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Best Hospitals for Lutetium Therapy Worldwide

Best Hospitals for Lutetium Therapy Worldwide
Best Hospitals for Lutetium Therapy Worldwide

Lutetium therapy is an advanced method of combating prostate cancer. The drug has a targeted effect on tumors without damaging healthy tissues. After Lutetium-177 isotope treatment, more than 64% of patients report a significant improvement in their condition and a 50% reduction in the tumor1.

Do you want to know where to get treatment using a unique technique? Read on, and you will get acquainted with the rating of the best hospitals for lutetium therapy.

AiroMedical is equipped with a rich information base, thanks to which we can find treatment in any clinic worldwide. The hospital’s and doctor’s selection is based on annual qualification reports. The main criterion is the number of successful operations. In addition, work experience, reputation in the medical society, and a narrow focus in a particular area are considered. We specialize in providing patients with advanced medical care. With us, thousands of people have defeated prostate cancer using the latest techniques.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy

Lutetium-177 therapy is available in several leading hospitals of countries with advanced medicine – Europe and the USA.

Here are some tips on choosing a clinic to treat prostate cancer with lutetium therapy –

  • Available Techniques – The clinic should have an extensive arsenal of therapeutic strategies for the most effective patient treatment.
  • The Possibility of Alternative Therapy Programs – For example, for patients with metastatic prostate cancer, it would be an advantage if actinium-225 and radium-223 therapy are available at the clinic.
  • Level of Technical Equipment – Doctors should use the latest generation of devices for effective and safe treatment.
  • Patient Feedback – Check out the reviews of patients who underwent therapy at a particular hospital. Note, what they like and what they don’t. Read the stories of prostate cancer patients on the AiroMedical portal.

Top Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy In The United States 

Among the most famous cancer hospitals in the US are the following –

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
  • Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota 
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
  • Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In The U.S.

The USA is recognized worldwide as the country with the highest level of medicine. The state generously funds scientific research and the development of the latest equipment for hospitals in the US.

Treatment in the US implies –

  • Strict control over the compliance of the doctor’s actions with treatment protocols and regulations.
  • Solid research base.
  • Lack of template principles of prostate cancer treatment.
  • The possibility of participating in experimental clinical trials.

Top Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy In Europe

There are a large number of private and public hospitals in Europe that provide lutetium therapy. The following list of hospitals in Europe has the best indicators –

  • University Hospital Vienna (AKH), Austria
  • Teknon Medical Center Barcelona, Spain
  • Anadolu Medical Center, Gebze, Turkey
  • Hospital Erasme Anderlecht, Belgium
  • University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Europe

In European clinics, all methods for the most effective prostate cancer treatment at any stage are available. Even at advanced ones, European oncologists can prolong the patient’s life and significantly improve its quality.

The European benefits –

  • Immediate assistance
  • Consultations of the best oncologists
  • Modern drugs and methods of therapy
  • The cost of lutetium therapy compares favorably with American and Canadian ones

Top Hospitals For Lutetium Treatment In Poland

The list of the best Lu-177 hospitals in Poland includes –

  • Clinic HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Center Warsaw
  • University Hospital Krakow

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Poland

Polish doctors are the authors of many new methods of treatment and diagnosis. Thanks to this, some hospitals in Poland have virtually no analogs worldwide. The primary benefits include –

  • Cutting-edge techniques
  • The lowest prices in Europe
  • The multidisciplinary treatment approach
  • Accurate diagnostic and treatment protocols according to international standards

Top Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy In Italy

The list of hospitals most well-known for lutetium therapy are –

  • European Institute of Oncology Milan
  • University Hospital San Rafaele Milan (IRCCS)
  • Padova University Hospital
  • University Hospital Parma
  • Integrated University Hospital Verona

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Italy

Italy is among the world leaders in the effectiveness of healthcare, and the average life — is 83 years. Doctors in Italy safely entrust your health –

  • Modern equipment and unique technologies
  • Specialists of the highest class with world-renown
  • Many institutes of medical research
  • Advanced developments and techniques

Top Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy In Germany

The list of hospitals-leaders in the fight against prostate cancer in Germany are –

  • University Hospital Charite Berlin
  • University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
  • University Hospital Heidelberg
  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch
  • University Hospital Greifswald

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Germany

The Lutetium 177 therapy in Germany shows excellent effects after two or three courses of treatment. In some patients, complete remission was achieved. 

Treatment in Germany is –

  • Public investment in medicine development
  • German doctors are recognized as the best at the world level
  • Most large clinics have research institutes to study new technologies and therapeutic techniques
  • The highest European medical standards

Best Doctors For Lutetium-177 Therapy Worldwide

Cancer centers employ hundreds of highly qualified oncologists engaged in prostate cancer research. Among the most outstanding –

  • Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Dresel
  • Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Buck
  • Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Haberkorn
  • Prof. Dr. Raimon Miralbell Izard
  • Prof. Dr. med. Peter Bartenstein

Best Solutions For Treating Prostate Cancer

  • HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) – The tumor is destroyed by ultrasound and exposure to high temperatures. The studies showed success rates between 61% – 95%.
  • Brachytherapy – Implantation of tiny radioactive seeds into the prostate gland for local irradiation. As world practice shows, up to 90% of patients at the primary stage overcame prostate cancer.
  • Radiosurgery with Cyber and Gamma Knives – Prostate cancer treatment without scalpel and blood. The therapeutic effect is achieved by targeting the tumor with a dose of radioactive radiation without harm to healthy tissues. As a result, over 90% of cases were relapse-free.
  • Robotic Operation – Prostate cancer removal with minimal risk of sexual and urinary dysfunction. Passes with the help of a DaVinci robot through 5 small punctures in the body — up to 2 cm. On average, 98% of patients are still alive 10 years after surgery.
  • Radium 223 Xofigo – The radioactive drug is administered intravenously. It is effective in the treatment of prostate cancer with bone metastases. The drug composition is similar to calcium, accumulating in the bones and destroying malignant cells. It reduced the risk of death by 30%.
  • Immunotherapy – It is aimed at activating lymphocytes capable of killing prostate cancer cells. The introduction of immunomodulators and vaccines allows the body to destroy cancer in 50% of cases.

How To Get Treatment In The Best Hospitals For Lutetium Therapy

To undergo lutetium therapy, use the AiroMedical services. We will arrange treatment for you in the best hospitals worldwide, and we will select the best oncologist taking into account specialization, the therapy effectiveness, risk of complications, cost, and other factors.

Please contact us, and you are guaranteed to receive world-class prostate cancer treatment, a comprehensive approach, the latest equipment, and round-the-clock support. So instead of despairing and folding your hands, fight for your life and a team of specialists will help you overcome the illness.


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