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Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 100 kg
Year of Birth 1979
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Robin Christensen Roussimoff is an American wrestler and the daughter of the late great professional wrestler André René Roussimoff who was also known as André the Giant. She often attends Comic-Con events around the United States, representing her father’s legacy and has appeared as ‘herself’ in the 2018 TV documentary created by HBO in her father’s honor titled, Andre the Giant. As of January 2020, she is also a key consultant on an untitled biopic being made on her father.

Born Name

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff

Nick Name


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff during an interview as seen in April 2018
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff during an interview as seen in April 2018 (ThePostGame / YouTube)


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff was born in the year 1979.

Born Place



Seattle, Washington, United States




Robin is a high school graduate.




  • Father – André René Roussimoff a.k.a. André the Giant (Professional Wrestler) (d. 1993)
  • Mother – Jean Christiansen (Wrestling Publicist) (d. 2008)
  • Others – Boris Roussimoff (Paternal Grandfather) (Farmer), Mariann Roussimoff (Paternal Grandmother), Jacques Roussimoff (Paternal Uncle)




6 ft or 183 cm


100 kg or 220.5 lbs

Race / Ethnicity


She is of French and American descent.

Hair Color

Light Brown

She often tends to dye her hair blonde, burgundy, or pink.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Freckled face
  • Both arms and upper torso covered in tattoos
  • Double Chin

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Favorite Things

  • WWE Match Category – TLC (Table, Ladder, and Chair) Matches
  • Wrestler – The Ultimate Warrior (James Brian “Jim” Hellwig) (d. 2014)


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff during an interview in the early 90s
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff during an interview in the early 90s (tnabound2009 / YouTube)

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Facts

  1. She did not have a great relationship with her father, André, growing up. In an interview, she has stated that she had only seen her father a handful of times as he was always on tour. She would only get a chance to see him if the then-WWF (World Wrestling Federation) was hosting events in the town where she used to live.
  2. In another interview, she has stated that her earliest memory of her father was at a doctor’s clinic, where he was getting a paternity test. He had initially refused to accept Robin as his daughter because he believed that his acromegaly affliction had rendered him incapable of having a child. Acromegaly was the disorder that was the reason behind his giant size.
  3. However, once it was proven that Robin was indeed his daughter, he agreed to fund Robin’s life and education. Robin met him for the 2nd time in a court, where he was attending a hearing related to her child support payments.
  4. She last spoke to her father on the phone during Christmas of 1992. He passed away two months later in his sleep, in a Paris hotel. She only found out about this a month later, from his lawyer. She was so devastated that she could not attend his memorial service.
  5. Robin is still in touch with WWE, the organization that owes a lot to her father’s stardom. Her father was arguably one of the greatest stars of the wrestling world and helped WWE (then-WWF) become a household name. She maintains a strictly professional relationship with the organization, only receiving royalties whenever WWE uses her father’s name for events, video games, or action figures.
  6. Robin has stated that she does not like the WWE in its current form as it has almost become a soap opera and the attention has shifted away from the action in the ring to off-stage drama. She has mentioned that WWE has also not had a decent relationship with her, for reasons unknown.
  7. She has admitted that it has been tough for her to live with her father’s legacy. When people get to know about her, they either back away or try to get close to her to get some financial advantage. For these reasons, she has stated that she stopped dating people.

Featured Image by ThePostGame / YouTube

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