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Heather Mills (Media Personality) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Heather Mills Quick Info
Height 5 ft 8.5 in
Weight 65 kg
Date of Birth January 12, 1968
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Eye Color Blue

Heather Mills is a British media personality, businesswoman, charity campaigner, and activist, best known primarily as a successful model with a prosthetic limb in place of an amputated left leg below the knee. In 2000, she came to public attention when she began dating Sir Paul McCartney, the singer and bass guitarist of the world-renowned rock band The Beatles. The two dated for 7 years, from 1999 to 2006, but it took 2 more years for their divorce to be finalized. Heather is also known as the anti-war, anti-landmine, adversity, and animal rights promoter and advocate, as well as a huge promoter of the vegan lifestyle.

On July 4, 2009, she founded her own vegan restaurant named Vbites in Hove Lagoon, Hove, Sussex, England, United Kingdom, and later in the year, bought a company called Redwood Foods, and converted it into a plant-based company named Vbites Foods in Corby, Northamptonshire. She then began selling meat-free products under the brands VegiDeli, Cheezly, Cheatin’, and Wot no Dairy. Heather also appeared in TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars (2007), Entertainment Tonight (2007-2008), Larry King Live (2001-2010), Dancing on Ice (2010), Dancing on Ice Friday (2010), as well as The Jump (2016). She has a small, but loyal fanbase on social media, with more than 20k followers on Twitter.

Born Name

Heather Anne Mills

Nick Name

Lady McCartney

Heather Mills in an Instagram selfie as seen in January 2019
Heather Mills in an Instagram selfie as seen in January 2019 (Heather Mills / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Aldershot, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom




Heather attended Usworth Grange Primary School, and then Usworth Comprehensive School, both in Washington, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, England, United Kingdom. She stayed there until 1983 or 1984, after which one of her teachers said that “there was no hope for her at all”, and she left the school.

She then enrolled in Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham, London, England, United Kingdom. Heather was also awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Open University in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, the United Kingdom in 2003.


Media Personality, Businesswoman, Activist, Charity Campaigner


  • Father – John “Mark” Francis Mills (Former Paratrooper)
  • Mother – Beatrice Mary Mills
  • Siblings – Shane Mills (Older Brother), Fiona Mills (Younger Sister)
  • Others – Claire (Younger Half-Sister)




5 ft 8.5 in or 174 cm


65 kg or 143.5 lbs

Heather Mills in an Instagram post as seen in January 2019
Heather Mills in an Instagram post as seen in January 2019 (Heather Mills / Instagram)

Boyfriend / Spouse

Heather Mills has dated –

  1. Kerry Packer – It was rumored that she hooked up with Australian businessman Kerry Packer in the past.
  2. Denise Hewitt – During a documentary Heather Mills: What Really Happened on Channel 4 in 2008, her former friend Denise claimed that the two not only hooked up for 10,000 British pounds at a time but also had s*x with rich men who were customers, but it remained a rumor.
  3. Alfie Karmal (1986-1991) She got together with Alfie, a computer industry entrepreneur, in May 1986, and he was 10 years older than her. During the time they dated, he paid for cosmetic surgery for her breasts and even set up a model agency specifically for her called ExSell Management. After 3 years of dating, on May 6, 1989, the two got married, but only under the condition that she stops her compulsive lying and see a therapist for 8 weeks. During their marriage, she had 2 complicated pregnancies, and Alfie sent her to Croatia on a holiday. They divorced in 1991.
  4. Adnan Khashoggi (1987-1989) – During the time she dated Alfie, Heather moved to Paris, France, for a while. While she was there, she met and began dating Lebanese millionaire Adnan Khashoggi and became his mistress for 2 years while lying to her boyfriend at home, saying she landed a modeling contract. At that time, she also posed n*de for a s*x education manual titled Die Freuden der Liebe (The Joys of Love).
  5. Milos Pogačar (1990-1992) – While on a holiday in Croatia where Alfie sent her, she met a Slovenian ski instructor, Miloš. Heather began dating him shortly before the war in the Balkan region started. It was there that she saw the terrible effect of unmarked landmines and the number of casualties, which later motivated her to support anti-landmine charities and causes. She also started a refugee crisis center in London, England, and brought donations to the damaged area and people there.
  6. Raffaele Mincione (1993-1994) – Not a lot was known about her relationship with the bond dealer for the Industrial Bank of Japan, besides the fact that the two got engaged in 1993, and that the accident that led to the amputation of her left leg happened when the two were crossing a street in Kensington Road.
  7. Marcus Stapleton (1995) – After only 16 days together, Heather got engaged to the media executive, Marcus Stapleton in 1995. However, they later got separated.
  8. Chris Terrill (1999) – She met Chris, a documentary filmmaker when they were both making a film about landmines in Cambodia. After only 12 days, she got engaged to him in 1999. Only 5 days before their wedding date, Heather called it off, accusing him of being a homosexual, an MI6 agent, and trying to sabotage her cause, which was again a trait of her stretching the truth that plagued her previous relationships.
  9. Paul McCartney (1999-2008) – She met and started dating Paul, a bass guitarist, and singer for The Beatles, in 1999. They were both staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London, England, because of the Pride of Britain Awards event, where they were both presenting awards to animal rights activists. Heather was with her Heather Mills Health Trust, and Paul donated £150k, after which he sang back-up vocals for the song VO!CE that she and her sister Fiona recorded. On July 23, 2001, during a holiday in the Lake District in England, Paul proposed to her with a £15k diamond and sapphire ring. They got married on June 11, 2002, and after a miscarriage in the 1st year of marriage, in May 2003, they announced they were expecting a kid. On October 28, 2003, their daughter Beatrice Milly McCartney was born and named after Heather’s mom, and Paul’s aunt. Unfortunately, after some time apart, On May 17, 2006, the pair separated, and after a long court battle, after they filed for divorce, on March 17, 2008, she was awarded a total of £24.3 million plus £35k for a nanny and school costs for their daughter. On May 12, 2008, their divorce decree was finalized, and she retained the title of Lady McCartney, as the former wife of a knight.
  10. Jamie Walker (2008) – She was in a relationship with Jamie, a well-known snooker player, starting in 2008. The two met at the Tenerife hotel where he worked as a holiday representative. The two appeared together on various red carpet events. When they started dating, Heather also promised herself that she wouldn’t get married anymore after failed marriages in the past, nor will she have another kid, but might adopt one. After they took a family vacation to Mauritius in June 2010, neither she nor Jamie disclosed any further details about their relationship, such as when, or why they broke up.

