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Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Earth

Health benefits of walking barefoot

It is a good feeling to be in contact with earth, whether the contact is through your feet or through your body. You would have yourself witnessed the feeling of well being and being relaxed, which automatically comes when you lie on sand/ground or when you walk barefoot on earth or grass. This good feeling is because of the earth’s electric energy which passes through us when our feet are in contact with it. This energy has got immense health benefits for the human body. A new book by Martin Zucker, called “Earthing”, further elaborates the point.

In his book, Zucker emphasizes on grounding, which is connecting with earth. He says that modern lifestyle has distanced the humans from the benefits of the energy present on the surface of the earth. This energy is as important as vitamin D that we obtain from the sun. What Zucker says is true to a great extent, especially for people who live in modern towns. Since World War 2, the rubber soled shoes have created a distance between humans and earth. Let’s look at some of the benefits that we get when we are in contact with earth or when we walk barefoot on it.

  1. Normalization of body systems

The earth emits electric impulses. Our body is composed of cells. These cells function electrically and send and receive energy, during different biochemical reactions, through electric impulses. Some of the bioelectrical systems of the body are the nervous system (comprising of brain and spinal cord), immune system, muscular system, heart etc. Research says that when the body is in contact with the earth, these systems stabilize and become more normal. Zucker compares the human body with machines. He says that any electrical function of machines is normalized when they are grounded (or are in contact with earth). In the same way, systems of the body also get normalized when they are in contact with the ground or earth.

  1. Neurological benefits of earth energy

Researches in this area now reveal that the earth energy creates an uplifting shift in the body. It aids vitality and health in a positive way and the body is more balanced. Other biological rhythms of the body are also stabilized and harmonized, when we walk barefoot on earth/grass.

  1. Relief from inflammation and pain

The “Earthing” research says that the cause of inflammation and pain are free radicals. These positively charged ions are balanced by the negatively charged electrons that travel from the earth to the body. As the earth is an infinite reserve of free electrons, it is the mightiest anti-inflammatory. Ground contact, thus, helps your body to eliminate/reduce pain and inflammation.

  1. Cardiovascular benefits of earth energy

Earth’s energy helps to regulate arrhythmias. It can improve the flow and viscosity of blood and improve blood pressure. It regulates and improves energy production of heart cells. A study by Doctor Stephen Sinatra (MD), a well known integrative cardiologist, which focuses on electrodynamics (zeta potential) of blood, further proves these facts.

  1. Longevity

It has been found out by “Earthing” research that the average life of humans is increased if they are in more contact with earth. Thus, you can increase your life by not wearing shoes for as long as possible.

  1. Higher energy levels

Being in contact with earth increases your energy level. Thus, you are more active, if you walk barefoot on grass/earth for some time regularly.

  1. De-stressing

Walking barefoot on earth or being in contact with it relieves headaches.

  1. Protection against EMF’s

By being in contact with earth, you will be safer as earthing/ grounding provides protection against the Environmental Magnetic Fields (EMF). These EMF’s are bad for health.

  1. Faster recovery

You can normalize yourself in almost no time after doing an intense workout, by standing on earth barefoot or by sitting on it. You will feel more calmed when you walk barefoot on grass/ ground, after an intense working day.

Bed Sores

You can easily get rid of bedsores by being in contact with earth while sleeping.


Earth has been worshipped by human in many religions. Old people liked to sit on earth and walk on it with bare feet. Their skin felt better when they touched mother earth. It also gave them strength. The earth still gives the same power and energy to those who come in contact with it. We should take advantage of this free-of-cost source of energy to lessen depression in our lives and to gain strength. It has been said in Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures) that the human body is composed of 5 elements and earth is one of them. Thus, connecting to earth is like connecting to a parent.


Our body and earth, both are good conductors of electricity. The electric energy impulses, thus travel easily from the earth to different parts of the body. These impulses are highly beneficial for our nerves. They elevate our mood, make us calm, heal us and have many other benefits. Sleeping on ground gives more strength, which can never be gained when one sleeps on a bed. You can sleep on the ground to see the effect. You must take care of the insects though (if your house has them)! Walking barefoot on earth is a great exercise that has immense health benefits. Start by walking 30 minutes at first and then increase the time duration gradually.

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