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Feel Extremely Tired After a Day In Office? Read How to Enhance Your Endurance

Feel Tired in Office

Ever wondered why a normal day of work in an air-conditioned office makes you feel tired by the end of the day? Doesn’t feel that tiring even after heavy labour at home though …. Isn’t it? And when you mention this to anyone, bang comes the reply that you have just been sitting all through the day! But that stands only partially true. There is more to your overall fatigue that comes from “sitting” in the office for 8-10 hours. It is not that you work harder in office as compared to your home. This fatigue comes from a combination of factors like mental stress, lack of physical workout, poor eating habits and sometimes dehydration. So, here are some ways and tips to enhance your stamina for a more energetic evening:

HydrateWater is a magic potion when it comes to energizing both the mind and body. We don’t realize how important it is to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. The muscle fatigue and giddiness that many of us feel could be because of dehydration. Water is not only an all-time drink, but it also curbs the craving for unnecessary munching that may gain you extra pounds!

Take a walk around the office – How many of us actually get up from our seats and walk around in the office? It’s a common practice to keep sitting and waiting to finish answering one more email before you even answer the nature’s call! Make it a point to get up from the seat and walk for a minute or two if you can’t afford a post-lunch stroll.

Stretch the knots – If taking a walk around the office grabs wrong attention, then at least do some stretching every hour or two. If you are too busy to spare even 5-7 minutes in every one hour, then do some hand, feet and neck exercises while being seated itself. All you need to do now is to get up and stretch your back, arms and legs to get rid of any stiffness and cramps.

Office Workout
Incline Push-ups in the office using a table.

Eat on time and eat well – Many of us have the tendency to keep postponing our lunch time beyond the point of hunger just so that we can finish off some more work. Now that’s not fair! While it is okay to finish off any urgent work before going for lunch (and that too if you don’t make it a daily practice), to make it a habit of everyday is not good for your overall health. You might not realize it at that time, but later in the day you might feel worn out. But eating on time also means eating well. Eating a heavy lunch (of rich gravies and naans!!) will definitely make you feel lousy.

A fruit is good – A good source of energy can be a mid-meal snack, which could be a fruit or a non-fried snack which you can chomp during evening time. A fruit especially is a very healthy and effective source of energy and hold you back from munching unhealthy stuff from your colleague’s drawer!!

Forty winks – As difficult as it may sound, it is a very effective way to stay active, focused and energetic even for working till late. Not many of us can afford it in office though, but a 5-10 minutes’ snooze does help in feeling refreshed and revitalized to deliver better quality of work. So if your boss allows you to, then do take a short nap, but only a short one sincerely!

Try these for a month and you will surely feel the difference. Happy working!

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