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5Billion Push Up Bar Review

5Billion Push Up Bar

If you think that you can do perfect push-ups without a push-up bar then you are wrong. Push-up bars can help you to achieve new levels with this simple exercise. You will be able to target different muscles more easily and lose weight quickly. When you do push-ups without the push-up bar, your hands stay in the same position all the time. Also, your chest won’t go down further. With push up bars, you will be able to change the position of your hands and you will be able to push your chest deeper than the hands. This changing position activates more muscles and gives you better results.

When shopping for push-up bars, you need to consider several factors. You should make sure that the bars are made of metal so that they last longer. The handles must be covered with foam to give you the ultimate comfort. Finally, the bars must be stable so that you can do push-ups without the risk of any injury. Here, we are going to review the 5Billion Push Up Bar as it has received good feedback from the users.


Both the body and the handles of these push-up bars are black which makes them stand out. Most of the push-up bars you find in the market have a silver body with black handles, so these bars are exceptional. They look super cool and stylish. The brand name is marked in white on the handles. These push-up bars have an H-shaped design that protects the wrist from injury during workouts. You will get a wide range of motion during push-ups. These push-up bars are lightweight which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. As they are compact, you can pull the legs out which makes it easy to store.

Build Quality

These push-up bars are made of top quality polypropylene. This material is robust and strong enough to withstand a lot of weight. So, heavy users can also use these bars. Then bar handles are covered with foam to give you comfort. The foam is soft and absorbs sweat; as a result, your hands won’t slip off. You will get a comfortable and secure grip that will help you to work out for long hours. The manufacturer gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, you will be able to work out with confidence, without worrying that the bars might break or bend with intense workouts. 

The metal, steel or chrome push up bars that you find in the market are heavy and may scratch the floor. But, as these push-up bars are made of polypropylene, they won’t cause any damage to the floor. They are also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.


These push-up bars have a perfect size. Their dimensions are 8.7 inches by 5.5 inches by 5.1 inches. The size of the bars is also perfect, which is 8.7” x 5.5” x 5.1”. You can put them into your gym bag and take them to gyms or outdoor to do workouts anywhere. They weigh only 1.4 pounds.


The handles are ergonomically designed which reduces pressure and strain on the arms. The handles are covered with comfortable and soft foam. They are slip-resistant, so your hands won’t slip off due to sweat. You will be able to work out comfortably for long hours.

Ease of Use

The unique H-shaped design of these push-up bars makes it easy to use. As they are ergonomically designed, your wrists won’t hurt and you will be able to do push-ups comfortably and safely. They are easy to assemble and disassemble. You will be able to pull the legs out so that it takes less space if put inside a travel bag. So, you can take them with you wherever you go. You get a free workout guide with it which will help you to try different training modes.


These push up bars are great for muscle training. If you do push-ups using these bars, your triceps, chest muscles, back muscles, and abdominal muscles get trained effectively. As they are compact and lightweight, you can use them for traveling fitness as well. You can do muscle-ups, push-ups, L-sits, cardio, and strength training with it as well. They are great for upper body workouts. These bars are designed to improve the range of motion. So, you will be able to target the muscles more effectively.

5Billion Push Up Bar Exercises


  • They have an impressive design.
  • They are compact and lightweight.
  • You will be able to use them for different ranges of motion.
  • They can be used by heavy users as well. 
  • They are made of high-quality materials that make them sturdy and strong.
  • The handles are covered with soft foam that makes workouts comfortable. 
  • They are affordable. 
  • You will be able to strengthen your upper body with it. 
  • You get a free fitness guide with it. 
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble. 


  • Unlike some other push up bars in the market, these bars don’t’ have caps on the ends to improve stability.
  • They are made of PVC, so some users feel that they are not as strong as the steel or metal bars. 

Final Verdict

Push-up bars are not only needed for getting a sculpted upper body. If you are suffering from a sustained chest, back, wrist or shoulder injury, then you must use push up bars for exercise. They will be able to move the arms in different angles and alleviate stress on one spot. The 5Billion Pushup Bar can give comfort during push-ups. You won’t feel any shoulder or wrist discomfort and will be able to workout with confidence. These push-up bars make push-ups easy. You won’t suffer from fatigue or pain during push-ups anymore. They are portable, so you can use them anywhere, whether at home, gym, or office.

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These push up bars are stylish and you will enjoy exercising with them. You will get visible results within a short time if you exercise with it regularly. 5Billion Push Up Bar Review