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Adidas Duramo 9 Men’s Shoes Review

Adidas Duramo 9 Men’s Shoes Pair

When you think of buying training or sports shoes one of the first brands that will come to your mind is ‘Adidas’. There is no doubt that Adidas is one of the best brands for training or sports shoes. They have come a long way to earn this reputation. Over the years, they have built people’s trust by providing quality products. Now, people don’t hesitate to buy a pair of Adidas shoes even if the price is more.

When it comes to training shoes, you should always think about the quality. This is because when you will work out every day you need a pair of shoes that will be able to withstand the pressure. You must buy a pair of training shoes that you will be able to use on any surface, whether indoors or outdoors. The Adidas Duramo 9 Men’s Shoes have received positive feedback from lots of customers because of the quality and durability. Here, we are going to review this shoe in detail.


The symbol of ‘Adidas’ is visible in the shoes and it increases its aesthetic appeal. Those who are a fan of sportswear will understand the value of owning a pair of Adidas shoes. These shoes are lightweight and so you will feel very comfortable working out wearing these shoes. They have a lacing system like the typical training shoes. It comes with 3 stripes design and provides a good fit. You will find the shoes in various colors. There are different sizes available for users. If your feet are narrow, then it is better to buy half a size down so that the feet don’t slip inside the shoes. The overall design is simple and stylish. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to do too much experiment with your training shoes, then these are the right shoes for you.

Build Quality

These are a reliable pair of shoes that are meant to last for a long time. The shoes are made of breathable mesh materials. They are great for the hot summer days as your feet won’t sweat after running. Even on a rainy day, the shoes will dry off fast and so you will be able to run again without worrying about rainwater getting inside your shoes. Though the shoe is made up of soft material, the caged lacing system provides a good fit. The outsole of the shoes is made of rubber and provides flexibility. The midsole has added support and AdiWear technology which lets the runners reach their highest speed comfortably. By using the latest technologies, these shoes are built to provide comfort to the user and last for many years. If you buy these shoes, you won’t have to think of replacing them for many years.


The ankles have soft padding which feels comfortable while exercising. Throughout the shoe, there are lots of padding and cushioning which gives proper comfort. Though the forefoot area is not as roomy as other shoes, you will still feel comfortable. The insole of the shoe is very comfortable and so you can use these shoes as casual wear as well. In the midsole, there is thick foam support for extra comfort. You won’t suffer from any skin irritation after running for a long time. So, if you are a regular runner or gym-goer, then these shoes are perfect for you.


The shoes are designed to work on any terrain, whether flat or inclined, smooth or rough. The outsole has a webbed design and provides proper traction which makes it sturdy. You can use the shoes for both short and long-running sessions. The midsole is very comfortable as Cloudfoam is included and you get improved arch support as well as it follows the contour of the foot.

The upper of the shoe is breathable. They are made of double-layer mesh materials making them durable. As the tongue is made of mesh material, the weight of the upper is low and makes the shoes perfect for everyday running. The outsole is made with rubber which makes it tough and durable. The shoes are very effective for long-distance running as it provides a great cushion in the important areas like ankle and Achilles heel. So, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort even after a long run or workout session.

Adidas Duramo 9 Men’s Shoes


You can buy these shoes for a range of $30 to $129.95 depending on the color, design, and size. Considering the various features, the shoes are very affordable. They are durable and so you will be able to use them for a long time.


  • The shoes are very affordable.
  • It has a simple and stylish design and you can get it in different colors and sizes.
  • The lacing system improves the fit of the shoes.
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh materials with perforations. So, the feet don’t sweat and rainwater quickly dries of making the shoes suitable for both hot summer days and rainy days.
  • The Cloudfoam in the midsole provides sufficient cushioning.
  • The OrthoLite insole provides better comfort and lowers the levels of bacteria as moisture doesn’t build up.
  • The outsole is flexible as there are added grooves in the heel and forefoot regions.
  • The soft mesh materials feel comfortable and natural.
  • The shoes are constructed to withstand long training sessions.
  • The tongue is made of mesh materials which protect the arch and Achilles tendon.
  • The outsole is abrasion-resistant which makes the shoes suitable for different running surfaces.
  • The shoes are versatile and you can use them for different activities like casual walks, running or gym workouts.


  • Some users feel that the tongue of the shoes is too long and wide.
  • The size is usually a little bigger than the regular shoes and so some people might get the wrong sized shoes.
  • The collar of the shoe is a bit large that may cause discomfort.

Final Verdict

These are versatile training shoes that will allow you to run, walk, and do different workouts in the gym. You will be able to use the shoes for casual wear as well. The design is simple yet attractive. The shoes are made of high-quality materials which makes them durable.

The mesh upper provides good ventilation. You will be able to run for long distances comfortably and your feet won’t get overheated. The midsole contains Cloud foam that provides a springy cushion. The outsole is made of rubber and is durable.

The feet remain in place because of the lacing system. There is enough space on the front foot area which allows flexible movement. The shoes provide a snug fit and so your strides will be natural and comfortable. As there is cushioning on the midsole, ankle, and Achilles heel region, you won’t feel any pain even after working out for a long time. With every stride you take, there will be less impact on your feet. These shoes are worth buying if you are a regular runner. You will be able to run comfortably wearing these shoes every day.

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These shoes are great for everyday use if you are a regular runner. The shoe is made of high quality materials and keeps the feet cushioned all the time. Adidas Duramo 9 Men’s Shoes Review