man’s bulging waist is the single strongest indicator of low testosterone levels.

Another way in which obesity throttles the production of testosterone is that it stimulates the production of estrogen hormone. Yes, it is the female equivalent of the testosterone. The more estrogen means less testosterone, they don’t get along well. If there has to surge in the production of one, the other will go down. So, if you have a belt of flab around your waist, then you need to buckle down and put everything you have to increase the T production. Once you get it up, the rest would be easier.

  • Sleep


More sleep is something that majority of people would love to have, but unfortunately fail in getting so. For that to happen, several bad habits such as late night TV series binge, gorging on unhealthy food and consuming caffeine in the evening have to be done away with. And, it is not just the quantity, you should be looking for. After all, a good quality 6 hours sleep is better than 10 hours spend in bed tossing and turning. One study has found that getting just five hours sleep can decrease the production of T hormones by 10-15%. Although, 15% may not seem a big deal on the paper, but in gym, such difference can have a huge impact.

Also, as said earlier, the quality of sleep matters. The interruptions in your sleep are equally bad. The normal testosterone production requires restful, undisturbed sleep called REM sleep. The sleep disturbance can also lead to the production of stress hormone, cortisol. And, high cortisol levels can cause decrease in testosterone stores. So, ensure that you get a good quality sleep. One thing, which you need to do immediately is to quit using electronics in the dark room. It messes up with your melatonin production, which controls quality of sleep.

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