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Al Rocker Diet – Maintain Your Lost Weight Forever

Al Rocker Diet Plan
Al Rocker

Followed by Al Rocker, renowned TV personality, Al Rocker Diet is an amazing diet plan, which will maintain your lost weight forever. Al Rocker had been NBC weatherman for a very long time. Al brought him from hefty 340 pounds of body frame to 208 pounds by using the magnificent diet plan. 

Al Rocker contends, shedding weight from your body by using various weight loss methods is not a big deal, but maintaining that lost weight is really a challenging task. The diet plan will not only maintain your lost weight, but will also keep check on your tendency of binge eating.

How Al Rocker Diet Plan originated?

Al Rocker diet, which is the most realistic and practical diet plan, has been tested by Al Rocker on his own body. Al Rocker who was always a big man despised his body, and tried various weight loss methods to melt pounds.

After being through gastric by-pass surgery, Al Rocker shed massive 190 pounds. But then his father got terribly sick, and Al again resumed his wrong eating habits. Having become victim of emotional eating, he consumed loads of foods to deal with stress.

He consumed so much so unhealthy and processed foods, that within couple of days, he regained 58 pounds. Though his obesity was affecting his marital life also, but he was seldom resolved to lose weight. However, when his father was at deathbed, he promised his dad to bring himself in slender shape.

Foods Recommended in Al Rocker Diet

Al Rocker believes, there is no short cut or magic-spell to obtain trim and healthy body. Persistence and healthy eating habits such as eating in moderation can get you your desired body.

The diet plan insists consumption of whole and raw foods, unprocessed foods, plenty of protein-rich, and low carb foods in your diet. You can have protein or fruit smoothies, legumes, fresh meats, salads etc. in your diet. Al Rocker calls counting of calories an absurd thing, and rather insists on being watchful of what you eat.

Detoxify Your Body

Al Rocker diet will first detoxify and cleanse your body from inside because until you have harmful toxins piled up deep inside your body, you cannot think of maintaining your body weight.

Detoxification process of diet plan will sweep all the toxins such as caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, and sugar toxins from your body. Detoxification process has to be followed for 28 days. You shall melt 28 pounds in 28 days, as were lost by Al Rocker.

Nutritious and balanced diet of detoxification phase will detoxify your body and will rejuvenate your skin, body, and mind. Besides experiencing enhancement in your energy level, you will feel empowered from inside.

Workouts in Al Rocker Diet Plan 

Workouts have been given supreme importance in Al Rocker diet. Al himself followed Slow Method invented by Melissa Li, endurance athlete. This method requires you to practice strength or resistance training exercises. Main idea of these exercises is to amplify the number of muscles in your body.

Since muscle building is effective in burning fats from your body, you can continue losing weight while getting ripped and toned body. The plan recommends practicing strength training thrice in a week for thirty minutes while making 20 sec reps of each exercise.

Some Healthy Tips

Here come some healthy tips, which will help you in reaching your weight loss objective swifter.

  • You don’t have to count the number of calories consumed. All you need is just make sure that calories burned by you through exercises are more than calories consumed.
  • Be mindful while selecting your foods. Just bear in mind that foods you consume are going to show their impact not only on your body, but also on your mind. While good food energizes your body and mind, unhealthy food makes you become overweight and sluggish.
  • Listen to your body because it gives you signals about flaws in your eating pattern. Should you start understanding your body messages, without requiring any nutrition expert, you shall be able to stick to healthy diet regime.
  • Healthy diet plan is all about healthy way of living. Follow a healthy lifestyle and you will be astonished with amazing results.

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