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7 Simples Changes in Lifestyle for Overall Health Benefits

Change in Lifestyle for better health

By including these 7 small things in your everyday life you can get lasting health benefits. Why take medicines for lifestyle-induced health problems when these can be cured through these simple changes?!

These days you will hardly come across anyone who is not a victim of at least one or more of lifestyle-induced conditions. Stress is the most common problem that almost everyone around us is constantly trying to deal with. It is affecting our productivity at work and not letting us live our life to the fullest. To feel rejuvenated, we can’t just leave everything and simply go on a vacation, now can we? This is not how an urban life functions. So, should we just continue to remain beaten by pressures of lifestyle? How about introducing small changes in your daily routine and getting lasting results.

1. Use Stairs as Often as Possible: Doctors believe that people who use stairs in place of elevators have healthier leg joints and remain active for longer years in their life. There are a few points of caution here, though. If you are wearing high heels, please avoid taking stairs. Actually, please avoid wearing heels and keep these reserved only for special occasions. OK! For now, let us just stick to the subject – if you are not suffering from any knee joint problems then make sure that you climb and descend at least 100 steps a day. You do not need to take 100 steps in one go. This could be the count of the entire day.

2. Park your Car a Little Far: Once again, we are tricking you in using your legs more. By parking your car a little further from the basement elevator or entrance of your office, you shall be forced to walk more. The more you shall walk the more active you shall feel.

3. Drink at least 1 Cup of Caffeine-free Herbal Tea: Even a small cup of herbal tea can give you an instant feeling of freshness. Remember, not all herbal decoctions and teas are for everyday use. Chamomile tea, rose petals tea, bulbs of hibiscus flowers and tulsi tea are some of the safe herbal tea options. You may keep herbal tea bags in office and enjoy these as instant refreshment drinks anytime.

4. A Heart-friendly Breakfast: Out of all the organs in a human body, the heart gets affected quite easily. You need to keep it healthy and strong. Apart from doing cardio to strengthen functioning of the heart, you also need to provide it with necessary nourishment. Oatmeal is the best thing to feed your heart. It has zero cholesterol. It is full of fiber and antioxidants. Eating a bowl of berries as breakfast is also great for your heart. This simple change can help you in removing any minor deficiencies and make your heart stronger by each passing day.

5. One Mini Hi-Fiber Meal: You may either take flax-seed supplements or cut a fresh cucumber with its peels still on; but you must include one mini-meal in your daily diet, that is high in fiber. High-fiber meals catalyze digestion and mobilize the food so that colon gets cleansed thoroughly. Fiber also assists in weight loss. So, why shouldn’t you make it a part of your every eating schedule?

6. Have a Routine: Abrupt lifestyle puts a lot of stress on body. The body needs a routine. You must have a proper sleeping pattern and eating schedule. When we keep ourselves hungry for long or push ourselves to get things done when you should be sleeping, we put a lot of pressure on our organ systems to maintain harmonious functioning. You shall see for yourself that having a proper sleeping routine, even if you sleep for 5-6 hours a day, and eating on a set time, can significantly lower stress levels in your body.

7. Smile as Often as Possible: A smile is always better than a frown. We understand that it is easier to say than doing it, but you have got to try it. You may read happy posts online. It may sound selfish but being around with happy people really helps, so choose your company carefully. We suggest that you go watch comedy movies, follow hilarious TV shows and genuinely keep an optimistic approach towards life.

Life is short, so why not make each day count?! Live more by trying out these simple changes today.

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