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Kim Dotcom Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Kim Dotcom Quick Info
Height 6 ft 7 in
Weight 141 kg
Date of Birth January 21, 1974 
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Spouse Elizabeth Donnelly

Kim Dotcom is a German entrepreneur and political activist who is an eccentric millionaire living life to the fullest and fighting legal allegations that were slammed against him in the past. In the early 90s, Kim had begun gaining popularity as an internet entrepreneur much before he founded 2 of his biggest websites, Megaupload (2005) and Mega (2013). Kim enjoys car racing, DJing, and spending millions of dollars on buying whatever he desires. He has more than 1 million followers on his Twitter account.

Born Name

Kim Schmitz

Nick Name

Kimble, Kim Tim Jim Vestor, Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom at the Moment of Truth event in September 2014Kim Dotcom at the Moment of Truth event in September 2014
Kim Dotcom at the Moment of Truth event in September 2014 (Robert O’Neill / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


Queenstown, New Zealand




Kim studied at Hauptschule in Germany.


Entrepreneur, Musician


  • Mother – Anneli Miettinen


Kim self-manages his career.


Dance, Pop


DJ Turntable, Vocals


He has released his music with Beets & Produce and Kimpire Music.




6 ft 7 in or 200.5 cm


141 kg or 311 lbs

Kim Dotcom and Elizabeth Donnelly as seen in January 2018
Kim Dotcom and Elizabeth Donnelly as seen in January 2018 (Kim Dotcom / Instagram)

Girlfriend / Spouse

Kim has dated –

  1. Mona Dotcom (2007-2014) – Filipina ex-model Mona Verga met Kim in 2007. The couple shared a fantastic life. They had 5 children – Kaylo (b. September 7, 2007), Kimmo (b. January 22, 2009), Kobi (b. 2010) and twins Kylee and Keera (b. March 21, 2012). However, behind their fairytale love story, Mona was not happy and began cheating on Kim, after which she left him.
  2. Elizabeth Donnelly (2016-Present) – Law student Elizabeth Donnelly received a message from Kim on her Instagram profile, after which they started talking and exchanged numbers and began dating in early 2016. They later got married in 2018.

Race / Ethnicity


He has German ancestry on his father’s side, while, on his mother’s side, he has Finnish ancestry.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Kim Dotcom in an Instagram selfie as seen in August 2018
Kim Dotcom in an Instagram selfie as seen in August 2018 (Kim Dotcom / Instagram)

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

Obese body

Best Known For

Being the immediate owner of Megaupload and Mega

First Album

In 2014, Kim released his debut album titled Good Times with several dance songs such as BeathovenTake Me AwayTo Be With You, and Universe.

First TV Show

Kim Dotcom made his first TV show appearance on Die Harald Schmidt Show in 2000.

Personal Trainer

Due to his unhealthy eating habits, Kim has put on a lot of weight over the years.

Kim Dotcom as seen in May 2016
Kim Dotcom as seen in May 2016 (Kim Dotcom / Instagram)

Kim Dotcom Facts

  1. In 2001, after the 9/11 attack, Kim had made an offer of $10 million to whom-so-ever captured Osama bin Laden.
  2. He founded a group called “Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism” that received a huge number of tips about Osama bin Laden’s activities.
  3. He released a few singles such as Precious and Mr. President in 2012 as well as Little Bit of Me in 2014.
  4. In 2001, Kim started a website called “Kimvestor” which according to him was worth 200 million euros.
  5. Kim had started a website called “” based on recruiting hackers to put an end to terrorism.
  6. In 2001 and 2004, he drove his Mercedes Brabus SV12 mega car at the international road rally of Gumball 3000.
  7. In 2001, Kim was forbidden to drive after being caught speeding. The incident gave him an idea to build high tech equipment for cars of heads of the state and diplomats. Companies such as Chrysler and GM wanted to implicate his blueprint in their cars.
  8. Kim has collaborated with artists like Tiki Taane, Laughton Kora, Interlude and more.
  9. In 2002, after being arrested on behalf of German authorities, Kim posted a suicidal note on his website saying he should be remembered as “His Royal Highness King Kimble the First, Ruler of the Kimpire”.
  10. In 2003, Kim was sentenced to 5 months of imprisonment after pleading guilty for fraud.
  11. His infamous deeds as German teenage hacker who sold identities illegally got him a 2-year period of probation in the past.
  12. In 2004, while participating in the Gumball 3000 rally in Morroco, he bumped the car of the Chief of Police off the road with him in it because he was blocking his way.
  13. In 2005, Kim Schmitz had his name changed to Kim Dotcom to pay tribute to the technology that earned him millions.
  14. He once successfully avoided the security at NASA, The Pentagon, and Citibank under the nickname “Kimble” that he took from the fictional character Dr. Richard Kimball from the TV series, The Fugitive.
  15. In 2010, NZ Herald entitled Kim as one of the “largest tech entrepreneurs” as at the time, he weighed about 136 kg.
  16. In 2010, Kim bought one of New Zealand’s most expensive mansions for NZ$30M. The estate was owned by the founders of Chrisco.
  17. Until January 2012, Kim held the #1 place in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 out of 15 million online players.
  18. In 2012, Kim was arrested in his mansion with a sawed-off shotgun next to him.
  19. In 2012, the United States Department of Justice shut down Kim’s website “Megaupload” as he was allegedly detained for money embezzlement, racketeering, online scam, and copyright infringement.
  20. When Kim’s entire property was seized, the federal officers said that he had 18 luxury cars and a 240-foot luxury yacht.
  21. In 2012, Dotcom claimed he had donated $50,000 to politician John Banks for the mayoralty campaign in 2010. It was later discovered during the 2012 elections that the people of New Zealand favored Kim more than John Banks.
  22. In 2013, Kim founded another cloud-based storage website, Mega. Two years later, he broke ties with the site entirely.
  23. The launch of the website Mega was set to match the date of his previous webpage being taken down on January 19, 2012.
  24. In 2014, he began a political party in New Zealand, named “Internet Party” but did not attain any seat during the elections that year.
  25. In 2017, a court in New Zealand ruled out a deportation order, stating Kim must return to the United States as his art was considered a crime.
  26. Three of Kim’s luxury cars had customized number plates with the words HACKER, MAFIA, and STONED.
  27. Visit his official website @
  28. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Kim Dotcom / Instagram

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