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10 Workout Motivation Tips for a Lazy Bump

Workout Motivation Tips

How many evenings have you spent planning on getting up early the next day and hitting the gym and not doing it? I know I have done this at least a few thousand times in my life. We are very smart, aren’t we? We, most conveniently, drop the blame on the rain, the chill in the air or lack of enough music on our iPods but deep down, even if we do not accept it in front of anyone else, we know that we are lazy bumps.

No amount of external motivation works on us, we care a damn about what people have to say about importance of exercising and being in perfect shape, true that, but something inside of all of us knows that having a regular workout regime is mandatory for an awesome body and healthy living. So, if your laziness is chaining you down from taking the flight of fitness then nothing but the workout motivation tips below can rescue you, for sure. Can you feel the energy already?! O yes! Let us get started.

What is Making you a Workout Slug, and Why?

Find this, and you shall take the first step to stay motivated for workouts for your whole life. Is your body not showing results as per your expectation or are you simply bored of following the same workout routine? Personal or professional stress is a common distraction for gym goers and it gradually strips all affinity that one has towards exercising.

There could be ‘n’ number of reasons why a person feels like a workout slug. Reaching the root cause of this sluggishness shall simplify things for you. Once you have a self-realization of why you feel unmotivated you shall be able to motivate yourself. Too heavy a thought for the soul? Stick just a little longer. We are coming right to the point.

Who Says Staying Motivated for Workout is Difficult?

You cannot deny one thing – it is all in the head. The tips below shall direct your brain towards workout. Try these today and see the difference in your attraction towards a workout routine of your choice.

  1. Follow a Healthy Celeb: Most of the celebrities disclose and openly discuss about their exercise routine. If you admire fitness of a celebrity then we strongly recommend that you follow the workout routine of that star. Since you already have a living example of the type of body you desire, it shall be easy for you to stay motivated.
  2. Have a Full Length Mirror in your Room: You need a mirror to dress up every morning, right?! By viewing yourself in the mirror every day, especially naked, you shall be reminded of the miles you still need to cover to reach the day you shall have your dream body.
  3. Remember what it Feels Like: Workouts release large amounts of endorphins in your body. With the happy hormones streaming in your blood you shall feel pleasantly relaxed and mentally rejuvenated for a long duration. This is what you ought to remind yourself when feeling lazy for a workout.
  4. Choose Supplements that Show Quick Results: If you have just started working out for the first time in your life then seeing a few immediate, and positive, results in your body shall multiply your motivation. But, for the sake of your health, consult your coach before consuming any body building supplements.
  5. See it as a Private Getaway: Your time at the gym is your time alone. In this busy world it becomes very difficult to find personal space. Everyone needs a little alone time every once in a while. Going to the gym gives you just that. Isn’t this just fabulous?!
  6. Have Someone Gauge Your Performance: Apart from getting excellent workout tips people also hire personal trainers for external motivation. Personal trainers make sure that you do your workout routine as per a planned schedule. The same can be achieved through your spouse or a good friend. If you know that someone is keeping track of your gym performance then you shall feel motivated.
  7. Maintain a Gym Diary: There is nothing girly about having a workout journal. Rather, it only helps you feel self-motivated. Write about the workout regime you are following, your achievements so far, your expectations and your tiredness. It shall bear your journey to fitness.
  8. Celebrate Small Achievements: Little accomplishments can generate volumes of self motivation. Imagine, you have just achieved the target of doing a hundred push-ups in one go, and you had started with ability to do just 10 in a day. Sounds like something to celebrate, right?
  9. Take Regular Measurements of Body: Take body measurements every fortnight. Seeing visible results in body shape triggers positive motivation. You feel inspired to do more and achieve more.
  10. Realize the Power that you have: You alone have the power to change your body. It is quite a marvelous power, is it not? Accept this power, feel this power everyday within you and feel the difference! This shall become your evergreen tip to stay motivated and never let you feel lazy to head out and workout.

What are you waiting for? Get up and get going!

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