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Pubic Hair Shaving for Men

Pubic hair shaving

Women are subjected mostly to their appearance. This is something that forces them to shave off hair under their armpits, on arms and legs, and even the pubic hair, with men being let off to do whatever they like with theirs.

Nevertheless, this belief is no more there, especially with the increased demand for good appearance and for hygienic purposes with the millennial generation, men are shaving their pubic hair too.

With more influence coming from social media and different films and pictures, men are learning to shave their pubic hair. Moreover, if you travel to France, it’s something common for some men.

Doctors and Dermatologists Warns Against Shaving Pubic Hair

Though it looks appealing and actually beneficial sometimes, doctors and dermatologists warn of the practice of shaving pubic hair completely. It is reported that cases of mishaps have risen due to men not paying sufficient attention while shaving, causing one to get easily attacked by bacteria to the extreme loss of both balls and in some cases even death as the skin down there is quite sensitive. Leading to our conversation on how to do it right and what to consider first of all before undertaking any shaving. Doctors and dermatologists would recommend that the normal way is to avoid shaving and take a good bath with soap and water.

It is indeed important to stress that the hairs are a bulwark against all kinds of infections and germs. Indeed, these lodge in your hair. In addition, in the event of a cut, the risk of infections is increased tenfold, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Procedures to Follow

If a man wants to shave, there are several things and procedures to follow.

  • The most basic thing to do is to ensure that your shaving tools are always clean before shaving. This assists in preventing the bacteria that might potentially harm you.
  • Then, do not use old worn-out blades, scissors, or razors. They can cause unnecessary bumps and cuts due to force applied while using them. If possible, use a new razor, blade, or scissor every time you want to shave off your pubic hair.
  • Take a bath before you shave to allow pubic hair to soften up, as it is quite coarse while dry. This prevents itching after a shave. If possible, exfoliate daily or right before shaving to remove dead skin cells to allow the razor to run over smoothly over the skin.
  • Then, lather up to help guide you over the area on which you have and haven’t shaved and as you shave, remember to go in the direction of the hair growth and not the opposite as this causes friction and irritation. Most importantly, take your time, never be in a hurry as you might just cut yourself causing unnecessary injuries, and in a well-lighted place to observe yourself properly. Remember, it’s a sensitive place you are shaving, so find a good spot to shave especially if you need the best shaving results.
  • After your shave, do not forget to apply a moisturizer, otherwise, you may experience redness and itching. You may also urge to scratch when the hair starts to grow back. This is the signal to shave again.


There are various methods of trimming down your pubic hair. It is not only about shaving but also waxing, threading, using an epilator, sugaring, depilatories, and using laser treatment. Nevertheless, shaving pubic hair has also some side effects. It is because of this, you need to consider a professional guide. You need to use the best techniques and procedures for you to get the best result.

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