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Tré Cool Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Tré Cool Quick Info
Height 5 ft 6 in
Weight 70 kg
Date of Birth December 9, 1972
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Spouse Sara Rose Lipert

Tré Cool is a member of punk rock band Green Day. He is majorly known as the drummer of the band but has also provided vocals to some of the songs. He is also a composer and multi-instrumentalist and can play the guitar, bass, percussion, accordion, and violin. Green Day’s song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” which was released in 2004, was a cult hit. Tré had joined the Green Day band in 1990 after 4 years of its inception.

Born Name

Frank Edwin Wright III

Nick Name

Tre, Tré Cool, The Snoo

Tré Cool in green highlighted hair in December 2017
Tré Cool in the green highlighted hair in December 2017 (Tré Cool / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Frankfurt, West Germany


Oakland, California, United States




Tré dropped out of high school in the sophomore year (Tenth grade) but eventually finished his high school education by taking a test for the General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

He enrolled in a community college but had to drop out from there as well since his band increasingly started booking more tour dates.


Drummer, Composer, Musician, Singer


  • Father – Frank Edwin Wright Junior (Former Marine, Military Pilot turned Business Owner)
  • Mother – Linda Wright
  • Siblings – Lori Moore (Older Sister), Has one more older sibling


Jonathan Daniel, Crush Music


Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Hardcore Punk, Garage Rock, New wave, Pop Punk


Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Accordion, Violin


Reprise Records, Lookout! Records, Adeline Records




5 ft 6 in or 168 cm


70 kg or 154 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Tré Cool has dated –

  1. Lisea Lyons (1994-1996) – Tré met his first wife in 1994 when she moved to San Francisco after finishing her college education. The couple got married in March 1995 after the birth of their daughter in January 1995. She was named Ramona Isabel after Tré’s punk rock idol, Joey Ramone. The couple got divorced in 1996. Lisea, who is a talented art photographer, lives in New York City with her daughter.
  2. Claudia Sofia Suarez (2000–2003) – Tré married his second wife in May 2000 and has a son with her named Frankie (lovingly called Frankito) born in 2001. The couple got divorced in 2003. Claudia remarried in 2013 to an Aspen, Colorado-based famous lawyer named David Bovino and has a daughter with her second husband.
  3. Torry Castellano (2003–2004) – Tré was rumored to be dating the drummer of an all-female hard rock / punk rock band called The Donnas in 2003-2004. During the same time, Torry was battling tendonitis, underwent surgery for it, and had to re-learn the skill of playing drums. The following year, she started suffering from shoulder problems. Torry eventually had to leave behind the world of rock and went on to major in Political Science, graduating with distinction from Stanford University. Thereafter, she got admission to Harvard Law School.
  4. Winona Ryder (2005) – In 2005, Tre Cool was rumored to have had a fling with actress Winona Ryder.
  5. Caramia Provenzano (2009–2010) – The Green Day Drummer dated the French actress, Caramia for two years.
  6. Ruri Hegarty (2005–2010) – Tré met British VJ Ruri in 2005 who most notably worked with MTV Japan. The couple dated on and off for 5 years. They also made an appearance together at Billie Joe Armstrong’s 40th Birthday party in February 2012.
  7. Dena Roberson (2010–2011) – Tré started dating former ballet dancer and New York City-based fashion designer / entrepreneur in 2010. The couple got engaged in March 2011 but broke up after two months of their engagement.
  8. Karli Henneman (2012) – The drummer had a short-lived fling with model and mixed media artist, Karli Henneman.
  9. Purista Blenk (2012–2013) – In summer of 2012, Tré hooked up with South Africa born Swiss model and entrepreneur, Purista Blenk. She accompanied the drummer on Green Day’s 99 Revolutions Tour in 2013. The couple was last spotted together in June 2013 at a theme park in Sweden.
  10. Sara Rose Lipert (2013–Present) – Tré met former motor cross paddock girl who was Miss SuperCross 2008, in July 2013. She is a singer in a band called One Less Zero. The couple got engaged in January 2014 and after a 9-month engagement, got married in an intimate ceremony in October 2014.
Tré Cool with Sara Rose Lipert in December 2017
Tré Cool with Sara Rose Lipert in December 2017 (Sara Rose Lipert / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

