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Alex Pettyfer Workout Routine Diet Plan

Alex Pettyfer is a well-known movie star and his role as the main character in the 2006 movie The Stormbreaker reinforces these sentiments. With the Empire Award as the young artist, Pettyfer is a role model to many youngsters. He has also been featured in movies such as Beastly, Magic Mike and The Butler just to name a few. With the audience having far fetched expectations about him, Pettyfer has to maintain an impressive look through a comprehensive diet as explained below. In case, you are disturbed by your weight, this work out routine can become a boon for you.

Alex Pettyfer Workout Routine

  • Lean and Ripped Physique Breakdown

Pettyfer often aims on having a slender and lean physique making him appear much taller and this feature often transforms his facial appearance angular. Despite his lean appearance, he appears energetic with his square specs, narrow waist and broad back and shoulders. His workout regime focuses on reinforcing these characteristics.

Alex Pettyfer Workout Exercise Routine

  • Exercises to broaden the back and shoulders


These enlarge the lats, which are the upper back muscles and this is the basic of developing broad shoulders. The frequency of these exercises should be up to 12 repetitions every session. Ultimately, with lat enlargement, the back musculature will also increase.

Dumbbell Shoulder Presses in sitting positions

Such exercises make shoulder muscles stronger. Seated positions enhance optimal recruitment of the muscles of the shoulders.

Lateral Raises on a Dumbbell

These exercises enhance anterior delts and medial delts growth, which is essential in optimal shoulder development.

Enhancing Square Pecs that have a Masculine Nature

In this case, the main forms of exercises are incline flyes and bench presses using a dumbbell. Other than stimulating the chest, these exercises enhance the function of the upper pectorals. The exercises also enhance endurance and flexibility when making motions.

  • Acquiring a Narrow Waistline

The narrow waistline is the main key to Pettyfer’s impressive physique. A low fat containing diet enhances this characteristic. In addition, consistency in doing the aforementioned exercises improves the narrow waistline. Pettyfer agrees that it is not easy to do all these exercises but with a little more effort, it is possible.

Additionally, Alex takes long walks every morning. This exercise warms him up for the subsequent exercises and training throughout the day. Running is also another exercise important for every morning as it prepares the muscles for other exercises.

Alex Pettyfer Diet Plan

  • Calorie intake is essential

With an intensive workout schedule in the first 6 days of the week, Pettyfer often finds it necessary to increase his calorie intake while remaining cautious not to increase the fat intake. To do this feasibly, his diet plan gives precedence to carbohydrates rather than junk binging.

  • A balanced diet too is necessary

A balance diet is always necessary for a healthy and fit body. Balanced diet enhances provision for all necessary nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. To avoid nutritional disorders, a correct ratio of carbs, proteins and other nutrients must be present in every meal of the day. For the muscles, this is essential particularly in aspects of growth, repair and homeostatic balance. Additionally, Alex prefers high content of lean proteins such as fish, eggs and others. These proteins provide sufficient energy and strength without leaving any traces of fats and oils under the skin.

He also loves items such as bread, oats and so on because such foods provide carbohydrates to the body. Carbohydrates offer energy for the metabolic processes of the body. Alex has also claimed openly in the public that he takes large volumes of water every day. Water is important for weight loss, maintain adequate supply of oxygen to muscles and for metabolic processes to occur in the body. He also takes other fluids such as juice, which are very important for body processes during exercises. Juices also provide energy and strength to the body during the training sessions. Alex avoids non-starch foods such as bananas, corn, etc.

From this work out plan, it is clear that keeping physical fitness is not only dependent on exercise but also on proper and balanced diet.

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