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Alcohol Detoxification Program – Get Rid of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Detoxification Program

Alcohol abuse represents a stage where alcohol starts overpowering you so much so that you begin losing control over your body and mind. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that requires to be treated on time, otherwise besides spoiling your body, it can also jeopardize your personal and professional life and can poke you to live a socially cut and secluded life.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

There are several people who consume alcohol and still maintain to live a normal and happy life, but the problem comes up when alcohol starts controlling you. Since excess of everything is bad, so is the case with alcohol. Let’s have a look at the symptoms depicting that you have become victim of alcohol abuse.

  • Your craving for alcohol is so intense that its unavailability makes you become restless. And every time you drink it, you feel like consuming more than before.
  • You are so much in love with alcohol that you cannot even think to quit it.
  • Drinking becomes so much important for you that you are prepared to miss all other important works of your routine life. Moreover, major portion of your time goes in getting intoxicated and then recovering from it.
  • You lose rein over your brain, as a result of which you don’t remember your activities and things you said when you were drunk.
  • You continue consuming alcohol without getting least bothered about the damaging impacts of alcohol on your life.

Diagnosis of Alcoholism

Timely diagnosis can save you from getting ill effects of alcohol. You on your own might not be able to realize that you have become a victim of alcohol abuse. Only your friends and well-wishers can tell if you suffer from alcohol abuse. So don’t overlook your friends or partner, when they ask you to consult a doctor to get the treatment of alcohol abuse.

To identify the intensity of the problem, a doctor will ask a set of questions from you. His questions could be how much alcohol you consume in a day, how long you have been consuming alcohol, and other relevant questions like them.

In addition to them, the doctor will also try to assess psychological factors associated with your drinking addiction. There are several instances where people going through tough period in their lives get addicted to alcohol in order to seek relief from their stress.

How Detoxification Process Would be?

Alcohol Detoxification Plan

Once it’s diagnosed that you are addicted to alcohol beyond self-control, your treatment to rid you from addiction will start. The detoxification process will help you conquer your cravings for alcohol. Let’s have a look at some of the steps of the detoxification process.

  • First of all, you will be given high-dose medicines which will keep your craving for alcohol in control. You might experience unwanted reactions such as headache, nausea etc., but these reactions are absolutely normal and natural.
  • You will be given same medicines for five to seven days but the potency of dose will keep diminishing.
  • You as a victim need to practice strong control over your cravings. You are not supposed to drink alcohol while your treatment is still in process. Your doctor might detect your status with the help of breath analyzer just to make sure that everything is going the way it is intended to be.
  • Support of family and friends can immensely enhance the success rate of your detoxification program.

Psychological Aspects of Detoxification Program

Medication indeed is one of the most imperative parts of the detoxification program, but along with that importance of counseling in the program too cannot be undermined. Let’s have a look at the psychological aspects of a detoxification program.

  • Mostly victims have self-imposed mental blockage which restrains them from taking any step towards getting rid of the addiction. You will get counseling under the program which will educate you about the benefits of alcohol-free life. They will also educate you how alcohol is deterring your progress both in personal and professional domains.
  • Motivational sessions of detoxification program will inspire you to forbid alcohol.
  • Your personal triggers instigating you to consume alcohol will be recognized by detox program. Once they are identified, victims will be counseled by special psychologists about the solution of those problems, and the fact that alcohol is not capable to make the situation any good for them will be reestablished in them.
  • If one of the reasons behind your addiction is the group you socialize with, detox program will help you find new group so as to provide you support and love of your family and friends.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Victims going through detoxification program might see various kinds of side-effects while going along with it. Though side effects in the program are not universal and they tend to differ from one person to another, but still some common symptoms are experienced by almost all the victims. Let’s have a look at these symptoms.

  • You might become a victim of hallucination and might see haunted dreams in which you see people bullying you or shouting on you.
  • Anxiety is one of the common side effects of detoxification program. You might not be able to focus on anything while going through detoxification program.
  • You might experience discomfort in your stomach which cause terrible feelings of vomiting, nausea, etc. in you.
  • Sweating profusely, especially at night might also happen as a side effect of the detoxification program.
  • You might get a trembling sensation and might find it hard to hold anything in your hands.
  • It might become hard for you to sleep.
  • There can be an increase in your blood pressure and pulse rate.

Recommendation for Detox Program Users

Victims going through detox programs can draw maximum benefits from it only if they vow not to revert to their old addiction. Commitment and perseverance are the keys which can anticipate your way to a healthy and alcohol-free life.

Though initially you might have to struggle hard to deter your temptations but as you will get into the habit to control them, these addictions shall lose their control over you. To make that happen, don’t even touch alcohol preferably for six months after the treatment.

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