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Ryan Reynolds Talks about Life that is Fit, Fabulous and Fulfilling

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is funny, athletic, gorgeous, hardworking yet humble. Now, if that is not a recipe for sustaining a pleasing and successful life, then we do not know what is.

No stranger to superhero movies, if people remember Blade Trinity (2004) and Green Lantern (2011) for any reason, then one of the top ones is bound to be Ryan Reynolds’ abs that led to the formation of several web pages committed to deconstructing the exact science behind re-creating his physical appearance. Yet, Reynolds admits that even he cannot sustain being shredded 365 days in a year, let alone restore the Blade Trinity level of chisel at will. Nevertheless, he’s only grown better, stronger and hotter over the past decade.

Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool"
Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool”

And how that might be will be seen in Deadpool, 2016. Ryan presents a lot more than a hot body playing the character of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces Operative turned mercenary whose unexpected terminal cancer diagnosis compels him to participate in a mutation experiment that transfigures his body with the ability to have accelerated healing powers and unnaturally sharp reflexes but leaves him physically scarred and mentally unstable. Reynolds gets to set a new benchmark in the world of comic book heroes as a sharp tongued, sassy anti-hero who wakes up every day just to annoy other people.

Life Advice

The underrated actor famous largely as a lead in romantic comedies has covered a long career trajectory dodging buzz related more to his appearance and personal life than his acting talent. At 39, he offers more than a few gems of wisdom to maintain a steady ascension with age and look good while making it.

Ryan Reynolds on a bike
Ryan Reynolds on a bike

Authentic, quality work gets noticed

Ryan Reynolds was interested in being featured in Deadpool (2016) since 2004. The project switched studios and failed many times on account of negotiations with directors. When the company that created Ryan Reynolds test footage in 2012, leaked it online in 2014, it went viral and won the approval of several comic book fans forcing 20th Century Fox to give the jinxed project a release date notwithstanding Reynold’s last major superhero flop Green Lantern.

Hard work wins over aptitude

Ryan confesses that there are a lot things he does not have a natural knack for, but he can always count on working harder than anybody else to beat the competition and that sense of discipline has only grown stronger with time. Exposing yourself to small doses of pressure only prepares you to shine during crunch time. Determination will get you everywhere.

Ryan Reynolds body

Punctuality is the first gesture of respect to others

Reynolds warns against taking other people’s time for granted. Keeping others waiting sends a bad message that could affect your ability to build serious credibility in any industry.

A successful team player has empathy

No job profile goes without its share of disagreements. But the beginnings of any argument are the ideal time to take a minute to listen carefully what the other person has to say rather than jumping in with a counter attack.

Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively
Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively

Try to take life a little less seriously

Laughter can help you find your way out of the deepest and darkest depressions. Sharpening your sense of humor is a redeeming soft skill that keeps you sane through your hardest times. Ryan confessed that filming and promotion for Deadpool helped him heal from the loss of his father, who passed away in October 2015.

Genuine gratitude makes you work harder than usual

Reynolds claims to have gone through 23 hour work days, sometimes two days in a row. When his body feels like giving up under exhaustion, he only needs to remind himself of the privileges of being a successful working actor to keep going.

Ryan Reynolds

Fitness confessions

He often lets himself go – Reynolds humbly states that he is just another tall, lanky guy who does not show the radical loss of muscle when he gives up exercising completely.

He has committed fiascos in the gym as well – Despite years of training and guidance in the gym, it had been five years since Ryan went through an extended, rigorous workout routine for a superhero movie. The first day of workout by himself for Deadpool, Ryan hurt his lower back overestimating his ability to do weighted squats.

His body has suffered and recovered from several serious injuries – Dislocating his shoulder during the filming of Green Lantern was his most painful injury till date. But Ryan adds that he has also suffered a broken neck, wrecked the disc in his back and cracked his vertebrae. Add to that the unpleasantness of discovering a break or a fracture in his body years later after he dismissed a nagging ache as a mere sprain.

Hence, no matter how monotonous, Ryan swears by exercising for functionality over appearance.

Ryan Reynolds with his trainer Don Saladino
Ryan Reynolds with his trainer Don Saladino

Fitness advice

Challenges outside the comfort zone will rekindle a waning motivation

Never one to do much cardio, training for a marathon to raise money for Parkinson’s disease was the hardest test for Ryan’s willpower. Running to support treatment for the disease that eventually caused his father’s demise, Ryan felt like quitting many times but overcame the urge to finish 42 kilometers in an impressive time of 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Yet, constant pressure is also counter-productive

Reynolds’ current trainer, Don Saladino, based in NYC and owner of the gym Drive495 advises against “push till you puke” mentality as revealed in Men’s Health UK, March 2016 issue.

If you have a life outside the gym, chances are you will experience varying degrees of energy levels every time you show up to workout. Stay away from an intense workout if your mind is already fatigued.

For long term progress, staying consistent beats intensity. Save your most brutal workouts for the days when your body and mind are well rested.

Ryan Reynolds as seen in "Deadpool"
Ryan Reynolds as seen in “Deadpool”

Learn to train independently

Despite the injuries and physical vulnerability, Ryan prefers to train by himself that has helped him develop a better understanding of his body. Waiting to co-ordinate with a famous personal trainer’s schedule puts him in less control of his time. Instead, he gets himself a customized workout plan from his trainer and typically lifts early in the morning to be able to get more out of the rest of his day.

Ryan’s top 3 moves for ripped abs as revealed in Men’s Health, UK

  1. Hanging Leg Raise (4 sets of 15 reps)
  2. Cable Crunch (4 sets of 12 reps)
  3. Landmine Twist (4 sets of 10 reps)

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