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Answer to the Question: How to Tone those Flabby Arms?

Arm Workout

I know many women who simply give up on a great dress just because they are too shy to go sleeveless; courtesy their stubborn flabby arms which just won’t go. In fact, many of these women are busy working ladies who lead an active lifestyle. They are health conscious and so they practice cardio as frequently as possible but they still can’t get slim arms, let alone toned arms. Well, we have compiled some exercises below which will not just prove effective in firming up the arms but will also shape the entire upper shoulder region. An important thing worth mentioning is that most women, in order to get quick results, start doing weight training (working out with dumbbells). Unless you are looking for athletic biceps and triceps we ask you to stick to the exercises below.

Exercises without Props

Side Air Loops: This is the easiest of all arm shaping exercises. You need to stand straight with your legs just a little bit apart (inclined as per the width of your shoulders), and extend your arms out sideways such that they are parallel to the ground. Now, move both arms together in such a manner that they make small loops in the air. Do this exercise 30 times in clockwise manner and then change to the anti-clockwise direction and repeat for 30 minutes. If you begin to feel tired then you can rest your arms for 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise to complete two more sets.

Pull Something Imaginary Downwards: If you have never pulled weights previously then you may require time to understand how this exercise works. Stand straight with your feet apart in accordance with your shoulder length. Raise arms such that you are a macho man flaunting your biceps and triceps. Now, raise your arms further upwards and then bring them back as if you are pulling something downwards. Remember to bring the arms down only till the height of your breasts. Do 3 sets of these and include 30 reps in each set.

Exercises using Props

Towel Arms Workout: For these exercises, you will need a small towel which you may comfortably hold on to between your hands. You need to stretch out your arms straight in front of your chest. We are sharing with you 2 exercises which you need to do in a circuit, without resting in between. The key here is, don’t stop, despite of the burn that you shall feel in your arms, especially upper arms area. So, here we go…

Stand straight with your legs apart (at scale with your shoulders). Hold out your arms and hold a towel in between your hands. Keep a firm grip. Now, keeping the grip firm bring the towel close to your chest as you bend your elbows. Do 50 reps before you do next step.

Next – Raise your arms up and keep your elbows straight. You are still holding the towel between your hands and you did not take rest after the above exercise. We want you to pull down your arms by holding your elbows, and do 50 reps.

The towel workout is helpful in relaxing your upper back.

You may also want to watch this video showing various moves for your arms –

Water Bottle Workout: To tone one arm at a time, use the water bottle workout. Raise your right arm sideways while holding a water bottle (that weighs about 500 ml) and bring it to the shoulder height before bringing it down (right next to your waist). Repeat the action at least 20 times before switching to the next arm. You can also raise your arms straight upwards while holding the water bottle firmly.

Here, in this video, are a variety of beginner arm workouts holding little weights.

These exercises are really simple and can be easily performed even during office hours.

Massage also Helps

If you are ambitious about achieving well toned and attractive arms, then you ought to combine exercises with massage to get maximum results. Coconut oil is a great body oil for massage. Oil massage is highly recommended because it shall also help you get rid of tanning and giving you an even skin tone. All you need to do is massage your arms in upward strokes.

All of these exercises also prove to be helpful in shaping side breast muscles. The key is to do these exercises as regularly as possible – we suggest that you do these at least 4 times in a week to get permanent results.

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