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Vincent Kompany Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Vincent Kompany Quick Info
Height 6 ft 4 in
Weight 85 kg
Date of Birth April 10, 1986
Zodiac Sign Aries
Eye Color Dark Brown

Vincent Kompany is a Belgian professional football manager and former player who is best known for his career as a centre-back for teams like Manchester City, Hamburger SV, Anderlecht, and as the manager of EFL Championship club Burnley. He also played for the Belgium national team for almost 15 years and served as the captain of the team for 7 years. During the course of his career, Vincent has won tournaments like Belgian First Division, Premier League, FA Community Shield, FA Cup, Football League/EFL Cup, and has been the recipient of honors like “Man of the Season (Belgian First Division”, Belgian’s “Young Professional Footballer of the Year”, Belgian’s “Professional Footballer of the Year”, “Best Belgian Player Abroad”, Premier League‘s “Player of the Season”, BBC‘s “Goal of the Season”, and many more.

Born Name

Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany

Nick Name

Vince the Prince, The Wall

Vincent Kompany during a press conference before the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Real Madrid on April 25, 2016
Vincent Kompany during a press conference before the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Real Madrid on April 25, 2016

Sun Sign


Born Place

Uccle, Brussels, Belgium




Kompany studied Business Administration at Manchester Business School as a part-time student.


Professional Footballer


  • Father – Pierre Kompany
  • Mother – Jocelyne Fraselle
  • Siblings – Francois Kompany (Younger Brother) (Professional Footballer), Christel Kompany (Sister)


Kompany is signed with Eleven Management.

His father is also an agent of Vincent.


Centre Back

Shirt Number





6 ft 4 in or 193 cm


85 kg or 187½ lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Vincent Kompany dated –

  1. Anara Atanes – British model, Anara Atanes and Vincent were RUMORed to be dating each other.
  2. Carla Higgs – On June 11, 2011, Vincent married Carla Higgs. Together they have 3 children, daughter Sienna (b. June 10, 2010) and 2 sons named Kai (b. October 2013) and Caleb (b. 2015).
Vincent Kompany and his wife Carla
Vincent Kompany and his wife Carla

Race / Ethnicity


He is of Congolese descent.

Hair Color


But, he had Black hair.

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Bald hairstyle
  • Muscular body
Vincent Kompany showing his ripped body after a match
Vincent Kompany showing his ripped body after a match

Brand Endorsements

Kompany has appeared in numerous TV adverts for Pepsi, Nike, and New Balance.

Best Known For

Vincent is known for his athletic build and tough defense making him one of the strongest defenders in the world.

First Football Match

He debuted for Manchester City in a match against West Ham United.

Vincent had his national team debut at the age 17 in February 2004 in a match against France.


  • Defense
  • Strength
  • Tackling
  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Passing
  • Mobility
  • Aerial ability


  • Discipline

First Film

First TV Show

He appeared in the news talk-show Breakfast in 2011 as himself – Manchester City Captain.

Personal Trainer

The Belgian international is one of the most muscular and jacked footballers of this era. His athletic build can be definitely compared to the one Cristiano Ronaldo or Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (aka Hulk) has. In order to build such a body, Vincent needed to go through some serious training. However, Kompany likes to keep his body in shape and to look good, even if that won’t do any good to his athletic performance. Below, we give you a sample weightlifting workout which you can follow in order to build a similar muscular body.

Monday – Chest and Biceps


  1. Bench Press – 3 x 8-10
  2. Incline Bench Press – 3 x 10-12
  3. Dumbbell Fly – 3 x 12
  4. Weighted Dips – 3 x 8
  5. Pushups – 3 x max


  1. Barbell Biceps – 3 x 8-10
  2. Dumbbell Seated Curl – 3 x 6-8 per arm
  3. Weighted Chin-Ups – 3 x 10


Tuesday – Legs and Abs


  1. Squats – 5 x 5
  2. Deadlift – 3 x 8-10
  3. Leg Press – 3 x 8-10
  4. Barbell Hip Thrust – 5 x 5
  5. Calf Raises – 4 x 20


  1. Hanging Leg Raises – 5 x 12-15
  2. Abs using a Roller – 3 x 10
  3. Front Plank – 4 x 1 minute +
  4. Weighted Decline Sit-Up – 3 x 15
  5. Lying Knee Ups – 3 x 20


Wednesday – Back, Triceps and Shoulders

Back & Triceps

  1. Weighted Pull-Ups – 3 x 8
  2. Barbell Row – 3 x 8
  3. Barbell Close Row – 3 x 8
  4. Dumbbell Row – 3 x 8 per arm
  5. Low Back Extension – 3 x 15
  6. Barbell Triceps Extension (Head) – 3 x 10
  7. Close Bench Press – 3 x 8
  8. Rope Extension – 3 x 8-12


