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Shortcuts to a Healthier You: 4 Empty Stomach Remedies

Shortcuts to a Healthier You: Superfoods

By eating a few foods on empty stomach you may revolutionize your health. Pick any one of the following depending on your wellness requirements.

Did you know that there are more than 100 superfoods in this world?! Sweet! But many a times we are unable to squeeze out maximum nutrition from these foods simply because we do not know how to use them. Some foods work magically when consumed empty stomach, and the trick lies in the method of consumption and quality of the produce.

Garlic – The king of superfoods!

You should be able to judge the amount of power, garlic can provide you by knowing that it was given raw to the workers, building pyramids in the ancient Egyptian civilization. But, is it possible to achieve the same benefits of garlic by eating it raw? Certainly! Actually, you shall gain even more benefits. Eating raw garlic, empty stomach in the morning is popularly known to lower LDL or the bad cholesterol. It may also significantly reduce percentage of triglycerides in the body. But, did you know that eating raw garlic is an active blood thinner? This means that it has the capacity to prevent blood from developing clots. For the same reason, it is able to depress high blood pressure. Apart from being one of the most widely used antioxidants in the world, garlic is also used as an alternative medicine to assist in treatment of cancer.

Peel fresh cloves of garlic. Crush or cut them finely and let them remain in open air so that the nutrients like allicin become activated. Eat them empty stomach with a glass of water. Do not eat anything for another one hour.

Papaya – A great fruit for a great body

Papaya has often been considered as the fruit to eat to achieve a great skin, but when eaten empty stomach one can get overall wellness benefits. For example, an average slice of papaya when eaten empty stomach for a period of one month can lower blood pressure. Ripe papaya is given more importance than unripe green papaya. You need to buy papaya, which has a few dark patches and is deep turmeric in color at the inside. One can cut the fruit at night and consume in the morning, no problem there but make sure that you do not consume stale fruit. Papaya goes bad very easily so avoid consuming the fruit, which has been cut for longer than 8 hours. Weight loss is easily achievable by eating ripe papaya empty stomach.

The vitamin content in papaya fruit is rich enough to fulfill your daily antioxidant needs. What else does one need for overall wellbeing?!

Raisins – The sweet way to fitness

You may have heard several benefits of eating almonds on an empty stomach but you shall be pleasantly surprised to know that its popular comrade is no less. Raisins provide very precise actions. When eaten empty stomach, these are able to bring relief from constipation and even raise blood pressure to an optimal level. Soak a few raisins in water overnight and chew each one properly to get relief from low blood pressure condition. If you are underweight, then you can’t find a better empty stomach remedy than this. Eat a handful of raisins first thing in the morning with a glass of warm milk for 15 days and observe an overall weight gain in the body.

Lemon – Its juice has it all!

Drinking flavored water is a rage in the health world and there is no flavor more refreshing than lemonade. But, before you mess up the health benefits of the lemon and water combination by putting spoonfuls of sugar and rock salt, I would like to stop you just there! Unlike many citrus fruits and their juices which must not be consumed empty stomach, lemon juice can actually work wonders for your overall health when taken first thing in the morning. Drinking just about half spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of water, minus any other additive (except honey) flushes all toxins from the body and helps in repairing all the organ systems. It’s superior antioxidant content gets rid of free radicals from the body and thus fights aging. But, you need to make sure that the water used to dilute lemon juice should not be cold. It should preferably be lukewarm, if not at room temperature.

Always use organic and fresh produce when using foods in home remedies or else there is no point walking that extra mile for a healthier body.

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