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Benjamin Law Diet Plan

Benjamin Law is one of the most popular Australian authors and journalists. His books The Family Law and Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East have gained a lot of popularity in a short while. If you are his fan, then you would be pleased to know that he follows a healthy lifestyle and has a smart diet plan, the details of which are mentioned right here.

Benjamin Law in an Instagram selfie as seen in October 2018
Benjamin Law in an Instagram selfie as seen in October 2018 (Benjamin Law / Instagram)

Diet Plan


Benjamin likes to have late breakfast because eating food early makes him gag. He has breakfast at 10:00 am, and it consists of Nissin instant ramen with sesame oil. He adds some snow pea shoots and homemade kimchi to the noodles to make it a meal. The breakfast also includes a big pot of green tea.

Morning Snack

If he feels hungry again, he has a snack mango, and unsweetened Greek yogurt with some green tea at 11:30 am.

Wontons made by Benjamin Law
Wontons made by Benjamin Law (Benjamin Law / Instagram)


At 2:00 pm, he has an all-day breakfast dish that includes a small eel croquette, a fillet of miso-marinated king salmon, soft boiled egg, some leafy salad, and furikake. He also has some soda water to go with it.


Dinner is at 7:30 pm and includes options like Mapo Tofu that is served with jasmine rice and bok choy. To indulge, he has a glass of Riesling and an ice cream. He also has some more green tea.

Pickles made by Benjamin Law in January 2018
Pickles made by Benjamin Law in January 2018 (Benjamin Law / Instagram)

Expert Opinion

Dr. Joanna McMillan has appreciated the smart habit of drinking many cups of green tea daily because it’s loaded with antioxidants and offers protection against diseases like cancer while also benefitting the brain health.

Improvement Ideas

Dr. McMillian suggests Law to increase the intake of fiber as noodles and rice are not wholegrain options. The fiber intake can be increased by having soba or wholegrain noodles and trying black, brown, and red wholegrain rice options.

Featured Image by Benjamin Law / Instagram

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