Kim Kardashian West 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets


Kim Kardashian West is perhaps one of the most popular personalities in the US. People across the world know her and are enchanted by her good looks. Here, you can have a look at her workout routine and diet secrets to know how this beauty is keeping herself fit. You can also know the key reason that inspired her to get back on the fitness wagon after taking a break.

Getting Back to Fitness

The diva was enjoying a vacation in Mexico in April 2017 when paparazzi caught up with her and snapped some unflattering pictures. This incident motivated her to get back to fitness. Talking about the experience, she says that the pictures were awful and some people were making it worse by modifying the pictures. She admits that she was not fit at that time because she hadn’t worked out for about 12 weeks before the trip. She also had to go through two uterus surgeries which made things tough for her.

When she saw those pictures, the style icon decided to get back to fitness. She started this journey by connecting up with another woman, a bodybuilder via social media. The aim was to create a better fitness routine.

Workout Routine

The stunner wakes up at 5:30 a.m. or 6 a.m. and hits the gym hard for one and a half hours daily before her kids wake up. She is doing hardcore weight training. Her morning fitness routine usually includes a lot of walking, sprinting and lunging down the street among other exercises.

Ab Exercise

If you wish to have abs like the mother of two, then you should try an exercise, pike-ups with a stability ball.

To do this exercise, you should get in the plank position. While doing that, you should ensure that your feet and ankles are on the ball. The next step is to slowly roll the ball towards your chest by using your core muscles. Once it reaches your chest, you need to roll it back to its original place, again by using your core muscles only. When you roll the ball from feet to chest and back again, it will be counted as one rep.

Kardashian West does 20 of them.

Workout Motivation

Kim seeks workout inspiration from family members at times. She recently posted on social media that she wants to have a butt like her sister Khloe Kardashian and was working hard to get that goal.

Diet Secrets

The American TV personality has changed her diet. Earlier, she used to eat less food and didn’t have any carbs at all. Now, she follows a healthy meal plan that includes having good carbs and lots of vegetables.

Drink Preference

The model likes to have lots of water as her preferred drink. She also liked drinking match latte recently.

Relaxation Technique

The actress likes to relax at spas of Aman Hotels because she thinks that are gorgeous and serene.

Help for Staying in Shape

The businesswoman likes wearing a girdle or waist trainer, especially after having her babies. She even works out in them when she wants to slim her waist.

A Health Issue

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-Present) star recently admitted on the show that constant public scrutiny has led to her suffering from body dysmorphia. A person who suffers from this anxiety disorder becomes over worried about the way they look, and they often see flaws that are not there or exaggerates the minor flaws they might have.

She also thinks that taking bad pictures of someone, body shaming and criticizing someone is not okay and it’s bad that people assume it’s okay. She felt insecure and less body confident after seeing those unflattering pics and started worrying too much about the way she looks.

Making Kanye Fitter

Apart from concentrating on her fitness, the socialite is also ensuring that her husband Kanye West becomes fitter before the arrival of their third baby in January 2018. She is hoping that he will have a six-pack by Christmas. This means that he might not have comfort foods like mac & cheese, fried chicken, home fries and cheeseburgers that he loves so much.

The pop culture phenomenon knows that her husband is spending a lot of time in the studio these days, so he is not very active fitness-wise. She had him started on a daddy diet because she wants him to feel his best so that he can easily tackle challenges that come with being a dad of three kids. She is not putting any serious pressure on him but just wants to ensure that they both are fit enough to run around three kids.

Featured Image by Glenn Francis (Toglenn) / Flickr / CC BY-SA 3.0

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