You Don’t Need Medications To Regulate The Level Of Cholesterol

Cholesterol's Chemical Formula and Structure

If you are one of those people who are having trouble keeping the cholesterol on a healthy level, that doesn’t mean that you should immediately start taking medications in order to control it. Constant daily life changes such as the introduction of the body to the method of exercising, losing excess weight and adapting to new healthy eating habit can regulate the cholesterol levels by big 30 percent!

Even if you are taking medications in order to regulate the level of cholesterol, it is best to take them in small quantities and doses.

Most of the people need around six months and some even a year to adapt to lifestyle changes. So, if you are one of them, then patience is a MUST!

A healthy lifestyle is something that isn’t accepted immediately, but, it takes time.

In this article, we will bring to your notice, the most important changes, in order to carry them out as soon as possible and to adjust your level of cholesterol along with the health of the entire body.

  • Lose Those Extra Pounds From Your Body


It is enough to lose only 7% of your excess body fat to notice a significant difference when it comes to regulation of the cholesterol and reducing the risk of possible heart disease.

The process of losing weight is best to be introduced through healthy eating patterns along with the method of exercising on a regular basis. By exercising only, you won’t get all that is needed to lose weight. You need to pay attention to the total calorie intake too. Most people bring an excessive amount of calories in their bodies and they don’t even know what that means. Reducing the intake of calories is the best way to spend the excess pounds.

What is maybe, the most important in this whole picture is that many people don’t know that the diet is the key.

Having a well balanced and healthy diet is much more important than exercising every day.


  • Exercise 3 To 4 Days A Week, For No More Than 60 Minutes


Regardless of whether you are overweight or not, exercising is the best way to raise a good level of cholesterol. Most experts determine the risk of heart disease by measuring the levels of HDL cholesterol. Interval training is definitely the best way to regulate cholesterol levels, burn the consumed calories and to speed up your metabolism and physical condition.

During any aerobic activity, every few minutes, accelerate the pace for 30 seconds or 1 minute, and then go back to the slower pace. This will provide an effective interval training which will lead to great results. Exercising is especially important when you want to keep the vitality of your body. If you have health problems with your joints, you should do aerobic activities that do not put much stress and pressure on the joints. Swimming is a perfect example of an activity that can work your aerobic body capacities while at the same time, will relax your muscles and won’t put stress on any joint in your body.


  • Carefully Select The Right Foods – Forget about Fries and Hamburgers

Cholesterol Hamburger

It’s obvious that you have to reduce the intake of foods, which contain saturated and trans fatty acids and you should increase the intake of those foods, which contain monounsaturated fatty acids (nuts, avocado, olive oil), omega 3 fatty acids (tuna, sardines, flax and salmon), legumes, cereals and all kinds of vegetables and fruits, especially blueberries and pomegranate.

By consuming these healthy foods, you will definitely change your level of cholesterol. Please take a note of the amount that you are importing, ALWAYS! So that you do not consume an excessive amount of calories.


  • Take Supplements Which Contain Fibers

Certain type of soluble fibers can help with regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body, but most people are not importing the recommended amount of these fibers, which is around 7g per day.

This is why, most experts recommend that people should start taking supplements of soluble fiber, but with prior consultation with a doctor, pharmacist or dietitian. One study found that by adequate intake of soluble fiber there can be drastically reduced levels of bad cholesterol also known as LDL.


  • Look Upon Your Alcohol Consumption

If you are an alcohol lover, you should always know how much you should consume.

In order to keep the normal level of cholesterol, you should always prefer red wine instead of any other alcoholic drink. For the women, it is recommended to take one glass of red wine on a daily basis, and for men, two glasses in a day is sufficient. Red wine can definitely improve the total level of cholesterol and hence, the health of your entire body.


  • Say No To Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking decreases the HDL cholesterol. The good news is that the level of HDL cholesterol can get back to normal, right after you stop smoking. After a year of quitting smoking, the risk of getting a heart disease is almost the same as the one faced by those people who are non-smokers.

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