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Acne Diet – Attain Beautiful and Flawless Skin

 Acne Diet

Are you pissed with the problem of Acne? Do you have to hide you at home, so no one can notice your face full of acne?

Well, your problem indeed is genuine, but it’s not beyond control. You might not be aware of the fact but there are several hostile foods in your diet which make the problem grimmer for you. Each and every one of you shall have become the victim of acne at least once in your life, or you might still be suffering from them.

What Should You Do?

Like all other organs of your body, your skin also seeks internal treatment from you. No matter, what you apply externally on your skin, if you are not having healthy and nutritious diet, you cannot stay immune from the problem.

Since your skin acts like mirror, it reflects everything you eat or drink. While balanced diet brings glow on your face, unhealthy and fatty diet brings boils on your face. Unprocessed, junk foods, and foods rich in saturated fatty acids, etc. are mainly responsible for causing acne and several other skin problems.

Why do You Get Acne?

Due to keratinization, your facial skin cells become impaired and start covering oil releasing pores and oil glands of your face. Sebum, your natural skin oil and protein also gets covered by the obstruction made by broken skin cells. Since the protein become food center for harmful bacteria, they draw energy the protein, grow in size, and cause acne.

Factors Responsible for Acne

Diet can be seen as one of the factors responsible for acne. While 25% contribution to acne goes to diet, 75% goes to inadequate sleep, stressful life, insulin, gluten sensitivity, and others.

Inadequate Sleep

It’s said that every single hour cut back from your sleeping hours is capable of fetching more boils on your face. Should you want to have flawless vibrant face, it’s vital for you to take proper sleep at night. You can practice various yoga postures and meditation to improve your sleep.

Sweet Foods

Sugary foods and beverages are also responsible for causing acne. Reason being, these foods cause spike in your blood sugar level and enhance your insulin sensitivity. Should you prune consumption of sugary foods and beverages from your diet, you can keep check on the problem of acne.

Prefer consuming foods and drinks having low glycemic index. Within couple of weeks or so, you will be able to see spectacular changes taking place on your skin, relieving you from the problem of acne. Besides that, consume five to six small meals in a day. Besides keeping your metabolism busy, eating several small meals also keep check on your blood glucose level.

Incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet because many of them are equipped with anti-oxidant properties. They work like shield on your skin and save it from harmful environmental radicals and other toxins.

Impact of Dairy Products

Dairy products might also be responsible factor causing rise in acne problem. Dairy products foster the formation of testosterone hormone in many people, which trigger oil glands causing accumulation of fats. But nothing sure can be said about that, you need to see their impact on your skin.

Try removing dairy products from your diet for couple of days. Should you realize relief from acne during in those days, it means dairy products don’t suit you. However, even if you are allergic to dairy products, you cannot completely eliminate them from your diet.

Since dairy products are opulent in bountiful vital nutrients such as calcium, vitamins etc., feed your body nutrient rich foods such as green and leafy veggies, broccoli, sardines etc. In addition to that, you can also try dairy products obtained from other animals such as goat.

Consumption of Fatty Acids

Excess consumption of fatty products is also responsible for acne. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are the paramount requirement of a healthy body and skin. However, in today’s time, due to elevated use of vegetable oils such as safflower, canola, and corn oils, we consume oil more than required. Apart from them, many fishes such as mackerel, sardines etc. have rich content of omega 3 fatty acids. Consumption of all these foods shall be brought under control to conquer the problem of acne.

Gluten containing Foods

You might also be insensitive towards a protein named gluten. Gluten insensitivity causes inflammation in your small intestine, as a result of which; you might get skin rashes and acne. Whole grains such as wheat, oats, barley, rye etc. are dense in gluten.

Should you feel irritation and inflammation in small intestine after consuming bread, pasta, and other gluten containing foods, it signifies that you are sensitive to them. Eliminating gluten containing foods can save you from the problem of acne.

Recommended Foods to Treat Acne

Let’s have a look at some of the foods and nutrients which you can have to purge the problem of acne.


Food items such as almonds, turkey, wheat germ, Brazil nuts etc. create hostile environment for acne causing bacteria. Zinc prevents your skin from breaking out and thus keeps a check on the formation and growth of acne.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A takes adequate care of skin cycle taking place in you. It also deters protein and oil from being trapped beneath your skin. Carrots, salmon, fish oil, broccoli, spinach are opulent sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin E and C

Vitamin E and C are like benefactors of your skin. There are myriad foods such orange, lemon, papaya, grapefruit, tomatoes etc., which apart from being rich in vitamin C are also great antioxidants. For vitamin E, you can incorporate avocados, olive oils, nuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli etc. in your diet.


Selenium is a mineral having great antioxidant properties. You can nourish your body with selenium by consuming salmon, tuna, garlic, wheat germ, brown rice, and eggs.


Water is the most natural and indisputable remedy of all problems. Water cleanses and detoxifies your skin. Drink ample water in a day. It eliminates all the harmful toxins from your body, which make your skin look dull. Instead of having tea or coffee in first place in the morning, make it a habit to drink one glass of warm water after waking up.

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