Weekend Weight Loss Plans that Work Amazingly Well

Weekend Weight Loss Diet Plan

Wondering if something significant can really be achieved in 2 days? With these diet plans, most certainly!

When you know you cannot invest time and energy on weekdays to achieve your dream weight then you need to make use of the next best option – weekends. Through a study conducted by Washington University School of Medicine at St Louis we now know that eating and drinking habits at weekends can cause major weight fluctuations. How about using these fluctuations in our favor?

Why Choose Weekends to Lose Weight?

For one, weekend lets you be yourself. You can be a couch potato or head to do shopping all day long. No one can ask you a thing. Moreover, you are not obligated to eat or drink as per your surroundings. Most of the professionals are unable to avoid sugary coffees at work place. Some even find the evening snacks like donuts irresistible. These two items alone contribute over 500 calories to your body when we only require about 2500 calories (ideally) in a day to work functionally.

The classic glazed donuts have about 450 calories while coffee contains 50-70 calories. Besides, ask yourself, if a box of donuts is lying on your office desk would you really eat just one? Also, would you really be able to have just one coffee while at office? This is the reason why most diet plans go the drain way. It is difficult for professionally and socially active people to stick to healthy eating. Therefore, weekends can be used as an escape from all things unwanted and can be used constructively.

Some may not consider this choice because they would like to use weekends to feel more comfortable and since, orthodoxly, comfort is believed to be achieved through comfort eating, why would one want to make things more difficult than they already are? Are you serious? This is the worst reason for procrastination. Factually speaking, a well planned diet can help you feel refreshed and can prepare you for the week ahead most easily. Have you not heard of people taking spa treatments on weekends to bust stress? Weekend diet plans work the same way, but only better.

There are not one but many ways of using weekends for reaching your target weight. You can choose from the diet weight loss plans below which has been hand-picked just for the weekend.

The Super Liquids Weekend Diet

All-liquid diet is the most commonly used method practiced to achieve maximum body detoxification and weight loss. Until recently one had to follow these charts for at least a week before prominent results became visible but recently nutritionists have come up with fabulous diets to lose weight over weekends. You can find latest self-help juice diets online especially written to target weekends weight loss. Spinach and gooseberry juices supremely help in losing weight. Juices are rich in calories and are also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals in the best bio-available form. Being bio-available these are easily absorbed in the body and become readily available in the bloodstream to perform positive actions.

Juices nourish your body richly and promote weight loss through nourishment. Certain nutritional deficiencies, like Vitamin D deficiency, also lead to weight gain. Juices of fresh green vegetables and fruits can help you recover from such deficiencies fast and also assist in losing weight the healthy way.

The Fat-Burner Diet

Some foods have been categorized as the fat-burning foods. They speed up the metabolism and thus help achieve weight loss faster. These foods work on a simple principle. The body needs to spend more energy on digesting these foods that the calories provide by these foods to the body. Awesome! This diet plan allows you to eat some of the most delectable foods around.

Berries and dark chocolate top this list. If you are a fan of freshness then you shall love this diet plan. Citrus fruits like oranges, blueberries, strawberries and lime when consumed in organic form leave you feeling super refreshed.

The Raw Food Diet Plan

There are a few foods, which when eaten raw, contain a great amount of fiber. Fibers simplify working of our digestive system and allow swift digestion. This offers a thorough cleanse of the organ systems and activates functioning of organs, and thus increases metabolic rate of the body. The weight loss follows. You will need to prepare salads of fresh vegetables, preferably organic in nature, to do this diet. Cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, avocados, caviar, lettuce, green olives, tomatoes and onions form the base of Raw Food Diet plans.

We suggest that you try each of these diet plans for three consecutive weekends and observe which diet brings you maximum results. This way you shall stay motivated to follow the diet plans on all weekends and avail best weight loss benefits.

Once you have tried these plans you shall not feel like going back to the conservative weight loss methods.

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