He enjoys dying his hair in different shades such as ‘green’, ‘blue’, ‘yellow’, etc.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Usually maintains an edgy hairstyle and often dyes his hair in bright colors such as blue, neon green, light blonde, etc.
  • Often makes funny faces / weird expressions which are a part of his slapstick humor to entertain other people
  • Broad face, square jawline

Brand Endorsements

  • Tré Cool, along with the rest of his band members, was signed to be the face of John Varvatos Spring / Summer 2012 campaign.
  • Endorsed several musical instrument brands over the years including SJC Drums in 2017
Tré Cool, Green Day drummer, during the Rock im Park Festival 2013
Tré Cool, Green Day drummer, during the Rock im Park Festival 2013 (Sven-Sebastian Sajak / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Best Known For

Being the drummer in the American punk rock band Green Day since 1991

First Album

Tré Cool’s first ever studio album was called One Planet One People (1987) as a member of The Lookouts. It was also the first album by Lookout! Records. The drummer gave lead vocals for the first time in the song The Mushroom is Exploding (1987).

Tré’s first studio album with Green Day was Kerplunk! (1991) which was the band’s overall second studio album. The drummer gave lead vocals on Dominated Love Slave.

First Film

Tre has never been cast in a feature film role. But, he has given his voice to a couple of movies like Live Freaky Die Freaky (2006) and The Simpsons Movie (2007).

First TV Show

He, along with the rest of his Green Day band, were invited as guests for an interview on a TV show called 120 Minutes in 1994.

Tré Cool on a car at Verizon Center Washington D.C. in 2017
Tré Cool on a car at Verizon Center Washington D.C. in 2017 (Tré Cool / Instagram)

Tré Cool Facts

  1. He joined his first band at the age of 12.
  2. Tré was raised in a rural area of Laytonville where his home did not have electricity, TV or curtains but he still managed to stay busy with outdoor activities.
  3. His father stated that as a kid, Tré was quite a handful. He was a loud, obnoxious kid who was always putting up an act for entertainment.
  4. His next-door neighbor was Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout! Records. He could not find a drummer for his punk rock band so asked a 12-year-old Tré to give it a shot. Tré immediately took to the instrument and started playing on every surface of his house and his car with his drumsticks, driving his family crazy in the process.
  5. After merely two months of practice, Tré officially started playing for The Lookouts.
  6. Larry Livermore added ‘Cool’ to Tré’s pre-existing nickname and thus his official stage name was formed.
  7. He met his Green Day band members Billie Joe and Mike at the non-profit music club called Gilman in West Berkeley where Tré moved after dropping out of high school.
  8. Tré’s supportive father improvised a used bookmobile to help with Green Day’s travel schedule and even acted as a driver for the band’s three different tours.
  9. His father often feels surprised by the transition of all the Green Day band members into mature musicians with serious work ethic because when they got started, their interest in music was motivated by partying and getting high on drugs and alcohol.
  10. Before Tré joined Green Day, the band was formerly called Sweet Children.
  11. At the MTV Music Awards in 1998, Tré impulsively climbed the Universal Studios’ rotating globe. He is the only person to get on top of that structure.
  12. When Green Day band members Billie and Mike first met Tré, they described him as a loud and fast-talking young man who insulted anybody and everybody without discrimination. The two musicians even struggled to get along with Tré’s intricate / reggae style of playing the drums. However, they continued to work with Tré because he was more experienced than both of them.
  13. In contrast, Tré often complained about feeling left out in Billie and Mike’s conversations because they grew up together since elementary school. He eventually fit in with their social circle and adjusted his drumming style to make his bandmates sound better.
  14. He is the Godfather of Billie Joe Armstrong’s sons.
  15. The drummer likes the idea of surviving an avalanche and hopes to experience it someday.
  16. To find out more about the drummer, visit his official website @
  17. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Sven-Sebastian Sajak / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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