Chloe Madeley 2017 Exercise and Diet Plan


Chloe Madeley is one of the most stunning TV personalities and an awesome fitness inspiration. Her Instagram posts are enough to get anyone hooked on fitness and what we like best is the fact that her posts are 100 percent real.

Have a look at her current exercise and diet plan, know about a serious body issue she has been dealing with and follow the workout and diet advice she has shared in this article.

Body Issue

The English TV presenter has been struggling with bloating for years now. As a teenager, she wanted to wear belly tops like all her friends but wasn’t able to do that because of bloating. Though she was quite skinny while growing up, she had an unflattering belly. When she grew up and chose a healthier way of living, she thought that the problem might reduce, but her perception was shattered as the problem got worse with time.

When she was in her 20s, she manipulated her water and fiber intake and implemented things like cheat meals. But things didn’t improve as she dealt with terrible pain and felt more bloated at the end of every day.

Apart from high fiber and water in her diet, she had also upped protein intake because she was training hard in those days. She was training twice a day, and her whole diet was centered around eating protein with vegetables. Many time, she even ate up to five times a day. Protein is usually hard to metabolize so consuming loads of protein powder led to more pain, more gas and more bloating.

Simple Solution

To make things better, she devised a temporary solution of drinking loads of water. She also tried massages on her midsection, but it didn’t help much. In the mornings, her belly was flat, but in the evenings, she looked like a pregnant woman due to bloating.

Healthy Partner

Things changed for better when she met her current boyfriend Wasps and England rugby player, James Haskell as he is also a fitness fanatic and steered her towards probiotics. When they started dating, he was taking loads of supplements and fish oils. He encouraged her to try Probiotics. Probiotics help a person to replenish healthy bacteria present in the gut which is often reduced due to a stressful lifestyle, taking antibiotics or high sugar diet.

After doing some research, the TV presenter started using a probiotic supplement called Alflorex that has a specific strain (35624) of bacteria and is effective against the symptoms of IBS like tummy pain, bloating, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation in just four weeks. When she started taking it, she didn’t feel much of a difference, but by the end of three weeks, she noticed that her tummy was as flat at night as it was in the mornings.

It’s been eight months since she tried that supplement and now, her bloating has almost disappeared, and her body confidence has increased. She still sticks to a diet that includes loads of fiber, protein, and water.

Diet Plan

The healthy diet plan of the Manchester-born is mentioned right here:


Whole Oats, protein powder, and hot water.

Mid-Morning Snack

Starchy carbs like sweet potato or brown rice with vegetables.


Lean proteins like fish or chicken with vegetables and a source of carbohydrates like sweet potato or rice if it’s around a workout.

If it’s not around a workout, carbs get replaced with avocado or nuts or a big frittata with smoked salmon and some fresh vegetables.

Mid-Afternoon or Post Training Snack

A few vegetables with nuts or avocado.


Lean protein like fish, a lean cut of steak or chicken with brown rice or sweet potato and some vegetables.

Preferred Recipes

She likes making broccoli mash and courgette bolognese by using lean mince, garlic, chopped tomatoes, and chili.

Fitness Advice for Chloe Madeley Fans

How to Stay on Healthy Food Track?

If you find it hard to stick to a healthy workout and diet plan, then the diva has got some awesome advice for you. She wants you to stay away from things that take you off the fitness track like Saturday night drinks with the girls, Friday night takeaway or a birthday cake at the office.

What to Do When You Are Alone on the Fitness Journey?

Madeley advises you to stick to the healthy food track even if your children or partner doesn’t want to try the healthier options. You can stick to healthy food options when you have a partner who is a fan of eating junk food by getting your partner to eat healthy at home too.

Tell your partner that if he/she wants that packet of crisps, they would need to work for it by eating healthy food items first. Allow your partner some breaks like a curry and a beer with the boys’ midweek or taking the kids out for a McDonald’s on the weekend. But you must draw the line at bringing only healthy foods home.

How to Eat Healthy When Your Kid Doesn’t?

If you are a parent who is often tempted by the unhealthy leftovers of your kid like chocolate biscuits or spaghetti, then you should learn to exercise some self-control. You need to train yourself to not to eat unhealthy leftovers but eat the healthier version of the foods they are eating. If you eat healthy foods first, you won’t crave the unhealthy leftovers as your tummy will be full.

How to Make Sure Kids are Eating Healthy?

The daughter of Richard Madeley also shared her opinion on ensuring that your kids eat healthier. Her advice is that you ensure your kids know about real foods and have easy access to them. It isn’t a smart idea to follow restrictive diets for children unless their body needs it due to problems like intolerance or allergies.

Let your kid enjoy the foods and remember that they need all the fuel they can get to grow up healthy. Try to cook healthy homemade foods for them like potato wedges, bolognese or breaded chicken, mash with some broccoli, sugar-free jelly, oaty nutty flapjacks, etc.

Only try to eliminate store bought foods and refined sugar from your kids’ diet as it would do them no good. Also, ensure that everything is fresh and the healthy stuff is hidden so that the kids don’t just reject the food outright!

Featured Image by Rach / Flickr / CC BY 2.0


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