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10 Tips From Personal Trainers to Help You Get in Shape

The sad reality or shall we say the negative effect of modern and comfortable lifestyle is that the overall health standard is constantly and consistently going downhill. The comfort and technology has made us lazy, unhealthy and too isolated. Whereas, around ten years ago, children used to spend most of the time outdoors playing various outdoor sports, now they are more liable to spend hours playing PlayStation. Earlier, kids used to be eager to play football and other sports on the ground, but now they are happier to play those sports on the virtual platforms.

Of course, the ravages of modern lifestyle isn’t just limited to kids. The negative effects are even more pronounced in adults. The hours spent sprawling on sofa, while watching favorite TV series and binge eating are particularly visible in the form of bulging waistlines. Then, there is a tendency to do everything in an easier way, after all, now there is no real need of physical activity anymore.

But, there are some who have determination, maturity and will power to turn their life around and to strive for a healthy lifestyle. However, the decision to join gym and to workout is only a first step towards fit and super healthy body. To help you have a smooth journey to your fitness goals, here are some tips from personal trainers.

  • Getting To Gym is the Most Important Thing

Getting To Gym is Most Important Thing

You have joined the gym? Ok, that’s great. But, are you regular and consistent? Because that is the key to developing a great body. You might be doing great workouts, full of intensity and adrenaline boost. But, if you are doing those workouts once or twice in a week, then the chances are that you won’t be getting your dream body any time soon, chances are that you might never reach there. It is better that you do 30 minutes of workout six days a week, then doing a three hour workout once in a while.

The biggest and most important challenge is to shoot down every excuse, your brain is making to stop you from going to gym. Too tired or too busy? Doesn’t matter. If you want to sculpt your dream body, then you have to find a way around the excuses.

  • No Need to Learn Physiology

No Need to Learn Physiology

Often people are too curious to succeed. Don’t get me wrong here. It is good to have knowledge. But, is it necessary to know the physiological, biomechanical and biochemical mechanisms behind any exercise? You are just starting out, so don’t behave as if you are looking to become a certified trainer. You can do that, but first trim that gut and get in a shape to do it. The most important thing is to get the movement right, to do a particular exercise in the right way. As long as you are doing that, the rest of the things related to particular exercise would work perfectly on their own. In the gym, do the work, there will be plenty of time to google things later on.

  • Patience is the Key

Patience is Key

The patience is a must have virtue, if you are going to achieve your fitness goals. But, unfortunately, it is a virtue that beginners often lack in. Everyone wants to quickly walk to the expert level and want to cram the basics in a month or so. To put it simply, they find it boring to learn the basics and of course, you can’t show off until you have reached the higher level. Often, in the gym there are individuals who have been working out for two months, and in spite of their lack of experience, they want to learn how to target a specific tissue in the muscle group.

At the initial stage, you would be better off on focusing on overall muscle and mass gain. You need to train larger muscles for some time, before you decide to focus on areas that are lagging behind. For at least first one or two years, you should focus on building strength, size and fitness, after which you can make tweaks according to the requirement.

  • Don’t Compare Yourself With The Best

Don’t Compare Yourself With The Best

As I had mentioned in the start of the article, most people want the best results by doing the bare minimum required. Most of the beginners and casual lifters don’t want to put serious efforts in gym, they are happy with their three days a week workout routine. That isn’t a problem, after all everyone is entitled to tailor their workout routines according to their daily schedules. The problem is that they compare their progress and body with those of professional models and athletes who put three times more effort. They fail to realize that athletes have their daily life built around training. They are far more dedicated to nutrition and other habits that aid them in improving their career.

Another thing people need to accept is that you are never going to reach the elite level, unless you are looking to make a career in that field. Also, even the elite athletes aren’t always in the shape in which you see them in posters and wallpapers. So, lower your expectations and try to look better than you looked week before.

  • Improve Eating Habits

Improve Eating Habits

Your eating habits go long way in deciding whether you will succeed or not. When the results aren’t turning the way we want, we are quick to blame personal trainer, ineffective workout program and even genes. But, we might be overlooking the most common factor that might be negatively affecting your progress. The odds are high that your progress has been halted by what you shouldn’t be eating and your hormones have nothing to do with it.

People often tend to eat unhealthy snacks when nobody’s looking, fail to follow their diet plan and usually exceed the number of calories they should be consuming. Sometimes people can mess up simple salads by adding butter and cheese. The good thing is that almost everyone has made that mistake once in a while, yes even the professional athletes. But, from now on, be honest with yourself and don’t waste the efforts you have been putting in gym by eating what you shouldn’t be.

  • You Can’t Burn Fat From a Particular Body Part

You Can’t Burn Fat From a Particular Body Part

This is another common mistake people tend to make. It is a common myth that you can torch fat from particular body part by hitting it again and again. Doing side planks or countless leg raises won’t be too helpful in getting rid of love handles. You will have to do full body workouts, high intensity cardio and follow a good diet plan to lose them. The fat burning or weight loss process can’t be localized to a single area, it would be uniform for your whole body. Everyone’s body have different preferred fat storage locations and to burn these pockets of flab, you will need to get lean overall.

  • Get Calorie Count Right

Get Calorie Count Right
Get Calorie Count Right

To have an effective weight loss, you need to get your calorie count right. You need to have a rough estimate of calories, you are burning through your exercise routine and calories you are consuming. If you have a good idea of how many calories are present in certain foods, then you would be better equipped to make right decisions.

Consider this, a regular 50 minute workout burns about 400 calories and a 15 minute jogging burns 100 calories. But, if you are going to gorge on a standard chocolate pastry after that, you will be ingesting 500 calories. I know you are smart enough to get an idea of what I am hinting at. Another problem is that, most people don’t workout at high intensity. The half hearted and low intensity efforts won’t take you anywhere. So, buckle down, give your everything and don’t leave gym unless you are shaking with fatigue.

  • It Takes Time, But Not Too Much

It Takes Time But Not Too Much

You have been bearing with babbling for pretty long now. So, as a reward, I will tell you a little secret. By working out consistently for 2-3 years, following right eating habits and giving your body adequate sleep, you can get a physique that will make you look better than 90%. Of course, you won’t look as good as professionals who have been training for more than 10 years and are following strict diet. But, then you haven’t been training to enter competitions. Even, if you do cheat a little on your diet by gorging on your favorite dessert, take a few days off and do take other liberties once in a while, still with smart training, you can achieve solid results within few years. And yes, that girl you had crush on from long time would definitely be impressed.

There Are No Fad Diets

Yes, there are several food items that have the ability to boost your metabolism and improve your body’s fat torching ability. But, there is no single fad diet which can magically burn fat within months. To put it simply, there are no easy shortcuts to weight loss. Follow advice that is based on scientific facts, logical explanation and makes sense. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, stay away from soda and sweets, avoid eating too much bread, eat lean fish and meat, use fresh unprocessed ingredients to cook your food and try to do everything in moderation, and you would be just fine. Don’t waste your money and hopes on fraudulent magic diets.

  • No Small Talks

No Small Talks

It can be liberating and refreshing to talk to complete strangers. It can help you get a lot of burden off your chest, and little gossiping and chatting with strangers is always fun. Also, you get to know, new different things in the process. But, gym isn’t the right place. First of all, you have paid gym fees, so it is smart to get maximum value out of it by using facilities provided. You are there to whip your body in shape and anything else is a distraction. Chatting can break your flow, limit your focus and most importantly increases your rest period too much, which can hamper your workout intensity.

So, if you want to meet new people or get a date, then visit a dating website or join groups on social networking sites. It would be particularly cheap and won’t interfere in your fitness routine.

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