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5 Ways to get Mentally Tough

5 Ways to get Mentally Tough

No matter what kind of circumstances each one of us is born in, nobody gets out without taking their share of life’s tests. The best part is that no two tests are the same. They are all customized according to your personality type! Albert Einstein claimed,

“Adversity introduces a man to himself.”

There are days when life seems really unfair, oppressive or maybe even hopeless.

As genetically tuned we might be to remain creatures of habit who conform themselves to predictable outcomes and cling to our comfort zones for dear life; the world constantly revolves in a flux of change threatening to run us over if we stay still at one spot for too long.

Hardship is a necessary evil in everyone’s life because that is the only time you really learn the lessons that will define your character. It is actually the perfect time to reflect upon your survival skills and fine tune your strongest attributes.

No wonder in the face of modern day complexities, our response to uncertainties and attitude towards problems is what primarily determines mental fitness. Emotional quotient over intelligence quotient is the unfailing buzz among psychologists, life coaches and management gurus.

If you think your coping skills are inadequate. Here are five ways to prepare you for steadfast mental toughness to become immune to stress and set yourself up for greatness.

1. Feed your Emotional Endurance:

In life, timing is everything. There is a time to be easy-going and there is a time to get on your toes. Constantly being too casual about work, friends, family or opportunities will pile up unhealthy pressure over time until you find yourself unable to keep up. On the other hand, if you are the kind to fret the small stuff and easily get frustrated over details, you are burning yourself out to a breakdown.

Establish a strong mind-body-spirit connection by sowing the seeds of good habits in your daily routine, until they become second nature.

Never compromise with your daily sleep worth 7-8 hours. Five days of poor sleep can never be compensated by an entire weekend in bed.

Eat healthy as often as you can and remain watchful of over dependence upon stimulants like coffee, sugar or alcohol.

Take up exercise of any form and support it with relaxation techniques like conscious deep breathing and stretching.

Physical well-being and internal harmony is crucial to having the focus and endurance to tear through one challenge to the next without wanting to give up.

So, start building your emotional reserve as soon as you can.

2. Nourish your Self Esteem:

Self-confidence comes with objectivity. Learn to value yourself fairly and objectively without harshly judging yourself for falling short of perfection. Look at every day of your life as a series of accomplishments and mistakes that contribute to your distinctive individuality.

Build a strong network of social relationships at work and in personal life while avoiding toxic and negative people. As essential emotional support is, do not drain all your good will by over-reliance upon friends and family in times of need. Take deliberate steps, no matter how small, to make yourself independent.

3. Build an Attitude of Gratefulness and Positivity:

Happiness is a choice. It comes with a state of mind accompanying a healthy perspective. No matter how wrong things might feel you always have a lot of things to be thankful for. Being positive in crisis is what gives you the strength to get through it. Whining and worrying have never eased any problems.

4. Take Charge:

We often make mistakes that we deeply regret and start worrying about what other people think about us. Gather the courage to forgive yourself for every missed step and don’t let yourself be bound obsessively to your past or other people’s negativity. Battle the urge to immerse yourself in self-pity. Painting yourself as a perpetual victim will have you behaving helplessly even when there is possibility of empowering yourself with initiative. You are stronger than you think. Problems come and go. They should be looked at as mere challenges to overcome. Don’t let them scare you to the point of inaction.

Reflect upon your possible outcomes and options and push yourself to take action even if you do so in baby steps.

5. Pursue and explore knowledge:

Every obstacle should be looked at as a workout for your problem solving abilities.

Indulge yourself creatively whenever you get the time. Read extensively and explore information on a diverse array of subjects to find your sense of purpose. Study the popular trends of the job market in your field or find yourself a mentor.

Take out time for silent reflection by yourself or consider writing a journal. Look at life as an adventure. Rather than struggling to keep up with the status quo, probe new possibilities.

Deliberately attempt to exceed your comfort level. As you train yourself to take a proactive approach towards life’s pressures, unsettling feelings of stress, anxiety or panic will bother you less and less.

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