Kim Kardashian Post Baby Fitness Routine Diet Plan


Popular for her hourglass figure, Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star has vowed to lose the post pregnancy weight. Blessed with a baby girl on 15 June 2013, she is terribly anxious to see her body in the same toned and trim shape she had prior to her pregnancy.

Kim has really a long way to go since she requires dropping minimum 60 pounds to resume her size 4 figure. While forbidding sweets, Kim started her weight loss program right from the hospital and told all her friends not to bring sweets to congratulate her.

While receiving a lot of bouquets and sweets from her well-wishers, she didn’t want to be allured by sweets, cakes and chocolates, for they might obstruct her weight loss program. Though Kim had normal premature delivery but her blood pressure went really high in the labor, bringing the baby in risk zone. Kim was little insecure about the wellness of her new born baby namely North West.

But now, she is confirmed about the health of her baby. However, Kim has been told by her doctors to follow precautions and take proper rest for couple of weeks.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian leaving for the gym

Kim Kardashian’s Desperation to be Fit

Bunch of weeks before the birth of North, Kim was desperately eager to regain her sculpted body. The brunette had already started posting her hot and sexy images in bikini on Twitter and Instagram with the title saying “can’t wait to go back.” Kim often suffered from anxiety and mood-swings in her pregnancy. However, she was comforted by her family to have patience. Her mind which was not in harmony with her body always kept her away from mirror and didn’t let her notice her body below the neck area.

Despite getting strong criticism about her being several pounds overweight during pregnancy, Kim seldom put a break on her workouts in pregnancy. She practiced her workouts under the supervision of her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson.

Prescribed to stay away from workouts for at least six weeks after her pregnancy, Kim has decided not to go out of her home until she sheds surplus pounds from her body.

Kim Kardashian Diet Plan

Having signed a deal with a weight loss program, Kim receives special meals which are delivered to her doorsteps. Since she is not allowed to do workouts for minimum six weeks, she focuses on eating healthy and balanced diet.

Strictly watching her diet, the starlet takes 1200 calories in a day, and has divided her diet into five small meals. While inculcating green smoothies prepared by her chef, having celery, collard greens, spinach and cilantro used in it, she also takes lean proteins in her diet.

The vegan smoothies contribute 80% of her diet, and the rest of her diet is composed of steamed veggies, low-fat chicken, salad, and other food items. Since breastfeeding burns 500 calories in a day and healthy nutrition is the best remedy to recover from post pregnancy weight, relentless Kim has already scorched 25 pounds in three weeks just by breastfeeding and by keeping a check on her diet,

Kim Kardashian Workouts

Kim will once again start her workouts for shedding unsolicited pounds, once the prescribed period is over. She will practice her workouts under the guidance of Gunnar Peterson, one of her personal trainers.

Gunnar had recently assisted her sister, Khloe Kardashian in melting 25 pounds. The reality star has planned to practice workouts for four days in a week, and then slowly and gradually she will stretch them to five and six days.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, her boyfriend is keen to marry Kim. He openly declares that he is least bothered about how Kim looks after pregnancy for he always loves and admires her the way she is. Showing a great care and affection towards their daughter, Kanye and Kim’s next mission is to get married.

Not flattered with her obese, post-pregnancy body, Kim does not want to have any more babies in the future. Since she is struggling hard to get her curvy figure back, she doesn’t want to take another chance with her body.

While Kim is relishing the heavenly motherhood experience, she at the same time has been keeping herself and her daughter away from the spotlight. Though Kim aspires to show her angel daughter to the entire world and show everyone how beautiful and pretty her little one is. However, she is still waiting for the right time to come when she once again will be in the same eye dazzling figure, she always had.


  1. That’s really sad that someone cares more about what they look like then taking their baby out. Thank god breast feeding burns calories or els shed be giving the baby powder milk which isn’t as nutritious just to keep her boobs or are those fake too ?


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