L Glutamine – The Queen Of All Acids



These days we can’t imagine a sports diet without L-Glutamine.

Mainly L-Glutamine can be found as a powder, in capsules or as a supplement in some products for gaining muscle mass fast, known as gainers.

But the question is what exactly L-Glutamine does and can contribute to your goal of building muscle mass?

The glutamine is produced within the organism and it is a potent amino acid.

Amino acids are the smallest ingredients from which your body prepares the proteins, and at the same time, L-Glutamine plays an important role in the human body, what makes it an unmatchable amino acid, which builds muscle and strengthens the immune system.

The dietary supplementation with L-Glutamine can significantly increase sports performance and build muscle in different ways. On the one hand, glutamine acts directly anabolic. Anabolic here means that it helps the body to build muscle but of course it is only related to the bodybuilding type of training. Glutamine pulls water into the muscle cells, and increases the amount of these cells, leading to increased synthesis of proteins.

So the more protein is stored in the muscles, the more the muscle will grow.

On the other hand, if there are elevated levels of glutamine in the blood, then the workout by itself increases the storage of sugar in the muscles.

Let’s not forget to mention that the increased energy reserves in the muscles while producing a significantly increased volume of muscles, comes from the fact that each gram of stored sugar is asking for additional 3 grams of water and that will result with inflated muscles.

Of course, because with the additional collection of water in the muscles, your strength levels will increase too. By that, I mean the power of lifting the weight increases.

While you are training, you can choose more weight that will provide increased stimulation for muscle growth.

The anabolic effect of glutamine is similar to anabolic effect which gives the creatine, therefore it makes sense that these two ingredients can be combined. Additional entry of glutamine is associated with the reaction of the body with additional excretion of growth hormone, and growth hormone increases growth of muscle, while burning fat.

Glutamine can do more of the above, and there is no question why this amino acid got the name queen of the amino acids. Glutamine may also act as anti-catabolic, and that means the dietary glutamine can prevent the process of decomposition of muscles or at least shrink the process. Thus glutamine keeps muscles from being used or burned as an energy source for the body.

The end is something very important, which is that glutamine plays a significant role in the reinforcement of the immune system of the body. It is the fuel for your defense system and it’s need is greatest during intense training or stress.

For all those, who don’t know how to take the L-Glutamine, I’ll give you an example.

L-Glutamine Skeletal Structure.
L-Glutamine Skeletal Structure.

NOTE: This is for L-Glutamine powder 

5-10 grams morning: It will be a great combination to intake glutamine together with a protein shake. It is worth to mention that this will be quickly absorbed, and your metabolism will again be changed from catabolic to anabolic.

5-10 grams before training: This will provide the possibility of fatigue delay and extended intensity while you are working out.

5-10 grams after training: Inputting glutamine after training will better facilitate the absorption of glycogen, and will speed up the process of recovery, leading you to anabolic.

5-10 grams before bed: This is another great opportunity to backup your hard gained muscle before you go to sleep. This dose can be combined with a mini-protein shake with casein, that will ensure that your body will not enter the catabolic phase while sleeping.

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