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Bodyweight Conditioning: 30 days to Uncompromising Fitness

It is said that the first 30 days of making a new change are the most painful. If we are talking about incorporating an exercise program, the pain might be felt literally!

But we promise you this. It is the good kind of pain which you completely forget once you see a fitter-tighter-better you in the mirror. If a certain change can get you bursting with energy, glowing with life and can actually have you looking forward to taking the stairs; we say it is totally worth it!

Now, how to make that happen?

We found you a 30 day exercise program that will restore and enhance your mind-body connection by making you workout with the world’s best exercise equipment: your own body weight!

Why get started with bodyweight exercises?

No matter what body part you target while using your own body as resistance, your movements will never be done strictly in isolation. This is particularly great for your physical co-ordination. Whether we talk about planks, push-ups, squats, lunges or explosive plyometric moves like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, high knees or burpees; several supporting muscle fibers get activated simply to keep your balance intact.

Working out on a machine in the gym usually targets specific body parts in isolation. For instance, as you train your quadriceps on a leg extension machine; the rest of your body is static and completely uninvolved in the movement. In contrast, while doing a squat, though you are targeting your thighs and hip muscles; the rest of the body is involved to brace your mid-section and keep your posture upright.

Isolation exercises do have benefits and they are particularly useful for rehabilitation of weak muscles. However, bodyweight exercises fire much stronger signals to your central nervous system which activates an enhanced response mechanism to get your hormones, oxygen supply, the works to come to the rescue of your muscles, thus, making you stronger.

The following program is suitable for people of all abilities.

Whether you are looking to get started or simply want to shake up your boring old exercise program, there are different set of exercises, broken down into manageable and simplest possible format at varying pace and intensity for all 30 days of your month. No two consecutive days are the same!

You will be supplementing your daily cardio in the form of walking or running with some of the most fundamental and significant moves like the push-up, squat, lunges and plank along with less popular exercises like mountain climbers and burpees. Even so, the major focus of the program is core strengthening.

According to Joseph Pilates, (the inventor of Pilates), core is the powerhouse of the entire body. The core comprises of all the muscles, from the smallest to the largest, in your abdomen and lower back. A strong core means all your abdominal and lower back muscles work together in optimum harmony. Be it twisting, hammering, carrying, reaching overhead, or ducking underneath; all movements originate from the core. A rock solid midsection does more than enhance your physical performance in any field. Your body achieves maximum range of motion which in turn, upgrades your cognitive functions and reflexes. Need we say more?

On the other hand,

Weak Core = Poor Posture / Less Energy / Lesser Endurance

Weak Core + Sudden movement = Injury / Lower back pain

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the exercise program. If done to the best of individual ability, it can give some of the most intense gym workouts a run for their money. For best results, attempt the 30 day program 3 times across a period of 3 months. You will instinctively sense the progress in your endurance as you engage deeper muscles doing the same moves that felt ‘difficult’ or even ‘impossible’ and are able to do greater repetitions with ease.

After 12 weeks, when you have re-learned to deliberately charge up your body like you used to do as a child in the school playground, we hope we have set you on the path where you want to play all day!!!

For fit people, living their daily lives in itself is an exhilarating experience. It is a no brainer that a healthy body triggers self-confidence. But, you need to feel it to really know it. When your body functions at peak ability it makes you feel like you can handle anything. You neither fear taking initiative, nor fear change. This sentiment is not exclusive to those bursting with youth alone. Take charge of your health and you may surprise yourself with what your body is capable of doing.

As Stephen Covey claims in his bestseller,’ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’
“You are what you repeatedly do.”

Our intention behind finding you simple yet effective workouts is merely to motivate you enough to get you started. Go on. Break the chains of lethargy. Build healthy habits for a life time.

Check out Imgur.com to know about a “No equipment 30-Day Workout Program”.

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