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Adalia Rose Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Adalia Rose Quick Info
Height 2 ft 11 in
Weight 12 kg
Date of Birth December 10, 2006
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Date of Death January 12, 2022

Adalia Rose was a young American social media influencer and socialite who had inspired millions of enthusiasts all over the world through her vlogs, makeup tutorials, travel, adventure, and other fun content that she uploaded to her eponymous YouTube channel. At the time of her birth, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic aging symptom known as the ‘Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome’. Due to that, the young survivor had the appearance of an elderly person. However, this had not stopped her from living out her dream with the help of her supportive and loving family. Besides being a YouTube phenomenon, Adalia who was a true inspiration also took pride in being an avid fundraiser to help other children who were battling cancer, progeria, and other life-threatening condition. With time, she had also amassed a huge fan following of millions of followers collectively on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Born Name

Adalia Rose Williams

Nick Name


Adalia Rose as seen in a picture taken in February 2018
Adalia Rose as seen in a picture taken in February 2018 (Adalia Rose / Instagram)


Adalia was born on December 10, 2006.


Adalia died naturally at the age of 15, on January 12, 2022, at around 7 PM.

Sun Sign


Born Place

Round Rock, Texas, United States


She used to reside in Austin, Texas, United States.




Adalia was homeschooled.


Social Media Influencer, Socialite


  • Mother – Natalia Amozurrutia
  • Siblings – None
  • Others – Ryan Pallante (Step-Father), Marcelo (Younger Half Brother) (YouTuber), Niko (Younger Half Brother), Emiliano (Younger Half Brother)


Adalia was managed by her parents Natalia and Ryan.




2 ft 11 in or 89 cm


12 kg or 26 lbs

Adalia as seen in a picture along with her younger brothers Marcelo, Niko, and Emiliano in March 2019
Adalia as seen in a picture along with her younger brothers Marcelo, Niko, and Emiliano in March 2019 (Adalia Rose / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity

Multiracial (Hispanic, White, and Black)

Adalia had African American and Puerto Rican ancestry on her father’s side.

Hair Color

Black (Natural)

After losing her hair at an early age, Adalia started to wear wigs of different colors like pink, blonde, and dark brown.

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Wide smile
  • Wore a pair of spectacles
  • Often put on a wig or wore a pink hat

Brand Endorsements

Adalia had either endorsed or promoted several brands including –

  • bareMinerals
  • Maybelline
  • L.A. Colors
  • MAC
  • NYX Professional Makeup
  • Tarjè
Adalia Rose as seen in a picture taken in April 2018
Adalia Rose as seen in a picture taken in April 2018 (Adalia Rose / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Uploading vlog, travel, adventure, makeup tutorials, and other fun content to her self titled YouTube channel
  • Being an inspiration to other children suffering from life-threatening conditions such as cancer and progeria
  • Participating in several fundraiser events

Personal Trainer

Adalia led an active lifestyle and enjoyed going on adventures with her family.

Adalia Rose Favorite Things

  • Drink – Coffee
  • Beauty ProductNYX Roll On Eye Shimmer, MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss, Wet N Wild Perfect Pair Eye Wand Blue-Sky 115
  • Palette By BH Cosmetics – Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette
  • Lipstick Brand – bareMinerals, Maybelline, L.A. Colors, MAC, NYX Professional Makeup
  • Nail Polish – NYC’s Big Apple Red Creme
  • GumTrident Layers Sugar-Free Gum (Watermelon & Tropical Fruit)
  • YouTuberGuava Juice
  • Pizza Topping – Cheese

SourceYouTube, YouTube

Adalia Rose as seen in a picture with her mother Natalia taken in March 2018
Adalia Rose as seen in a picture with her mother Natalia taken in March 2018 (Adalia Rose / Instagram)

Adalia Rose Facts

  1. She was raised in Round Rock and later, shifted to Austin, Texas along with her family.
  2. Adalia lived in an RV, with her stepfather Ryan Pallante and mother Natalia along with her 3 younger half-siblings.
  3. At the time of her birth, Adalia had the appearance of a month-old baby and by the time she was 3 months old, she had already started to lose her hair. Later, she was diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome. This condition includes symptoms such as dwarfism, loss of hair, lack of body fat, and muscle. Hence, explaining her anorexic appearance. According to studies, a child diagnosed with progeria has a life expectancy of around 13 years. However, this didn’t stop Adalia from making the most of her years.
  4. Adalia’s mother and her stepfather Ryan met one another for the first time during history class in 8th grade at a school situated in Round Rock. The first thing that Ryan said to her was quite inappropriate. Despite that, the two went on to date one another but parted ways in middle school as he had moved to Florida along with his family. They were reunited with one another after Natalie had written to him while he had been arrested for matters unknown. During that, he had received the letter from Natalia and shortly after that came to see Adalia and her mother. Ever since then, they have been together.
  5. Natalia met Adalia’s biological father during an art class in middle school and started dating him after spending time for only a couple of months. Things got serious between them and during Natalia’s late teenage years she gave birth to her first child Adalia. During that time, Natalia had been a victim of domestic abuse by Adalia’s biological father for quite some time. However, it all ended when Natalia asked him to leave after he had punched her in the arm at a hospital in anger while she was holding Adalia. Her mother revealed the entire situation via a post that was uploaded to Facebook.
  6. She started her self-titled YouTube channel in June 2012 and the first video she had uploaded was of herself singing the hymn Jesus Loves Me. In May 2019, she had more than 2.2 million subscribers on it. At the time of her death in January 2022, she had reached a subscriber base of 2.91 million subscribers.
  7. In 2018, Adalia was featured on season 4 episode 1 of BBC Three’s Living Differently.
  8. As of April 2019, Adalia had not seen her grandmother and her mother’s brothers for more than a year as her mother was in a family feud with them.
  9. She enjoyed going on road trips and adventures with her family.
  10. Adalia was very passionate about her wigs and had a marvelous collection of them. She had blonde, dark brown, pink, and black wigs, 2 of which were made from her own mother’s hair.
  11. Her stepfather Ryan, owns a paint shop and specializes in commercial and residential paintwork.
  12. Adalia enjoyed watching makeup videos by an aspiring YouTuber who went by the title of “life of Val”. On the other hand, she also liked watching creepy clown videos.
  13. According to research, only 1 in 20 million people suffer from progeria and in 2011, an investigation done by ABC News revealed that only 80 children in the world were diagnosed with the rare disease. This made Adalia, one of the 80 children.
  14. She was obsessed with the fictional DC Comics character Harley Quinn.
  15. Adalia enjoyed doing the twerk and playing with her huge collection of toys.

Featured Image by Adalia Rose / Instagram

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