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Julie Franke Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Julie Franke Quick Info
Height 4 ft 11 in
Weight 45 kg
Date of Birth January 11, 2009
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Eye Color Dark Brown

Julie Franke is an American social media star and singer best known as the 4th child born to YouTube vloggers, Kevin and Ruby Franke, who used to run the now-defunct family-friendly channel, 8 Passengers, in January 2015. She, just like 5 of her siblings, was featured in 1 separate video, titled Meet the Passengers – Julie. The video, later deleted, followed her story through pictures and videos, from the day she began walking, up until that moment, in 2015, at the age of 6. Her mom had the lead role in publishing content on the family channel while her dad worked as an engineer to support the family. Her mom Ruby was motivated by a strong desire to showcase both the beauty and real challenges of motherhood, especially with 6 very active kids that were all born around 2 years apart. Julie has also amassed a large social media fanbase with more than 50k followers on her personal Instagram.

Born Name

Julie Franke

Nick Name

Ju-Ju, Kicker

Julie Franke on her birthday in January 2019
Julie Franke on her birthday in January 2019 (Julie Franke / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Utah, United States


Springville, Utah, United States




Social Media Star, Singer


  • FatherKevin Franke (Social Media Star, Engineer, University Professor)
  • MotherRuby Franke (Social Media Star)
  • SiblingsShari Franke (Older Sister) (Social Media Star), Chad Franke (Older Brother) (Social Media Star), Abby Franke (Older Sister) (Social Media Star), Russell Franke (Younger Brother) (Social Media Star), Eve Franke (Younger Sister) (Social Media Star)
  • Others – Donald Franke (Paternal Grandfather) Chad Griffiths (Maternal Grandfather) (Social Media Star), Jennifer Griffiths (Maternal Grandmother) (Social Media Star), Beau Griffiths (Uncle) (Social Media Star), Emily Griffiths (Aunt) (Social Media Star), Landon Deru (Uncle) (Social Media Star), Julie Deru (Aunt) (Social Media Star, Nurse), Jared Mecham (Uncle) (Social Media Star), Ellie Mecham (Aunt) (Social Media Star), Joel Hoellein (Uncle) (Social Media Star), Bonnie Hoellein (Aunt) (Social Media Star), Kate Griffiths (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Henry Griffiths (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Clara Griffiths (Cousin), Emma Deru (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Cooper Deru (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Porter Deru (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Lucy Deru (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Jackson Mecham (Cousin), Tommy Mecham (Cousin), Calvin Mecham (Cousin), Olivia Hoellein (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Cody Hoellein (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Lincoln Hoellein (Cousin) (Social Media Star), Boston Hoellein (Cousin) (Social Media Star)


Julie Franke is represented by her parents.


Alternative/Indie, Pop






4 ft 11 in or 150 cm


45 kg or 99 lbs

Julie Franke (Left) with her mother as seen in July 2019
Julie Franke (Left) with her mother as seen in July 2019 (Julie Franke / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of American descent.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Brand Endorsements

Julie Franke, as a part of 8 Passengers, has endorsed brands such as –

  • Square Panda
  • Organizing Habits
  • Total Wireless
  • Walgreens
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Kellogg’s
  • Walmart Grocery Pickup App
  • Wet Ones Hand Wipes
  • RetailMeNot
  • Xfinity
  • Hum By Verizon
  • Bollie Brand
  • Crockpot
  • Hunter
  • Invisalign


She attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Julie Franke as seen in January 2019
Julie Franke as seen in January 2019 (Julie Franke / Instagram)

Best Known For

Being the 4th oldest of 6 children born to Kevin and Ruby Franke, founders of the YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, starting in 2015, which had amassed an audience of more than 2.5 million subscribers and known for their family vlogs

As a Singer

On December 31, 2016, her mom uploaded a video of her singing a song from Moana (2016), a Disney animated movie, titled How Far I’ll Go.

Personal Trainer

She had her 1st track practice in May 2018 and her 1st swim team practice in June 2018. She’s also very good at gymnastics. She discovered swimming and surfing was her calling in life while she was on a vacation to Hawaii with her family in December 2018.

Julie Franke in an Instagram post in August 2019
Julie Franke in an Instagram post in August 2019 (Julie Franke / Instagram)

Julie Franke Facts

  1. She was named after her aunt, Julie Deru.
  2. Julie has a habit that annoys her family. She eats Oreos by taking them apart, eating the cream in the middle, putting the biscuits together again, and returning them to the package. It especially annoys her mom, who loves Oreos as well and has to find a soggy surprise from time to time.
  3. Her go-to pizza order is cheese pizza.
  4. She was baptized by her dad in February 2017 after she turned 8.
  5. She once had a dream that she was in the Barbie world.
  6. Julie once punched a boy in the stomach during school simply because he was “so annoying.” Her older sister later discovered that he thought she was cute and kept bugging her because he had a crush on her.
  7. Her family appreciates that she’s always nice to everyone, even if they’re mean to her.
  8. Despite their parents telling Shari to babysit, she usually locks herself in the room and lets her and her sister Abby take care of Russell and Eve.
  9. The one thing that annoys her siblings about Julie is that she never does chores in the morning and has to be reminded to do so, most often by Shari. Even when she does, she doesn’t put maximum effort into it and has to be further instructed on how to do them better.
  10. She annoys her siblings by coughing all the time. Julie also annoys Abby in particular by being on the computer all the time and never letting her have a turn at it.
  11. Out of all the sisters, Julie is the only one that hates to read.
  12. She got her braces in July 2017. Her mom decided she would be fitted with Invisalign aligners in October 2019 after the brand sponsored their channel. This allowed her to have invisible braces as they were attached on the inside of her teeth.
  13. She was described as “charismatic” by Shari and “positive” by Abby. Julie described Abby as “someone that reads a lot” and Shari as “sleepy”.
  14. For around 3 years, her sisters were very mean to her and would use anything funny or stupid she did to give her a new nickname and tease her with it.
  15. She’s very bad at cooking and once completely burned everything in the pan trying to make cookies.
  16. Out of all her siblings, she takes the least time getting ready. They always tell her that she’s the last to come into the bathroom and the 1st out the door.
  17. She prefers heels over flats.
  18. Her sisters hate how she breathes sometimes as she dozes off and starts breathing like she’s struggling for breath, then exhales loudly.
  19. Throughout the summer of 2019, she kept asking her mom and older sister whether she could shave her legs and armpits. They agreed to show her how to do it in late August 2019.
  20. Visit her family’s official website @

Featured Image by Julie Franke / Instagram

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