Jared Leto Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Nominated for Academy Award for best supporting actor in Jan 2014, Jared Leto is spectacular actor who has radically defied his age. Stoic personality was elected as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by “People” magazine in 1996 and 1997.

Possessing slender and athletic body, Jared is one of the actors having gone through wide fluctuations in their weight only to suit them for their daunting roles in the movies. While he gained massive sixty pounds for his role in Chapter 27, he could be seen in extremely skinny shape in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club.

The drastic transformations made by sapphire-eyed star indeed are incredible and explicitly depict his will power and perseverance. However, Jared admits having gone through immense plights to shed weight.

The handsome star shares, the period of being overweight was next to hell to him and it took him one complete year to retrieve his hot body. Not only did he become victim of myriad health problems, he also suffered from anxiety and other psychological problems. Having learnt valuable lessons, Jared has vowed never to sign up again for such roles in future requiring him to gain weight.

Jared Leto during Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2014
Jared Leto during Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2014


Jared Leto Diet Plan

Jared Leto is one the most credible celebs who strongly reckons that food is the most powerful force, capable of making dramatic changes in your body. Holistic approach followed by the actor keeps him away from toxic and high-fat animal foods.

Without bowing his head in front of yummy foods, Jared embraces healthy and nutritious organic foods. Being very vigilant and specific about his diet, he strictly refrains from sugary and salty foods. Both the foods being sinister food items are accountable for triggering numerous health issues in your body.

Jared has been adhering to vegan and healthy diet from last twenty years and the impact of foods indisputably is evident. He eats myriad raw and steamed veggies, unsalted nuts, grains etc. The iconic man reckons we all are equipped with two choices, we can please our taste buds by eating tasty but unwholesome foods, or we can flatter our body by eating tasteless yet healthy foods. It’s up to you what choice you make.

While sharing his weight loss journey from sixty extra pounds to normal, Jared tells, it was one of the most exhausting and terrible experiences of his life. He succumbed to green and leafy vegetables, lemonade diet plan, and what not to retrieve his sculpted body.

Jared Leto Workout Routine

Popular actor cum singer is averse to bulked up or muscular body. Possessing signature body, Jared likes lean yet resilient body. He practices various cardio workouts to add leanness and robustness to his body.

Jared is passionate for cycling and has commendable stamina of cycling incessantly to ten miles. He also loves biking on steep paths, as they seek you to apply extra strength and control over your body.

Apart from them, he practice sit-ups, crunches, yoga to build up abs and to make his body ripped. Preferring outdoor activities over gyms and other indoor activities, Jared loves hiking and is always ready for it. He simply relishes the time spent in the lap of nature while doing diverse adventurous activities.

Healthy Recommendation For Jared Leto Fans

Are you one of the fans of Jared Leto and wonder how possibly the actor has been able to deter wrinkles and weight even after crossing forty?

Jared recommends his fans to consume healthy and balanced diet to stay fit. Make sure that the diet consumed by you doesn’t bump up the acidic base in your body. Foods such as sugary, salty, processed, junk foods etc. make your body acidic.

An acidic body is the powerhouse of diseases and instigates aging process in you, as a result of which you look prematurely wrinkled and old. Vegan food items such as lemon, grapefruit, spinach, broccoli, dark chocolate etc. are superb antioxidant foods; they are capable to deter aging process and make you look young and healthy for longer.

You should also be prudent regarding the consumption of alcohol and cigarette. Besides growing acidic base in your body, these sinister habits make your body hollow from inside. These vices pep up the deformation of cells and amplify the number carcinogenic cells in your body. No one can get you healthy and blissful body unless you allow yourself to remain slave of these vices.


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