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7-Day Detox Plan – Revitalize Your Body and Mind

7 Day Detox Diet

You spend heaps of dollars for buying cosmetics to cleanse your body externally, but never think about the internal cleansing. 7 Day Detox diet plan is all about the process of internal cleansing. The magnificent plan revitalizes your body, mind and soul, and brings vibrant glow on your body, face, and hair.

Why Should You Follow 7-Day Detox Diet Plan?

Various body organs such as lungs, liver, kidney and even your skin detoxify your body in their own way. Your body being naturally programmed to digest healthy and nutritious foods flushes out the undigested foods through poop, pee, and sweat.

Though most of the undigested food gets decomposed by your body, but some undigested foods still remain in your body, which gets transformed into toxin and later into fat. Modern eating habits, which include enormous processed, unhealthy, junk foods, smoking, drinking alcohol etc. lead to the accumulation of harmful venom inside your body.

Apart from that, sedentary lifestyle also adversely affects your blood circulation, and your body’s normal ways of detoxification. As a result of which toxins begins piling up inside your body. To relieve your body from toxins, detoxification is paramount.

What is 7 Day Detox Plan?

7 Day Detox Plan demands you to get seven free days from your busy life to give your body a complete break from the unhealthy ways of eating. Besides refraining from unhealthy food, coffee, sugar, gluten-containing food, processed food, wheat and others, you need to fuel your body with water, fruits, and raw vegetables.

How to Kick-start 7 Day Detox Diet Plan

7 Day detox plan is easy and comfortable to abide by. Before you start the detox plan, it’s vital for you to know, that you might feel weariness, headache, exhaustion, mood-swings, digestion problems, and body pain during the plan.

That being said, should you notice these problems popping up with the detox plan, there is absolutely nothing to worry. In fact, these are natural phenomenon which takes place inside your body when your body is busy in the cleaning process.

Seven Days of Detox Diet Plan

In seven days of detox plan, there will be a gradual increase in the quantity of calorie intake. The seven days of detox plan are as follows.

Day One

The first day of the detox plan will be completely reliant on liquid. You are advised to consume as much water as you can. Prefer starting the day with luke-warm lemon water, for it accelerates the functioning of bowels. For getting calories, you can take fruit juices such as apple and carrot juice. Herbal tea and spice tea such as fennel, yarrow, and ginger are great detoxifying agents. You can have them without adding sugar.

Day Two

While keeping the fluid routine same, you can have one fruit, whenever you feel hungry. Fibrous fruits being alkaline in nature rid your body from the effects of high acidic foods. You can have apple, mangoes, grapes, pineapple, and grapefruit in your fruits.

Day Three

While maintaining rest of the routine intact, you need to consume raw vegetable salad in your lunch and dinner. You can have dandelion leave, fennel, watercress, and parsley; they have amazing inherent properties to nourish your body.

Day Four

Besides drinking ample water in your routine, you continue eating fruits as snacks. You can prepare one full meal with steamed vegetables and brown rice on the fourth day. The other meal of the day would still be vegetable salad. Grain rice being rich in fiber effectively imbibes toxins from your body. You can have onions, garlic, leek, antichokes, beetroot etc. in vegetable salad.

Day Five

You can inculcate properly rinsed lentils and beans on fifth day. Prefer not having rice with lentils because the combination of starch with proteins can make your metabolism sluggish. You can rather make a combination of lentils and beans with steamed vegetables. You can also eat nuts to feed your body with healthy fats and calories.

Day Six

Inculcate fresh yogurt in your breakfast with fresh fruits. If you have got tired of brown rice, you can also try some home-made food such as museli made-up of nuts and oats, or whole grains such as buckwheat and others. Forbid consumption of wheat, for it can disturb your digestive system.

Day Seven

You can inculcate cold fish such as sardines, salmon, and tuna in one of your meals on seventh day. These cold fish will enrich your body with essential fatty acids and its influence will be apparent on your face. Day seven is the last day of detox plan, so don’t immediately switch to your favorite food; gradually increase the quantity of food items in your diet. 

Workouts and Meditation in the Diet Plan

7 Day detox plan accompanied with workouts can have you see astonishing impacts on your body. Practice cardio workouts such as jogging, walking, jumping etc. for one hour. Keep exercising till your body starts sweating immensely. Draw 15 minutes in a day for meditation. Take and release long breaths from your nose while focusing your mind on one object, and allow yourself to feel the deep sense of relaxation.

Benefits of Detox Diet Plan

7 Day detox diet plan will fill you with new and vibrant flow of energy. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of the diet plan.

  • Sinister bacteria begins piling up around the intestine lining and after being mingled with your blood stream, they spread all over your body and disrupt the functioning of various organs. Detoxification keeps a check on the growth of harmful bacteria and encourages the production of good bacteria in your body, which improve digestion.
  • Stress being foe of a healthy body paralyses the natural detoxification process of your body. 7 day detox plan purges stress from your body and mind, helps you in getting sound sleep, and improves your concentration.
  • Besides keeping a check on the growth of cancerous cells, 7 day detox plan enhances the immunity of your body towards hazardous diseases.
  • Plenty of water in the plan will re-hydrate your body and will bring glow on your face and hair.
  • There are several enzymes in raw fruits and veggies, which bring balance in the release of hormones in your body.
  • Detox plan is effective in modifying your taste and developing a natural despise for junk and unhealthy foods.

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