World’s Biggest Arms – Gregg Valentino Height Weight Body Statistics


Born Name

Gregg Valentino

Nick Name

Valentino, The man whose arms exploded

Sun Sign


Born Place

Bronx, New York, USA


Yorktown, New York, USA




Italian-American bodybuilder, who holds the record for the biggest arms in the world.


5 ft 6 in or 168 cm


Contest – 113 kg or 250 pounds

Off-Season – 120 kg or 265 pounds


He is unmarried but has 2 kids.


Julissa Rivera. But now she has died.

Hair Color

He is bald

Eye Color

He has 2 different colored eyes

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

Largest arms in the world


  • Chest – 58 in or 147 cm
  • Arms – 28 in or 71 cm
  • Waist – 35 in or 89 cm



First Film

2008 film Bigger Stronger Faster as himself. It was a 105 min documentary film, in which many known bodybuilders appeared. He also appeared in 2012 film Off Season as himself (Cameo Appearance)

Best Known For

Bodybuilding and Record holder for biggest arms

Gregg Valentino Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food – Steak and Italian
  • Favorite Junk Food – Brownies, Chocolate chip cookies, Vanilla Ice-cream
  • Favorite TV Programs – Ghost Hunters (2004)
  • Favorite Male BodybuilderArnold  SchwarzeneggerLee Haney, Ronnie Coleman
  • Favorite Female Bodybuilder – Gladys Portugues
  • Favorite Sports Athlete – Babe Ruth (Baseball Player)
  • Favorite Sport – Baseball, Football
  • Favorite Baseball Team – New York Yankees
  • Favorite Music Artist – Ozzy Osbourne
  • Favorite Music Type – Anything heavy like House, Trance, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Techno
  • Favorite Life Motto – Live for Today
  • Favorite Movies – Titanic (1997), Rocky (1976) and all horror movies
  • Favorite ActorsRobert De Niro, Al PacinoSylvester Stallone
  • Favorite Actress –  Charlize Theron, Jodie Foster
Valentino was jailed for around 1 year

Gregg Valentino Facts

  1. Gregg is bodybuilding since the age of 14.
  2. Gregg Valentino trained himself for 23 years and then started taking anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate, Boldenone, etc. His only aim was to do something different from other bodybuilders.
  3. He used to inject vitamin B12 into his biceps to grow them unnaturally.
  4. Anabolex is the first steroid, he ever took.
  5. Enthanate is the first injection, he ever used.
  6. Gregg is said to be suffering from muscle dysmorphia.
  7. Gregg Valentino can bicep curl 300 pounds and can bench press 550 pounds.
  8. He used to inject the steroids into his shoulders, using the same used needles.
  9. Once, his arms were exploded due to over-dose of steroids.
  10. After, this incident, he wrote a magazine article about not to take steroids and created awareness among people by giving his own example.
  11. He has 2 children – Paul (son) and Gina (daughter) from his girlfriend Julissa Rivera.
  12. Due to the enormous size of his arms’ muscles, he was not able to move his arms to reach pockets. Instead, he used to move his hips to reach to pockets.
  13. He is an ex-drug dealer and has been imprisoned for 1 year for dealing with drugs.

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