  1. Barbell Press – Front – 3 x 10
  2. Barbell Press – Behind – 3 x 10
  3. Dumbbell Lateral Raises – 3 x 12
  4. Delt Raises – 3 x 12


Thursday – Rest Day


Friday – Chest and Biceps

**Increase the weight as you decrease the reps in each set.


  1. Dumbbell Bench Press – 10,10,8,8,6
  2. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press -10,8,6
  3. Moderate Weight Barbell Bench Press – 3 x 10
  4. Weighted Dips – 10,8,6
  5. Bodyweight Dips – 4 sets of max reps


**Increase the weight as you decrease the reps in each set.


  1. Close Barbell Curl – 10,8,6
  2. Weighted Chin-Ups – 12,10,10
  3. Standing Dumbbell Curl – 10,8,8
  4. Seated 1 Arm Knee Curl -10,8,6


Saturday – Legs and Abs


  1. Explosive Squat (60%) – 3 x 8
  2. Explosive Deadlift (70%) – 3 x 8
  3. Leg Extension – Quadriceps – 3 x 15
  4. Leg Extension – Hamstring – 3 x 15
  5. Glute Ham Raise – 3 x 12-15
  6. Jump Rope – Ankle Jumps – 4 x 1 minute


  1. Laying V-Ups – 4 x 15
  2. Side to Side Twist using a Medicine Ball – 4 x 20
  3. Hanging Knee-Ups – 3 x 20
  4. Wood-choppers using a Medicine Ball – 4 x 15


Sunday – Back, Triceps and Shoulders

**Increase the weight as you decrease the reps in each set.


  1. Lat Pull-Down – 10,8,8,6
  2. Wide Weighted Pull-Ups – 10,8,8
  3. Seated Close Row – 10,8,6
  4. Close Weighted Pull-Ups – 8,8,6


  1. Triceps Extension – 10,10,8
  2. Close Dumbbell Bench Press – 10,8,8
  3. Triceps 1 Hand Behind Neck Dumbbell Extension – 10,10,8


  1. Push Press – 3 x 8
  2. Arnold Press – 10,8,8
  3. Lateral Dumbbell Raises – 10,10,8
  4. Rear Delt Raises -10,10,8

This workout will give you 0 results if there’s no proper nutrition.

It is worth mentioning that Kompany follows a well-balanced diet focused on importing a lot of carbohydrates, proteins, and the needed vitamins and minerals for the body.

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel for the body, and that’s why they are very important for every sportsman.

Second, the proteins (also known as muscle builders) are nutrients or a type of amino acids responsible for muscle recovery and the muscle-building process. This is one of the biggest reasons why after every workout it is necessary to have a meal high in protein. Many professional sports stars are using supplements to get even better recovery and put muscle mass faster.

The last puzzle of the diet chain are the vitamins and minerals such as A, D, E, K, B, C and Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc which mainly can be found in the fruits and vegetables. That’s why almost every healthy meal consists of salad full of vegetables or a fruit of choice as a dessert.

We don’t own or know anything in detail about Vincent’s diet, but we can share few links that can help you create your own nutrition plan.

Vincent Kompany during a match against Norwich City on March 12, 2016 in Norwich, England
Vincent Kompany during a match against Norwich City on March 12, 2016, in Norwich, England

Vincent Kompany Facts

  1. He became the director of Belgium B3B Division Club BX Brussels after buying the club in March 2013.
  2. Vincent first began playing football in the youth categories of the Belgian club Anderlecht. His professional career started when he was 17.
  3. While in Anderlecht, he won the Belgian Ebony Shoe and Golden Shoe award.
  4. On June 9, 2006, he joined Hamburger SV. His contract was worth 10 million euros.
  5. On August 22, 2008, Kompany agreed on a four-year contract with the English club Manchester City for a fee of around 6 million British pounds.
  6. On September 28, 2008, Vincent scored his debut goal for Manchester City in a 2-1 defeat to Wigan Athletic.
  7. He won the 2013-2014 Premier League trophy with Manchester City.
  8. Despite he was called by the Belgian national team for the 2008 Olympic squad, his team at the time, Hamburg didn’t let him go because the Olympics wasn’t a valid FIFA tournament.
  9. Kompany is an authoritative FIFA ambassador for SOS Children.
  10. His father was born in Congo.
  11. Vincent owned two restaurants in Belgium named “Good Kompany.” One was located at the Grand Place in Brussels and the other one in the city of Antwerp. However, he decided to close them both after only a year of their official opening.
  12. He takes interest in politics.

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