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Lili Brennan Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Lili Brennan Quick Info
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 56 kg
Date of Birth March 6, 2007
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Eye Color
Dark Brown

Lili Brennan is an American actress who is widely known for having appeared in several TV shows including the Nickelodeon series Drama Club (2021) in which she played the role of Darcy Marie Jarvis. Lili has also starred in various films like Susan 313 (2012).

Born Name

Liliana Brennan

Nick Name


Lili Brennan in February 2021 having fun playing in the snow
Lili Brennan in February 2021 having fun playing in the snow (Lili Brennan / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

United States







She has been represented by Paloma Model and Talent.




5 ft 7 in or 170 cm


56 kg or 123.5 lbs

Lili Brennan in November 2021 enjoying being sometimes fluffy and sometimes curly
Lili Brennan in November 2021 enjoying being sometimes fluffy and sometimes curly (Lili Brennan / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Distinctive Features

  • Cheerful smile
  • High cheekbones

Lili Brennan Favorite Things

  • Hobbies – Baking having cherished preparing cakes, brownies, cookies and cake pops
  • Pastime – Streaming on Twitch under the user “Merakii_3” having relished Minecraft¬†and Stardew Valley
  • Animal – Sharks having found them to be magnificent yet misunderstood having had an amazing experience of one swimming right in front of her as a 10-year-old kid on her first open ocean scuba dive

SourceJust Jared Jr.

Lili Brennan all smiles in February 2021
Lili Brennan all smiles in February 2021 (Lili Brennan / Instagram)

Lili Brennan Facts

  1. She has been drawn to the ocean and sailed competitively in an optimist sailboat, having cherished the tiny boat for solo sailing. Lili has disclosed that the highest wind speeds she has sailed at have been more than 20 knots. She has wished to begin sailing the bigger sailboats called FJs.
  2. Lili has stated that her whole family has been scuba certified and she has truly appreciated the mind-blowing beauty along with the creatures that reside deep in the water.
  3. She has owned many cats having adored their ways and has had a polydactyl too, with extra toes. She has another pet cat who has meowed so much that she has been convinced that he has wanted to be a singer.
  4. Lili has revealed that her love for nature and animals has gone so deep that she decided to go vegetarian. She has added that she never liked any meats and has felt content and healthy with her choice of diet.
  5. Lili has enjoyed learning to play guitar and has longed to write her own original music someday.
  6. She began learning aerial arts when the quarantine had begun when she wanted to start learning the actual tricks. She has discovered it to be the perfect at-home workout.
  7. Lili has been proud of having created a garden with her mother and has had a good time relaxing, and tending to it. She has pointed out that her favorite thing about it has been the fresh vegetables and herbs that have grown there as they have tasted delicious and she has been thrilled to make teas, scrubs, and essential oils with them.
  8. Lili has relished dancing and performing.
  9. Brennan has affirmed that her character Darcy, in Drama Club, has resembled her, only having a lot more energy, which has made it a lot of fun to portray. She has craved to be bold in real life, like Darcy.
  10. Lili has been an ardent supporter of environmental awareness, along with women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.
  11. She has liked attending Astra Nova.
  12. Lili has liked coding games on Twitch.
  13. She has had fun reading and writing and has craved to create new content.
  14. Her spiritual passions have involved meditation, rocks, crystals as well as aromatherapy and she has been delighted to fill up her room with plants.

Featured Image by Lili Brennan / Instagram

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