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Exercises for Stubborn Thigh Fat

Lose Thigh Fat With these Exercises

Finally, a selection of thigh workouts that work with precision and give you the perfect thighs!

Weight losers (and weight watchers) prefer to practice exercises that allow overall weight loss benefits. But there are some body parts that are real tough zones to get through. Thighs are one such adamant territory. So, what do you do? Well, you need to have a focused approach. If you exercise regularly but are still finding it hard to lose thigh fat then it is time for you to work strategically.

Exercises which Burn Thigh Fat just Right

1. Thigh Squats – Nothing can achieve perfectly toned thigh muscles like thigh squats. Stand straight and spread your legs wide as per your comfort while keeping your back straight. You may leave your hands free. Now, keeping your back straight bend as low as possible and then come back up (see the video below for better understanding). Do not rush yourself. Be slow and keep breathing as you continue to squat. Beginners may find this pretty tough to do. Ideally, you should be able to do 30 squats in one go but if you can’t do 30 then start up with doing just 5 and gradually increase the reps to increase your stamina. You can increase the intensity of the workout by introducing weights in squats called “weighted squats”.


2. Side Lunges – This is not recommend for ultra-beginners who have never done any leg exercises in their lives but, yes, if you are a physically active person then you shall see amazing results very soon. Stand straight with legs apart such that they are at scale with the shoulder. Bring out your right leg to bend sideways such that the weight of your entire leg rests on the heels. Continue the lunges for the right leg as per your strength. Come back to the original position and repeat the action with your left leg. Keep it up for 30 seconds.

Check out the video representation of the side lunges –


3. Side Kicks with Squats – This one is really effective. You need to do squat and then as you come back up, kick sideways. Do 15 kicks for each side. Take care not to overdo this exercise or you may end up having unbearable muscle cramps. As a beginner you should be able to do a minimum of 10 kicks with the squats. This is a quick way to lose thigh fat and firm them up. You need to stay low with the kicks here. We are not training to be a ninja.


4. Hop like a Skater – You can do these even if you have never done skating in your life. It is a bit funny but as you pace yourself up, you shall feel the excursion that it can put on the outer as well as the inner thighs. Get in the skater position and hop from behind first to the right side and then to the left side. People who don’t exercise much should be able to do these quite easily.

The Hurdles you Shall Face and the Solution

Thigh workouts are often strenuous and sometimes even athletes find it difficult to keep up with the regime. A sincere gym buddy or a strict coach can help you remain motivated. An alternative is to follow a video demonstration. This is a great video to follow –

The lady here has compiled almost all the thigh fat burning exercises that you need to know. A few celebrity coaches have released very doable thigh workouts. You can buy these online and can do your workouts with a virtual trainer.

You Shall Get More Out of these Workouts than You Know

These thigh exercises primarily intend on burning fat mass from the thigh region but these also greatly aid in giving you a tighter lower waist.

For best results always perform exercises a little more than your threshold. You need to push yourself to activate and tone the muscles. Many people make the mistake of stopping the exercise right when the body begins to get warm. At this stage, you need to pull yourself forward with all your strength. To see visible results real quick you need to keep up with the routine and steadily increase the reps.

Fix your focus. You must know precisely what you wish to achieve. Would you like to achieve weight loss or are you simply trying to tone up the sagging thigh muscles, or both? Once your goal is clear you shall be able to choose the best exercises to get the thighs you desire.

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