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5 Mind Tricks To Make Your Workouts Easier & More Fun


Once in a while, we all have to deal with procrastination. It can be due to a stressful and energy sapping day or maybe, you have too much on your mind. Or maybe, you are new to working out and the initial bout of inspiration that motivated you to join gym is already waning. We all have been there. And, we know how difficult it is sometimes just to step out of the door.

And, even if you manage to haul yourself to the gym, without motivation, you won’t be able to workout properly. We all know that going through the motions and just spending an hour in the gym won’t take you any nearer to your fitness goals. To get the best of your time in the gym, you should be completely focused on your workout and should work to your full capacity. The mind tricks listed in this article will make working out easier and more fun.

  • Picture Yourself Nailing It

Chest Building

Simple and extremely effective. Also, it is very easy and doesn’t take any significant effort or time. And, as you have been practicing daydreaming for years now, it would have become extremely easy for you. Picture yourself from start to the finish, walking in the gym, completing the workout and then walking out. And, if you want, you can add some extra muscles to make visualization even better, you are free to do so. This will keep you focused and will drive you to give your utmost while doing your exercise routine.

The visualization also has several other benefits. Among others, it will enhance strength, stamina and precision when actually performing the tasks. This has been proved by a study conducted on 19 subjects. One group was asked to visualize the exercise during the rest periods, while the other was asked to do neutral tasks. It was found that the group which visualized had better technical execution of the movement and more individual intrinsic motivation.

Another study has revealed that visualization assists in preparing muscles for more efficient movements and can even improve athlete’s confidence in their ability to successfully finish a specific task.

  • Count Backwards

Gym Exercises

This is another simple trick that can do wonders to your motivation. It is especially great for the beginners who have shaky confidence in their ability to complete the exercise. For example, if you have to do ten bench presses, countdown from 10. Counting in the ascending order can make an exercise pretty daunting psychologically. For example, if you have done four repetitions, your mind will process that you still have to do six more reps. And, in case, you are lifting heavy weight, this could be very daunting for a beginner. However, there is no such problem when you do counting in descending order. Unless, you are trying to figure out how many reps are left, your mind would be too busy to do math. However, if you are trying to do more repetitions than you have strength and physical ability to do, then backward counting won’t be too helpful. It is a mind trick, not a magic formula to make you more powerful.

  • Quitting isn’t an Option

Push ups

Cut the source of de-motivation at its origin. Tell yourself, there is no way out other than getting on with the exercise routine. Remember your mind is programmed in such a way that it will hit brakes well before your body. The brain receives the signal that your heart rate may be too high or your body is producing too much lactic acid. It happens way before your body feels it. Also, the mind is programmed in such a way that it gets alarmed when you push your body out of the comfort zone. It will try to find reasons, which will make you feel that is acceptable to quit.

Remember quitting is a human behavior. And, like other such psychological things, you can train your mind to steer away from it. It is a habit that you don’t want to make because if it sticks, you would always finish short of success and your personal goals.

  • Challenge Yourself

Shoulder Press

Try to challenge yourself with each set of every exercise. Always try to barge past the previous limits and try to step out of your comfort zone because that is where you will find success. If you are doing what you have been doing for weeks, then you are not progressing, you are stagnating, which is never good for your fitness goals. For example, if you aren’t lifting heavy enough weights or aren’t doing enough repetitions, you are wasting your time. It won’t take you anywhere. Force yourself to lift heavier because it will force your muscles to work harder. Thus, making them bigger and stronger. Also, when your body is working hard, you are more engaged and mentally focused, which means your form will not be compromised. Not only it will help you sculpt a stronger and better body, it will also improve your focus and concentration.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself

Squats - Make Workouts Easier

Always stay focused on yourself and what you are doing. In the gym, keep your head down and train hard. No need to compare yourself with others. Everyone has a different level and everyone is unique. Therefore, comparison is flawed and mere waste of time. If someone has a better physique and is able to lift heavier weight, the chances are that he has been training for a longer period than you. And, by competing with them and trying to lift heavier weight than you can manage, will only lead to serious injuries. Focus on how you feel daily and try to improve your fitness levels on a daily basis. Remember, your only competition is with yourself. So, push yourself daily and focus solely on your fitness goals, block every distraction out.

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