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5 Simple Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

Almost everyone wants to workout. But, few have time to hit the gym. After a busy and hectic day, reaching a gym is a bigger challenge than doing the workout itself. So, to reach gym regularly and to workout constantly takes a lot of discipline and commitment, which most of us unfortunately don’t have. But, the desire to have a fit body is always there. So, is there a solution?

Of course, there is. And, that is why I am writing this article. And, solution is some simple exercises that you can do at home to improve your cardiovascular endurance, agility, strength and most importantly can torch fat off your body. These exercises can be incorporated into a simple circuit workout and within weeks, you will start seeing the difference. The best thing is that you can do it at your home and can fit it in a small window of time, which you can undoubtedly and easily find.

It goes without saying that you need to do these exercises with the right form to get best results. So, here are some simple cardio exercises that you can do at home, with detailed explanation on how to do them.

  • Sitting Holds

Sitting Holds
Sitting Holds

This is a simple, yet effective exercise that hits your core, legs and to some extent works your arms. The best part of the exercise is that you get to sit, so you can even do this exercise while watching your favorite TV shows.

All you have to do is sit down with feet off the ground, straight out in front of you. Hands should be extended out in front as well. However, you can also opt to cross your arms in front of your chest. Now, hold this position for a specific amount of time. And, as your fitness improves, you should increase the time period.

However, you need to be careful about straining and tightening your body too much while doing this exercise. This caution is especially important for back and neck. If you notice that you are staining too much, then stop. Focus on getting the form right. The time can always be improved with regular practice.

It is essential that you remain still and steady as much as possible, while doing this exercise. It is going to be difficult with the ticking seconds, but challenge yourself to remain steady throughout the hold.


  • Burpees


Burpee is one of the most challenging exercises, due to which some absolutely hate this exercise. However, its immense benefits and ability to provide a high intensity workout has made it extremely popular and ranging from CrossFit to boot camps, you will find them everywhere. Another great thing about this exercise is that it incorporates complete body training.

To do a burpee, start in a standing position with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Now, bring your hands towards the ground in between the distance of your feet, but slightly in front of your body. Come down towards the floor by bending at the hips, but remember your back should be straight. Bend your knees and place your hands on the ground.

As soon as you place your hands are on the ground, jump back with your legs and assume the plank position. At this position, you can add a push-up to make it more challenging. After getting in the plank position, immediately bring your feet back near to your arms, just like they were before you kicked them back to assume the plank position. With your knees bent, come up and jump to complete one repetition.


  • Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbers

This is another exercise on this list that is extremely challenging and hits multiple body areas. It challenges your shoulders, quads and engages your core. It elevates your heart rate and is a great cardio routine.

The start position in this exercise is plank. Here, it is very important that you keep your core tight and strong. You will often find that while doing this exercise, your body will droop down towards the ground or will arch upwards due to fatigue and tiredness. So, always make sure that your back and body is straight. Never allow it to come out of the perfect push up. Failure to do so, could lead to back problems.

From the push-up position, alternate your feet up and back towards your stomach. Remember that you are trying to nearly knee yourself in the stomach. Keep in mind, nearly, don’t actually do so. When the left knee comes up towards stomach, your right leg should be back. Do this as rapidly as possible. Make sure, you are using the full range of motion, which means that your knee should come up as much high as possible and the heel should stretch back as far as possible.

Your hands shouldn’t be too far ahead in front of you. They should be right around your shoulders. By doing so, you will get a good upper body workout as well.


  • Running High Knees

Running High Knees
Running High Knees

Running high knees is a great cardio exercise that also gives your lower body an intense and challenging workout. This exercise can be done by running at a place or by moving around. The ultimate objective of this exercise is that you have to bring your knees as high as possible and as fast as possible. The exercise can be more beneficial, if you stay on your tiptoes and utilize quick movements. The idea is to ensure that as soon as your toe hits the ground, your knees should explode back.

Remember that the hand movement is also an essential part of this exercise. The real running hands movement should be replicated, while doing this exercise. So, when the right knee goes up, the left arm comes up simultaneously. And, when the left knee comes up, the right arm should go up. Maintain an effective balance between the leg and arm movement, so that you could strike up a smooth rhythm which would make it easier to speed up and increase the intensity of the exercise.


  • Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks have been around for ages. Probably, you have done this exercise when you were young as part of your school physical education classes. This is also one of the reasons, why many often reject this exercise out of hand. But, don’t be fooled by its simplicity because when done with intensity and full range of motion, it can be very effective.

Stand straight with your arms by your side and feet together. This is the starting stance of the exercise. Now, jump your legs out and make sure your feet land wider than your shoulder width. At the same time, your arms should move straight out over your head until they meet overhead. Though, it is not necessary that your hands should meet overhead, but it serves as a key reference point to ensure you are using the full range of motion. Now, jump back to the starting position. This is one repetition.

This exercise engages your full body. By jumping out legs far enough to make it uncomfortable, you are stretching out the hips and glute muscles. Remember the speed of your movements dictate the quality of the cardio, the faster the movement, more intense the cardio will be. Stay on your toes during the exercise. Landing on the heels will slow down your pace.

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