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Aduro Sport Exercise Twist Board Review

Aduro Sport Exercise Twist Board

Have you seen a tummy twister in a gym? This simple equipment has a lot of health benefits. It is primarily used for trimming tummies but it can also improve your strength and balance. This portable and lightweight equipment can be used at home anytime. Using a tummy twister is very easy. You just need to stand on it and keep balance while you perform the twisting motion. Twist boards can help to improve your balance and strengthen your core. Using this equipment, you will be able to flatten your tummy and get a smaller waist. You will find tummy twisters of different brands in the market. Here, we are going to review the Aduro Sport Exercise Twist Board in detail and find out how it is effective equipment for trimming your tummy.


The black-colored round disc looks stylish and safe. You can stand on it and exercise without slipping due to the unique texture. It is designed to be used by all from kids to adults and even seniors. It is a safe and stable platform to perform the twisting motion to trim your abs. It provides fluid motion with the help of the high-impact and rotating platform which provides effective aerobic exercise. The tummy twister is portable and lightweight, so you can move it around. It takes up little space, so you can store it under your bed or inside your closet.

Build Quality

The board is made of high-quality plastic which makes it durable. The surface is textured and non-slip, so there is no danger of slipping or falling while exercising. It has a stable platform and you can exercise comfortably. The board has precision ball-bearing at the bottom and foot massage nubs that allow the users to twist smoothly. There is enough fluidity on the rotating platform, so there is no friction and you can exercise comfortably and enjoy foot massage simultaneously. It is a safe tool for those who are suffering from injuries or have undergone surgery. The platform is perfect for any user, both children, and adults. The board is strong and it won’t break off even if you perform a vigorous exercise with it.


This tummy twister is compact and lightweight. You can store it in any corner of your house and move it from one room to another to exercise in a comfort zone. The size is just perfect for users of any age whether its kids, adults or seniors.


The platform of the twister board is stable and it is ridged to provide support so that you don’t slide off or fall over during exercise. You can keep your balance well if you place the board on a flat surface. The tummy twister can be used by those suffering from injuries or those who had surgery. The ball bearing under the disc allows smooth movement, so anyone will feel comfortable to use the tummy twister.

Ease of Use

This equipment is very easy to use. Unlike other gym equipment, you don’t need to install anything. So, you can just get it out of the package and start using it. You will find it in a ready-to-use condition. All you need to do is just step up on the disc separating your feet a little so that you can maintain the right balance and start the twisting movement. After you have done exercising, you can just step down. As the disc has some resistance, it won’t twist unless there is some weight over it. So, the board won’t spin if there is no user on top of it.


This tummy twister will give you slimmer abs and thighs. It helps to burn calories by combining the benefits of aerobic exercise and reflexology. It is great for core strength training, cardio exercises, yoga, and other workouts as well. It is good for rehabilitation and physical therapy as well. The twister uses a magnetic platform that emits magnetic waves to start the slimming process. Exercising regularly with it will help you to get rid of fat around your midsection. The good thing about this tummy twister is that you get foot massage simultaneously as you exercise. So, the board companies aerobic exercise along with reflexology to give you better results. You will be able to trim your tummy, improve strength, and balance as well by exercising on this tummy twister every day.


  • The tummy twister is black and stylish with ridges all over to help users keep their balance.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, so it is durable.
  • You get both the benefits of aerobic exercise and reflexology.
  • It provides fluid motion, so you can exercise comfortably as long as you want to.
  • The rotating platform provides vigorous aerobic exercise.
  • It targets the meridian points on the foot and you can get an amazing foot massage while exercising.
  • It is great for core strength training, cardio workouts, and yoga.
  • There is some resistance, so it won’t spin if no weight is on it.
  • It doesn’t produce any noise.
  • You get a lifetime guarantee for it. If there is any issue, you can get it replaced or get a full refund.
  • It is affordable, so may users prefer buying it.


  • Some users found the ridges on the board a bit uncomfortable.
  • You can get it in one color only.

Final Verdict

You will find many tummy twisters in the market. However, not all are made of high-quality materials and so tend to break easily. This is not the case here. The Aduro Sport Exercise Twist Board has been used by thousands of users and most of them have given positive reviews about this product. This tummy twister is made of sturdy material and so will last for a long time. Its ridged surface provides a great platform to maintain balance during exercise. You can get an excellent foot massage as well when you stand on it and perform the twisting movements. You will see visible results within a short time by exercising with the help of this tummy twister.

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