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Matthew Good Height, Weight, Age Body Statistics

Matthew Good Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 79 kg
Date of Birth June 29, 1971
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Fav Performer Billy Bragg

Matthew Good is a veteran rock musician from Canada who has consistently produced great music as a part of the Matthew Good Band and also as a solo artist since the mid-1990s. He did not find much success in the United States but has earned a loyal fan base in Canada. Matthew regularly tours with other popular rock bands to perform as a part of sell-out rock concerts. Throughout his life, the seasoned musician turned mental health and political activist has displayed exemplary resilience by creating critically and commercially acclaimed music despite fighting physically and emotionally intense personal battles.

Born Name

Matthew Frederick Robert Good

Nick Name


Matthew Good in a selfie in July 2018
Matthew Good in a selfie in July 2018 (Matthew Good / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


Vancouver, Canada




Matthew Good graduated from Centennial Secondary School, Coquitlam, British Columbia in 1989. Then he got enrolled at a community college to study art but soon dropped out.


Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Political and Mental Health Activist, Blogger /Author


  • Father – Robert Good
  • Siblings – He has a brother.


Jeff Craib and Kathleen Reid, The Feldman Agency, Vancouver /Toronto, Canada


Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Acoustic


Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion


A&M Records, Warner Music Canada, Universal Music Canada, Darktown




6 ft or 183 cm


79 kg or 174 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Matthew Good has dated –

  1. Jennifer Meischl (1999-2006) – Matthew started dating a girl named Jennifer Meischl from his hometown and after having dated for nearly 4 years, they got married in 2003. Initially, his first wife seemed to have a calming influence on Good as he gained a nice 10 pounds for his skinny frame. But, in 2006, Jennifer decided to leave him for another man which left the singer blindsided for many months. He even posted a video in which he threw his wedding ring into the ocean and also poured his heart out in a scathing blog post against his ex-wife which he took down within a few hours.
  2. Raeleigh Jane Van Bruegel (2009-2017) – Matthew dated photographer and travel blogger, Raeleigh, for a year before the couple got married in April 2010. At that time, she had a 2-year-old daughter named Avery Grace from a previous marriage. Matthew promptly rose to the role of fatherhood and after having 2 more children with Raleigh, Thomas MacDonald Good (born February 2011) and Elizabeth Anne Good (born December 2012), settled into a stable domestic life for a few years. But, the couple got separated in June 2017 and Raeleigh moved on and started dating a realtor named Jeff Inglis. Matthew spends his time with his children for probably 3 weekends a month and frequently expresses his longing for his kids on social media.
  3. Hayley Eve Mather (2018-2021) – Toronto-based musician and painter Hayley Eve Mather and Matthew started dating in 2018. It was confirmed by Hayley on her Instagram. Hayley also has a daughter named Elsie from a previous marriage. They separated in early 2021. In February 2021, she accused him of being a serial abuser. As a result, he was also dropped from the music label ‘Warner Music Canada’.
Matthew Good while performing at the Playhouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick in support of Hospital Music in October 2007
Matthew Good while performing at the Playhouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick in support of Hospital Music in October 2007 (Sean McGrath / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Race / Ethnicity


He is of English descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Signature style of wearing spectacles with ‘Buddy Holly’ frame
  • Receding hairline
  • Usually sports a stubble or a goatee
  • Warm singing voice with a natural vibrato
Matthew Good as seen in April 2015
Matthew Good as seen in April 2015 (Blake / Instagram)


  • Non-religious but spiritual
  • As an active blogger, Matthew Good has shared that he uses the word ‘God’ as a symbol of a higher force and does not abide by the teachings of any specific religion.

Best Known For

  • Running a band in his name, Matthew Good Band (MGB), which is considered to be one of the most successful Alternative Rock Bands of the 1990s in Canada
  • The singer saw an equal amount of success with a solo career in the first decade of the new millennium (2003-2009) and has continued to create more new music thereafter.

First Album

His first album with his band, Matthew Good Band (MGB), was Last of the Ghetto Astronauts which was released in 1995.

Good’s solo debut album was Avalanche (2003), several songs of which featured the additional sound of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

First TV Show

He made his first TV show appearance as a guest in an episode of the comic series Big Sound in 2001.