Race / Ethnicity


She is of British descent.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Blonde bob haircut
  • Tall, athletic physique
  • Left leg prosthesis below the knee
  • Narrow nose

Brand Endorsements

Heather Mills has promoted brands and events such as –

  • VegiDeli
  • Cheezly
  • Cheatin’
  • Wot no Dairy
  • Vbites
  • Vbites Foods
  • Vevolution (2018)
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel/Ship (2018)
  • Be at One Makeup (2019)
  • Vegan Festival Eastbourne (2019)
  • FIT DELIS (2019)

Heather Mills has promoted charities or organizations such as –

  • Viva!
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Adopt-A-Minefield
  • Goodwill
  • Limbless Association
  • Forum for the Future of Agriculture (2019)
Heather Mills in an Instagram post in April 2019
Heather Mills in an Instagram post in April 2019 (Heather Mills / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Being a former wife of Paul McCartney (2002-2008), who was a singer and bass guitarist for the rock band The Beatles
  • Being an ambassador, promoter for charity organizations and causes regarding veganism, animal rights, and anti-war
  • Her entrepreneurship, having founded vegan-oriented businesses Vbites and Vbites Foods
  • Appearing as herself on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars (2007), Entertainment Tonight (2007-2008), Larry King Live (2001-2010), Dancing on Ice (2010), and The Jump (2016)

First TV Show

Heather Mills made her first TV show appearance as herself in an episode of the talk-show Esther on March 12, 1996.

Personal Trainer

Apart from being a vegan for around 25 years, stated by her multiple times, Heather was always looking to prove that people on a plant-based diet are just strong, athletic, and can support daily nutrition needs for the long term. Heather goes to the gym regularly, which is obvious from her ripped, athletic body.

Heather has shared multiple workouts with her social media followers, out of which a leg press with 200kg of weight was truly impressive. She also does heavyweight shrugs for trapezius and shoulders and also does yoga either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

She became interested in skiing early in her life, and in 2013, broke 3 world records, while in 2015 she was deemed “Fastest Disabled Woman on the planet” with a World Record of 166.84 kilometers per hour in speed skiing.

Heather Mills as seen in April 2019
Heather Mills as seen in April 2019 (Heather Mills / Instagram)

Heather Mills Facts

  1. Her mom, Beatrice, spoke several languages and played the piano.
  2. Her dad, John, who was called “Mark”, played the guitar and banjo, won an Evening Standard Award in photography and was a big animal lover.
  3. Heather claimed that they always had either a dog or a cat growing up, and even a pet goose and a white nanny goat that spent a lot of time at home.
  4. Her mom left their home when she was 9 years old. This forced her and her siblings to steal food and clothes because their father couldn’t or wouldn’t support them.
  5. Heather claimed her father was very violent and extremely abusive towards her and her siblings growing up. He, in return, released home videos to show that they were very happy under his wing.
  6. She left home at the age of 14 and sold 3 businesses by the time she was 20. Heather was reportedly living in a cardboard box under Waterloo station in London, England, for 4 months.
  7. On August 8, 1993, Heather and her fiancée were at the corner of De Vere Gardens and Kensington Road in London, England, when a police convoy passed by, and she was knocked down by the last of 3 policemen on the motorcycle. Heather ended up with crushed ribs, lost 6 inches off her left leg, and suffered a punctured lung. The surgical operations later shortened her left leg further, and she ultimately sold the story of her survival and recovery to News of the World, for which she earned £180k.
  8. Heather hired a ghostwriter named Pamela Cockerill to write a book about her experience, titled Out on a Limb (1995). The book was released in the United States as  A Single Step (2002). All of the proceeds went to the charity titled Adopt-A-Minefield.
  9. In 2000, following her leg amputation and finding out the cost of a leg prosthetics, she founded her own Heather Mills Health Trust that delivered prosthetic limbs to people in need, especially to children that stepped on landmines. The organization lasted until 2004.
  10. When asked about advice from Paul’s fans, Heather said, “The word fan means fanatical. So when you go up to Paul, don’t say you’re a fan, say – I’m a great admirer.”
  11. In 2006, after her separation from Paul McCartney, Heather announced she would sue newspapers The Sun, Evening Standard, and Daily Mail. She said they were giving her a treatment “worse press than a p*dophile or a murderer.”
  12. A nanny for Heather’s daughter while she was married to Paul McCarney, filed a claim for maternity discrimination and unfair dismissal on June 4, 2010. It was later dropped, as the judge found Heather acted with genuine care towards her, both as an employer and a friend.
  13. A contemporary British sculptor, Louise Giblin, included her in his body cast sculptures series in 2012.
  14. Since Heather has a large background in skiing, she announced in 2011 that she would compete in the 2014 Paralympic Games. However, on December 17, 2013, it was announced she wouldn’t appear at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia because of her behavior towards the officials.
  15. Visit her official website @,
  16. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Featured Image by Heather Mills / Instagram

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