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Jacksepticeye Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Jacksepticeye Quick Info
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 70 kg
Date of Birth February 7, 1990
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Girlfriend Gab Smolders

Jacksepticeye is an Irish YouTuber, social media personality, producer, game commentator, and content creator who is best known for his vlogs and comedic Let’s Play series. As of April 2021, his YouTube channel was the most-subscribed Irish channel while his uploads have accumulated more than 14 billion views with a fan base of more than 26.8 million subscribers.

Born Name

Sean William McLoughlin

Nick Name

Jackaboy, Jack, Spedicy, Jack Septic Eye

Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie as seen in January 2018
Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie as seen in January 2018 (Jacksepticeye / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland


Brighton, England, United Kingdom





For his college education, Jack joined Music Technology but did not complete it. He enrolled in the college again and graduated with a degree in Hotel Management.


Social Media Personality, Producer, Game Commentator, YouTube Personality, Content Creator


  • Father – John McLoughlin (c. 1935-January 27, 2021)
  • Mothers – Florrie McLoughlin
  • Siblings – Malcolm McLoughlin (Older Brother) (Author). He also has 1 older brother and 2 older sisters.




5 ft 8 in or 173 cm


70 kg or 154 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Jacksepticeye has dated –

  1. Signe Hansen (2014-2018) – Jacksepticeye and Signe have been going around for a while. Signe is a blogger, YouTuber, and artist from Denmark. Jack met Signe through her drawing of him on Tumblr. They started talking frequently. He even used her drawing as a thumbnail for his fan game. They confirmed their relationship in 2014 and since then, they have been going steady and strong. Jacksepticeye has also been featured on Signe’s YouTube channel several times.
  2. Evelien “Gab” Smolders (2019-Present) – He started going out with Dutch YouTuber Evelien “Gab” Smolders in 2019.
Jacksepticeye and Signe Hansen in an Instagram selfie in January 2018
Jacksepticeye and Signe Hansen in an Instagram selfie in January 2018 (Jacksepticeye / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

He often tends to dye his hair ‘green’.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • His crazy, energetic, and quirky way of talking
  • Usually wears a French beard in a W shape disconnected in the mouth region
  • Thick eyebrows with a prominent nose


He identifies as non-religious.

He does not believe in God but he also doesn’t refute the existence of God.

Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie as seen in September 2017
Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie as seen in September 2017 (Jacksepticeye / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Successfully running a YouTube channel under the name of Jacksepticeye with ever-growing subscribers of more than 28 million. He likes to refer to himself as the last remaining Bossatronio from the planet Bossatron (Spore).
  • Winning a PewDiePie shout-out competition in 2013 leading to the rapid growth of his fan followers.
  • The thumbnail mascot for his social media outlets with the name ‘Jacksepticeye’. The mascot is a fictitious character, in the form of a green eye with a blue iris and a tail better recognized as ‘Septic Eye’ or ‘Septic Sam’.
  • His quirky and creative content on his Instagram and Twitter accounts leading to an increase in his popularity with more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 6.5 million followers on Twitter. One of his most popular videos on Twitter is called “Mirror’s Edge with the Oculus Rift.”
  • Creating exclusive content through Twitch in a deal with Disney Digital Network in 2018.

Jacksepticeye Favorite Things

  • Game – Shadow of the Colossus
  • Genre – Adventure
  • Color – Red
  • YouTube Channel – Jackspedicey 2
  • Starbucks Drink – Cool lime refresher
  • Artist – Simon Stålenhag
  • Things To Procrastinate About – Video Games


Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie in December 2017
Jacksepticeye in an Instagram selfie in December 2017 (Jacksepticeye / Instagram)

Jacksepticeye Facts

  1. McLoughlin uses he/him pronouns.
  2. He grew up in the countryside.
  3. His mother nicknamed him Jack.
  4. He was a drummer for Raised to the Ground, an indie metalcore band.
  5. If a movie is made about him, he would want Chris Pratt to play his character.
  6. He wanted to be an astronomer when he was younger.
  7. He believes that his spirit animal is a squirrel.
  8. He was nicknamed ‘Jack Septic Eye’ after an accident during a football match in which he injured his eye.
  9. Talking about all the swearing done in his content, he has stated that his use of swearing is a key aspect to his success saying, “There’s lots of swearing. The more you swear the better. People react very positively to that apparently.”
  10. Jack is compared to Paul Fentz, an Olympian ice skater for their similar look.
  11. His catchphrase is “Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye!”. His other catchphrases are “Speed is key!” and “Like a boss!”.
  12. He hosted a live stream that raised over $650,000 in 12 hours for COVID-19 relief funds in April 2020.
  13. In 2020, he was thinking of quitting his YouTube career.

Featured Image by Jacksepticeye / Instagram

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