Personal Trainer

  • Matthew’s health was marked by an intense suffering for the first 3 and a half decades of his life.
  • Music, writing, and painting offered him a creative outlet to ignore the emotional anxiety and physical discomfort of his undiagnosed bipolar disorder.
  • As a child, the singer was hyperactive and difficult to control. When a doctor prescribed him a medicine for hyperactivity, it killed all his emotional responses, alarming his mother, who later took him off that medication.
  • As a teenager, Good has shared that he would not sleep for days and usually spent a lot of time in isolation either painting or writing. If he did not work on a creative project with utmost intensity, Matthew often found himself falling into a state of depression. He also went through a phase of alcohol abuse.
  • From 1991 to 2001, Matthew’s music career took over his life and he found an excuse to ignore his yet undiagnosed disease for another decade.
  • He often suffered from severe bouts of anxiety that caused him to vomit any food that he had eaten. The doctors misjudged his mental problem for a physical one and prescribed him an ulcer medication which made his symptoms even worse.
  • Hence, throughout his 20s, Matthew fueled his body with cigarettes and coffee. He often feels surprised to see photos of his youth since those years passed by in a blur. He usually weighed 61-65 kg or 134.5-143 lbs on a 6-foot-tall frame.
  • The singer covered his lanky body with layers of clothing but people around him continued to suspect that he was a heroin addict.
  • To make matters worse, he was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2000 and he had to give up smoking and get a throat surgery to remove a nodule from his vocal cord. For recovery, Matthew spent 3 weeks in isolation in a hotel room writing songs for his next album, The Audio of Being (2001), still battling nausea from food consumption, living on food supplement bars while unable to talk or sing for the entire period.
  • After going solo in 2002, Good suffered another phase of manic anxiety and depression and was adviced a mild prescription of anti-depressants. That helped him settle down in his married life for a few years as he began to sleep and eat better as well as gained some weight.
  • But, the breakdown of his first marriage renewed his anxiety attacks. Matthew got addicted to a higher dose of anti-depressants because he wanted to hide his mental condition from the rest of the world and tried to work for even longer hours. This set him up for the onset of the nervous breakdown he was about to experience in the near future.
  • Good relocated to Europe for 6 months, planning to write a book. But, he returned home within a few days after going through a panic attack.
  • He moved into his parent’s house and one night after consuming steak and 2 cans of beer for dinner, he was found unconscious in his bedroom. It turned out that he had consumed 50 pills of Ativan (an anti-depressant) and was simultaneously consuming Gravol and Nyquil (over-the-counter medicine for sleep and nausea control).
  • Once hospitalized, Matthew was diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolarity.
  • After taking psychiatric help and getting prescribed medication for his condition, Good shared that his emotional highs and lows that previously fluctuated from a scale of –10 to +10 have stabilized to –3 to +3.
  • The singer does not follow a formal exercise regime. He spends a lot of time outdoors with his children and other than owning several dogs on his property also owns horses, a goose, a duck, chickens, and rabbits. Looking after the animals keeps him active even when he does not feel like it.

Matthew Good Favorite Things

  • Sport – Soccer
  • Sports Team – Arsenal FC, London, UK
  • Author – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
  • Album Cover Wish You Were Here (1975) by Pink Floyd
  • Performer – Billy Bragg
  • Female Singer Nina Simone
  • Male Singer – Tom Waits
  • Concert – No Means No and DOA concert, Dead Kennedys concert
  • Painter – Joan Miró (Spanish Surrealist painter)
  • Book Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World written by Haruki Murakami

Source – YouTube, Nicholas Jennings

Matthew Good (Right) while recording at a live-in studio in September 2016
Matthew Good (Right) while recording at a live-in studio in September 2016 (Matthew Good / Instagram)

Matthew Good Facts

  1. Had he not been a musician, Matthew would have chosen to become a history teacher.
  2. In school, he was the classmate of the retired Canadian soccer player, Carlo Corazzin.
  3. Matthew was introduced to the world of music when a local folk group asked him to write lyrics for their songs while he was still in high school.
  4. At the age of 20, he developed a massive crush on actress Jennifer Connelly after watching her work in Career Opportunities (1991).
  5. About the same age, he also taught himself to play the guitar.
  6. Matthew’s potential was first spotted by talent hunter, Brent Christensen, at an open mic night in Simon Fraser University when he was performing with guitarist, Simon Woodcock.
  7. Matthew Good Band’s albums Underdogs (1997-1998), which was certified Platinum, and Beautiful Night (1999-2000), which was certified 2x Platinum, are considered his band’s best works.
  8. Before catching a break in the Canadian Music business, Matthew held several blue collar jobs such as pumping gas at a gas station and moving merchandise in the shipping /receiving area of a department store.
  9. One of his musical aspirations in the early years of his career was to open for the English rock band, The Who, and he managed to manifest that desire on 2 different occasions.
  10. Good likes to collect football jerseys of various soccer teams from around the world.
  11. He was an active blogger from 1997 to 2000 and his blogs reflected his passion for politics and history which were later compiled in a book titled, At Last There is Nothing Left to Say (2001), published by Insomniac Press.
  12. Matthew started his journey in the music industry as the lead singer of a folk band called The Rochester Kings. They produced a demo called … And in Closing, which contained 5 songs, in December 1991, with Fragrant Time Studios.
  13. In 2008, Good started a new website called Dear San Diego where he published fictional journal entries for a while. The singer confessed that he is constantly motivated to write owing to the emerging ridiculous patterns in society and the need to make fun of people including himself.
  14. He is often incorrectly believed to be responsible for coining the popular internet phrase ‘First World Problems’ which was, in fact, first used by G.K Payne in the late 1970s.
  15. As of 2018, the singer has been nominated for the Juno Awards 21 times, out of which he has won 4 times. Matthew made a conscious choice to boycott the Juno Awards and claims to have never attended any ceremony. According to him, the Juno panel only chooses to recognize Canadian artists who boast of International fame and global sales and they do not promote original Canadian music at the grass root level.
  16. Matthew Good deeply offended Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger when he remarked in an interview that their band was merely a copy of other rock bands such as Staind and Creed. In response, Chad told a Rolling Stone journalist that he disliked Matthew Good the most in the entire music business because his statement appeared to be a cheap shot at their band which was motivated by Good’s inability to recreate Nickelback’s success in the United States.
  17. He enjoys playing LEGO with his son and likes to build challenging LEGO structures.
  18. In March 2018, Matthew collapsed on the stage while performing in Edmonton due to pneumonia. He was hospitalized but he resumed his nationwide tour 3 days later.
  19. Matthew supports the Canadian Mental Health Association and raises money for the organization by selling merchandise with the OK logo on his official website.
  20. In November 2019, he released the music video for his new single titled Sicily.
  21. In February 2020, Matthew released a new album titled Moving Walls.
  22. To find out more about the artist, visit his official website @
  23. Follow Matthew Good on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Matthew Good / Instagram

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