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Different Ways of Boosting Mood

mood boosting ways in depression

It is not always that a person goes in depression, but when he does, life becomes difficult and annoying. Many situations can result in depression. Below are some ways and techniques which can help you fight the menace of depression.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can prevent depression and can also cure it. A workout boosts your mood for the next 12 hours. Not many people like to exercise when they are depressed. But exercise can give your mood a sudden uplift. 30 minute of vigorous exercise can give immediate results. A study conducted on depressed patients found out that the depressed patients, who conducted exercises on treadmills and stationary workouts were able to get better faster. Their moods were 50% better in 3 months.


It is not good to hide a disease from the people you know. Many-a-times simple advices can be very effective. Also, not every person can relate to a mental illness. Therefore, it is good to talk to friends, relatives etc. about your current state of mind. You will, then know, how people react to your illness and you might also be able to get some sort of advice. Isolation may further worsen your depression, so reach out to the maximum extent.

Do not blame yourself

Life is full of unpleasant moments and any one of them can cause depression. You must never blame yourself for depression. Guilt and inadequacy can inhibit your recovery process. You should avoid the feelings of guilt. Inadequacies can be removed with the help of materials or people like friends, relatives, people at workplace etc. Although, drugs are available for treating depression but they should not be used for treating milder forms of depression. It is good to identify and realize that the illness and depression is a physical illness just like diabetes or cancer. Adjustment of attitude may be critical to your recovery. This method costs nothing and is simple to follow.

Eat the right food items

A well balanced diet is a must for depression patients. Whole grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables help to fight depression better. Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids also help you fight depression better. Fruits, vegetables, fish and fish oil supplements provide these acids. Food items that contain vitamin D can help you fight depression. Vitamin D maintains the level of serotonin, a hormone, vital for mood. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D.

Have a thorough medical check-up

Many diseases contribute to depression, for example diabetes. Thus, it is very important that you go for a complete body check-up, if you are really feeling depressed. A check-up becomes all the more necessary, if you cannot identify the cause behind your depressed state of mind. Once the disease is identified, treating it becomes easier. Depression can also be a symptom of some other disease, for example heart disease. Therefore, a health check may help you to get your disease treated at an early stage, before it gets too late.

Stick to your daily routine

Your schedule is very important for your health and you must stick to it at all costs. If you carry out your daily tasks viz. jogging, gardening, doing dishes etc. regularly and in timely manner, then you can live a healthy life and get over the depression soon. Do the tasks at the same time every day and follow your routine for as many days as you can.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Those who are depressed should avoid the use of drugs and alcohol. Limited consumption of wine is not adverse. Drug abuse should be strictly avoided. Abuse of these agents can worsen depression in the long run and deteriorate other aspects of life as well including social, professional and cultural aspects.

Have time for yourself

Great number of working hours can create stress and depression. It is important not to take in hand more than what you can manage. Do lesser number of tasks, but with ease and comfort, without having stress. This will also enhance your performance levels. Sleep regularly for good number of hours (7-8 for adults).

Drugs for treating depression

The drugs for treating depression are called anti-depressants. They should only be taken on the advice of a medical practitioner. These include try cyclic anti-depressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, serotonin-uptake inhibitors, and serotonin and nor-epinephrine re-uptake inhibitors. Some of the names of commercially available drugs are adapin, zonalon, zelapar, prozac, oleptro etc.

It is good not to take major decisions concerning business or any major aspect while being depressed. Depression has a negative impact on perception, judgement and attitude. If an immediate decision is really required, then take the advice of your trusted partners, friends and relatives. Never be impulsive as haste can cause serious drawbacks.

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