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Top 5 Reasons Why You are not Losing Weight Despite Trying so Hard

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You are exercising, eating healthy and just working so hard to stay motivated to lose weight and yet there seem to be no trophy on way; why so, you wonder? Read below to find about those small little things you aren’t taking care of and which are essential to every weight loss regime.

Are you tired of not seeing any visible leaning results despite of trying out different types of weight loss exercises and diet plans?! You feel disappointed enough to give up but somehow your desire to have a trimmer physique keeps you determined. But, for how long one may wait before calling it quits? There is always a tolerance threshold. We are hoping that you have not given up yet and that you do realize that there must be something that you are missing out. Here are 5 most common mistakes that people commit when on a weight loss mission –

Your Method of Drinking Water may be Wrong

Drinking optimum amounts of water is necessary to remain hydrated but its role is ever so more important when one is trying to lose weight. For many it is difficult to understand how water helps in losing kilos. Your local gym coach will ask you to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to facilitate weight loss. When consumed at the right time it can activate all organs and speed up metabolism. Drink two glasses of water empty stomach first thing in morning. Never drink water immediately after the meal. But, drinking right before the meal is considered good for weight loss.

May be, Your Choice of Breakfast is Epic Wrong

I came across something intriguing a few days ago. A few nutritionists are supporting the fact that eating chocolate cake in breakfast may actually help you to lose weight. Now, let us consider a fact – most of the overweight people have a sweet tooth. So, if you pass such an information to a weight loss aspirants they shall go crazy happy. But wait a minute. Eating chocolate cake in breakfast is just a minor part of the suggested remedy. You need to eat a small slice of dark chocolate cake without any sugary or syrup icing. Since dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, it fights free radicals and detoxifies the body to act as a catalyst in the weight loss process, but if you are eating heaps of low cocoa content sugary cakes, then you are worsening your condition. So, stop confusing your body. Treat it with fresh fruits and whole wheat fiber breakfast meals.

You believe you Dine Right but actually Don’t

Eating ready to eat salads, soups or other types of meals are the most common mistake that weight loss aspirants make. For example, tuna is known to have fabulous leaning properties but if you have history of water retention (and if it is one of the contributing factor in your overweight body) then you should not eat canned tuna. You need to eat fresh and need to scrape out all the carbohydrates from your dinner. Have a bowl full of pulses, steamed fish, roasted chicken breasts or a plate of freshly prepared green salad.

You Don’t Have a Proper Bedtime Schedule

People who exercise regularly have considerably more physical and mental strength to carry out day to day functions than people who hardly workout. Still, we are human and need to rest. A regular sleep routine of 6 to 8 hours for 7 days a week is very much needed if you wish to get rid of the extra pounds quick. It does not matter if you sleep early or after midnight as long as you have a constant bedtime schedule. For example, if you sleep by 2 every night then you must not get up before 8 or 9 am to regain your energy. Without proper sleep you shall be increasing levels of stress hormones in your body which shall hardly allow any weight loss, and on the contrary shall only lead to weight gain.

You are probably Misunderstanding Leisure for Exercise

If you think that walking your dog qualifies as walking then you have found your culprit. If you really wish to lose weight then you need to get in a pace. Rigorous exercising is required to burn up calories. The time you spend at gaming parlor with your friends playing table tennis does not contribute for a physical workout. Put on your running shoes and go for a jog. Set a target on the treadmill and don’t get down until you are done.

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