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Lower The Risk Of Injuries, Stay Healthy While You Exercise

Exercising the right way is one of the most important aspects of every training program as it keeps you injury free. Frequent muscle pain and damage to the muscles of the lower back, knees, shoulders, ankles and elbows reduce the effectiveness of the training and is often the main reason for missing out on your training. Poor exercise execution, poor posture during physical activity, inadequate equipment in the gym, improper use of certain machines and using lots of weight, are just some of the reasons for the frequent violations and muscle damage that results in muscle pain.

Prevent bone injuries

We have come up with some simple ways and tips to avoid the possibility of getting the injuries, simply by focusing on the workout and avoiding the unnecessary things that can distract you.

  1. Work Out with a Friend

Whenever you are lifting more weight, especially while doing bench press, squats or any other exercises that require a spotter, it’s recommended to practice them with a friend. If your friend is not a guy who works out, call the gym instructor and ask him to help you while you execute the exercise.

The goal here is to have a spotter so you can properly perform each repetition. If you get stacked at some point, you will have someone who will help you raise and restore the weight. Also, you will have the opportunity to make another 2-3 extra reps which can greatly contribute to the progress of your training. 

Working out with friends
Working out with friends can be beneficial
  1. Focus on Training and Avoid Using Mobile Phone

By constantly talking on a mobile, sending emails or taking selfies in the gym, you will reduce your concentration. This will not only result in the wrong execution of exercises but may also contribute to injuries or collisions with the other trainees. Leave your phone in your locker room or just switch on your walkman and put those headphones on. Let music be the motivation that will keep you focused on your training.

Do not use cell phone
Avoid cell phones while gymming
  1. Proper and Regular Warm Up

Irregular and improper warm up is the most common cause of many unwanted injuries during the weight lifting training. The purpose of warm up is to increase the blood flow to the muscles and prepare the body for the intense training. By warming up, your body will become more flexible and there will be reduced muscle tension. This will actually result in reduced possibility of pain in the body while executing the exercises.

Every time you are about to start with a workout, warming up should be the first thing on the list. Many of you will find this sequence boring, but it yields great results. It is suggested that you start with the legs and continue to the upper body as the legs need more time to get warmed up.

  1. Stay Focused Even When you Do Cardio 

For many of the active trainees, this advice will sound strange but the cardio workout can also cause some unwanted damage to your body. It is especially harmful to those who are using the treadmill and at the same time talking on a phone or constantly looking for someone to chat with. This can actually lead to loss of balance and will result in falling off, which may result in an injury. Focus on your training and just for one hour, leave the phone.

Treadmill is a good option in cardio
  1. Always Pay Attention to the Other Trainees

Some complex exercises require more space for proper and safe execution. When you notice that some of the other trainees are performing such complex exercises give them more space so they can properly do the exercises. You don’t need to look your muscles in the mirror and seize the space around it just to see your pump. That annoys the other trainees and it doesn’t look nice at all. Focus on your workout and look upon the other trainees because they also paid the monthly membership fee just as you did.

Watch others while gymming
  1. Leave your Ego and Do Exercises that Suit You

This is very important especially if you had an injury in the past, and you often do exercises that you feel uncomfortable about and that are causing the feeling of pain in some part of the body because of the excessive weight you used. This also can lead to serious injuries and a can affect your training, meaning that you will need to spend time off of your training. That’s why it is recommended to do exercises that are not causing muscle pain and their execution is safe. The right exercises if properly executed will help you strengthen all muscle groups in your body, without any negative effect.

Drop your ego when you hit the gym

You got to know that each body is different and that means if squats work perfectly for your friend, that doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Experiment and find out which exercises work your body best and do them on a regular basis. Don’t forget to switch the exercises once in a while, so the body doesn’t get used to one exercise. That way you will stimulate better muscle growth and you will make your workout more fun.

One last thing that I want all of you to remember is that you need to focus on QUALITY instead of QUANTITY.

Every time you execute an exercise focus on perfecting your form because PERFECT EXECUTION means PERFECT RESULTS.

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