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54th Femina Miss India World 2017 Manushi Chhillar Fitness Secrets for Miss World Pageant

Manushi Chhillar was crowned as 54th Femina Miss India World 2017, and she has her eyes on the Miss World Pageant now. Like all beautiful and smart women, she knows that beauty and fitness are interrelated, so she is following a specific diet plan and exercising regularly to ensure that she makes her presence felt among the beauties of the world.

Lifestyle Changes

Celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has crafted a few lifestyle changes that the stunner has to follow. It includes sleeping 8 hours every night, switching off the mobile phone at least two hours before going to bed, performing jumping jacks and drinking 3 liters of water every day.

Exercising Preferences

The diva works out for at least 4 to 5 times and week. She is a fan of Pilates and follows the workout plan devised by her fitness guru, Nmami.

Diet Secrets

Manushi will follow a 15-day diet plan designed by Agarwal that might look like this:

Early Morning

One glass plain or lemon water


Oats or wheat flakes with nuts, fresh fruit, and yogurt


One or two rotis (Indian bread) or a bowl of rice with salad, raita, and a vegetable dish

Evening Meal

A fruit smoothie with carrot and cucumber sticks and hung curd dip


Some quinoa pulao (vegetable-laden rice) or salad with soup


Corn/chickpea and tofu, salad with some soup

Post Dinner

A few fresh fruits

How to Get Best Results

Agarwal believes that fasting or skipping a meal never does any good to the body. You get the fitness results you want when workout and diet plans go hand-in-hand. You also need to maintain a healthy relationship with your body if you’re going to stay fit for the long term.

Complimenting Her Client

While praising Chhillar, she said that her client is committed to her fitness routine and expressed hope that this dedication will help her win the coveted title.

Fulfilling Her Dream

Like most beautiful women, this medical student also had hopes of participating in at least one beauty competition. So, when she got to know about Miss India title auditions, she worked hard for it. She woke up early in the mornings to work out and also hit the gym after her classes. To make up for the loss of studies, she used to study at night.

Being Confident

The Kuchipudi dancer says that growing up in Delhi, the capital of India has helped her to become brave, confident and bold. It has helped her to learn to voice her opinions in the right way too.

Diet Indulgence

Though the model is following a strict workout and diet plan right now, she hopes to celebrate her victory with her loved ones soon. It can be assumed that she intends to have an indulgent dinner with her close friends and family.

The Support

The young star has taken a year’s break from her studies so that she can concentrate on preparing for the Miss World title. She knows that she is blessed to have this opportunity, so she wants to do her best. Though medical colleges are quite strict about studies in her country, she has got all the necessary support from her college authorities.

Not a Surprise

Her friends and teachers were not surprised when they came to know about her participation in Miss India and then Miss World. Her friends and teachers still remember her as a tall, beautiful and intelligent girl who participated in various inter-school competitions.

They also think that her confidence in herself makes her stand apart from the rest and shine on her own. Her school authorities even expect her to judge their school’s beauty pageants so that she can help other young girls fulfill their dream of becoming a beauty queen.

Featured Image by Manushi Chhillar / Instagram

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