Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Vacation! Part 2



After the first part that talked about weight lifting and diet, here is the part 2 of the series How to Prepare your Body for the Upcoming Vacation.

Beach Ready Body
Beach Ready Body

In this part, we will take some time to explain you the steps needed for building quality muscle mass. So lets start with understanding the two processes of bulking and cutting. If you want to lose weight, then you need to stick to the cutting process, and if you are the skinny guy who wants to add on some weight, then you need to bulk up and cut down in order to have a lean muscular body.


Тhe process of bulking actually means padding weight on your body. But since we are aiming to build a well-sculpted body, then the focus is on Quality Bulking or adding muscle mass while you are gaining weight.

Taylor Lautner Before and After Bulking

This process involves consuming 3000 calories a day, sometimes even more, depending on your daily activities and the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of the body. For those who doesn’t know what BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is, then you surely don’t know how many calories your body burns while doing nothing.

This will help you while calculating the exact amount of calories that your body burns during one day. In fact, it will show how many calories your body actually needs in order to gain weight! Many people rush with their bulking process. They start 2 months before summer and add 20 kg in one month, but without the right supplementation and a good diet, you will add more fat than muscle.

Experts suggest starting the bulking process in October or early November so that you have enough time to add quality muscle mass by gaining 2 or 3 quality kilograms monthly. Even if you start late, you can still add quality muscle mass, but don’t hope for too much. In fact, go for 7 to 8 quality kilograms with more quality muscle compared to the fat added. We are talking about the natural way of bulking, without steroids.


The process of cutting is the hardest part in the muscle building process, but when you reach it you will see how easy it was to eat good amount of food.

After the Cutting Process

We know that many of you will say “But wait, isn’t it hard to eat the same food each and every day?” Well, it isnt, once you see the results. At this point, you will have to lower the daily calorie intake. You will also have to lower the amount of carbohydrates you are importing and increase the amount of quality protein, in order to keep the already gained muscle mass.

You will find many professional bodybuilders eating only one daily meal, but that is wrong. But in reality, you only require to lower the intake of calories. The most important thing in the cutting process is proper intake of required vitamins, minerals and fibers. These provide the body, the fuel that is required to work and function properly. Please don’t forget to implement them in your diet. A great source of vitamins and minerals are vegetables and fruits.

Carbohydrates are Good Source of Energy

Make sure you implement them in each and every meal. That will provide greater results. In the process of cutting, you will need to avoid some foods, or lower the intake of rice, potatoes, oat flakes and every food that contains large amounts of carbohydrates.


Meal No.1 – Period 8:20 – 9:00 – 6 Egg white + one bile +  100-150 g oat flakes with milk.

Meal No.2 -Period 14:30-15:30 – 250 g chicken, white meat + 150 g brown rice.

Meal No.3 – Period 16:30-17:30 – 200 g fish (suggested loss and salmon) + 250 g boiled potatoes.

Meal No.4 – Period 18:20-18:30 – 100 g oat flakes with milk and banana (40 minutes before training)

Meal No.5 – Period 20:45-21:45 – 60-70 g dextrose (or as a substitute one hand of raisins)

Meal No.6 Period 22:00-24:00 – 2 Tunas without oil + 200g Pasta

You can always customize the diet according to your needs and skip one of the item and eat more of the other stuff in a particular meal. With these changes I’ve mentioned, your diet will be consisted of very low amount of carbohydrates and total of around 170g of quality protein.

Note that here the supplements aren’t mentioned. So you can add protein powder as additional source of protein for your body. For the supplementation as I said will talk about in the next part. I forgot to mention that the diet with all these changes will contain around 3000 calories. That is lower for 1000 calories. If you need to lower more, eliminate the almonds, because in 150g almonds there are around 900 calories.

Let’s now look at the formulas that will help you to determine the needed amount of protein, carbohydrates, and calories. You can also check your BMI and see where your body stands on your Body Mass Index.

  • BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator will determine if you are normal, overweight or underweight. You can check more on

BMI Calculator
Use a BMI Calculator for Effective Weight Loss
  • BMR Calculator

First, you will need to check how much your body burns just by lying in bed all day. Calculate your BMR and that will help you calculate the calories that you need to consume.

Protein Needs

To determine how much protein your body needs, you will need to follow the following formulas.

  • Bodybuilding 1.0 – 1.6 lb x body weight

So if you are a bodybuilder, you will need to intake anywhere from 1.0 to 1.6 lbs of protein for each pound of bodyweight.

  • Endurance 0.7 – 0.9g/lb x body weight

If you are training for endurance, you will need to intake anywhere from 1.0 to 1.6 lbs of protein for each pound of bodyweight.

  • Power & Speed 0.9 – 1.1g/lb x body weight

If you are training for speed, you will need to intake anywhere from 0.9 to 1.1 lbs of protein for each pound of bodyweight.

  • Trauma Recovery 0.9 – 1.4/lb x body weight

If you are doing recovery, you still will need to intake anywhere from 0.9 -1.4 lbs x body weight

  • Dieting 0.35 – 1.0/lb x body weight

If you aren’t doing any intense activity, you can stick with anywhere from 0.35 to 1.0 lbs of protein for each pound of bodyweight

  • Stressed 0.45 – 0.7/lb x body weight

You can visit for all the above calculations.

Carbohydrate Intake Calculator

The carbohydrate formulas work the same way as those from which you determine the needed amount of protein. The difference is that your body actually needs a large amount of carbohydrates compared to the proteins, especially when you are bulking out. (When you go through the process of cutting you don’t need to focus a lot on the carbohydrate intake).

The carbohydrates fuel the body with the needed energy so the body can work properly. Don’t you dare to eliminate them, even when you are in the process of becoming shredded. You can calculate your carbohydrate needs on this website:

Follow a Strict Diet

You can implement the formulas and tips mentioned in this article and enjoy the benefits.

  • Start using the diet plan and you will be amazed by the results.
  • Make sure you import all needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  • Don’t forget to exercise.
  • Never eliminate the intake of carbohydrates.
  • Eat a lot of protein. Protein builds muscle.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series. In the next part, we will talk about how important is the supplementation as an additional source of nutrition that your body needs, in order to get maximum results in a very short amount of time.


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