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5 Swiss Ball Exercises to Work Core, Balance And Strength!

We all know the importance of maintaining a great level of balance, especially if one is a professional athlete. No matter whether you are a basketball, football or a tennis player, having a good balance will impact your overall performance and more importantly, will keep you injury free.

The swiss ball is a rubber ball which is the number one tool for balance training in the world. Each and every professional athlete, who is willing to improve the core strength, muscle elasticity and balance, should incorporate the swiss ball in his training regime. What is more important is the fact that it can be used for training of each muscle group of the body. You can do push up variations, squats, isometric exercises, lower back exercises and make them even more challenging.

Swiss Ball Workout
Swiss Ball Workout

There was one research done in Italy that included professional volleyball players. Twelve players were put on a test and they were asked to use the swiss ball as part of their training activities for a period of three months. The final results were astonishing. Simply by using the swiss ball, every player increased his overall sports performance including better power, strength and endurance. There was an increase in their vertical jump, speed and on-court movements too.

In this article, we bring the top 5 swiss ball exercises which will challenge your balance and strength and will work your body to a whole new level. But first of all, do you know that the body balance actually depends on the strength of your core? That’s why we will mostly focus on giving you exercises for strengthening the core.

  • Swiss Ball Plank


The plank on a swiss ball should be done just like the regular plank. Place the elbows on the ball and keep the butt up and don’t let it sink down. If you are a beginner, hold the position for 30 seconds and increase the hold when you become more advanced.

The plank is ranked among the top 5 exercises that work the abdominals and the complete core, so now you probably know how intense and beneficial this exercise may be especially when you are doing it on swiss ball.

Swiss Ball Plank
Swiss Ball Plank
  • Swiss Ball Push Up


This exercise is great for the upper body stability. You will need to coordinate your balance and strength, which will result in the proper execution of the exercise. Try the swiss ball push up and feel the burn in your chest, shoulder and triceps while, at the same time, your abdominals and lower back muscles will lock in. This will result in complete body activation.

Swiss Ball Push Up
Swiss Ball Push Up
  •  Swiss Ball Pike


The pike is great for developing your abdominals while on the same time it will improve your muscle flexibility, range of motion and spine elasticity. Even if you are an advanced trainee, your shoulders will start burning after the 20th repetition.

That’s why, it is suggested that this exercise should be part of each and every core and abdominal training.

Swiss Ball Pike
Swiss Ball Pike
  •  Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl


Are you tired of the old fashioned leg curl machine? Are you tired of deadlifting at the gym and you want to try something new? The swiss ball hamstring curl will blast off your hamstring. You will feel the burn all the way up from your calves to the glutes and lower back. This exercise will strengthen the muscles in a completely different way compared to the old bodybuilding and strengthening method of weight training.

The contraction of your muscles will be different, the burn will be different and the results will be great. These are enough reasons to try the hamstring curl right away.

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
  •  Swiss Ball Plank Rollouts


And the last exercise, also known as swiss ball plank rollouts, will work on your core stability and functionality. The plank rollout is a dynamic variation of the plank, which asks for the movement of your elbows and hands. Check the video to get a better look on how to properly execute this exercise.

Plank rollout is a great exercise for your abdominals, upper and lower back and it will work them both, isometrically and dynamically.

Stability Ball Plank Rollout
Stability Ball Plank Rollout

Try these exercises and mix the old weight lifting routines with some bodyweight hardcore training. You will be amazed at the fast pace with which your fitness goals will be fulfilled by simply incorporating the swiss ball into your training.

The swiss ball worked for millions and it will work for yours too.


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