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How Facebook helps us to remain healthy?

Some people consider Facebook as the source of making friends only, some may think that it greatly affects our health and make it worse. So, there are different views of different people. They may be right but I think that Facebook possesses some other good qualities as well. There are many stories of Facebook that it helped a mother to unite with her family after 34 years. Other story being a Singaporean woman found her brother through Facebook and TV show. So, these are some good things about Facebook.

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So, what do you think – Could Facebook help us in achieving good health conditions? Let us see how it can help us in maintaining or improving our health –

  1. Seeing The Friends’ Pics – We always post our latest pic on Facebook and the same does are friends. We always want to look good and sometimes post a pic of eating food. We post a pic if we went to a royal place or a restaurant and ate there some food. Sometimes, our friend may have posted the same kind of pic, who want to show to his or her friends that he follows a healthy and balanced diet. By seeing that pic, can affect us positively and we may start following him from the same day or the same moment we saw him.
  2. Workout Buddies – We always love to make new friends on Facebook. It can be a stranger to us or a old friend who we last met in our school days. It can be any. So, different people are in different professions. Some may have become a trainer or health experts. Such friends can really help us to become fit. We can follow their expert views and recommendations, which can work as a motivation also.
  3. Fitness Accomplishments – You wake up early in the morning, went to the gym and did exercises and posted that pic on Facebook. So, what do you think could be the reaction of your friends? Obviously, you expect praise of yours. This can feel you great as if someone has patted your back and said Well done.
  4. Six Pack Abs – Facebook is always centered on the fact how you look. People post their pics in which they look the best. In male people, it has been seen that they try to impress the girls by posting their muscles and abs. So, such a pic can work as a motivation for their male friends.
  5. Motivation – You can take the example of a boy, who was suffering from Kawasaki Disease got the the right way to cure it from facebook itself. In the same way, you can like the pages related to health and Healthy Celeb also (if you feel like and have not ‘liked’ it already), so that you will always be updated with the related information and can serve as a motivation.

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